My VMware vSphere 6.5 Lab Setup

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  • VMware Certified Professional – Datacenter Virtualization (VCP-DCV)
English [Auto] But in kids you have a hard word. You have a device that's going to use in your life. Let's see how do I need to set up your. If I use the hand on that. You can't set up this this. You can only use the lathe that the laves that VM would give you. But when you have a device to work with it you need to know the set up that you need to install to complete this leap. So as I told you in the beginning we need to have 2 x y with four gigabytes for each one. As you said this is the setup that is going to start. We need our windows server with age gigabyte to install the V Center. And this is not a requirement but it's commanded to have a Windows server for the domain controller. This time it got all we need it's need only one gigabyte. So if you have the ability to have all domain controller it would be good if you don't have. It's not a problem. You need to have a fair client of this for a client a machine that have our browser and the browser to get access to the hostess and to the Vicent And of course we need to have a switch that connect all of this hardware together of this server together. We need to have our suite. So my set up that I use to record schools is like that will be like that. I have our laptop of HP pre-book with eight gigabyte in that laptop I will install a machine with that is X-Fi number one with 4G goodbye's and the second is X Y with 4 gigabyte. So the total is 8 gigabytes. They have a Lenovo G 5 8 0 with 16 gigabyte inside that laptop. I will and still a machine with Windows Server 2016 with a gigabyte. And then I will start to do the center inside this machine. I will create another machine with Windows Server 2016 and start the domain controller. It will take 1 gigabytes and then I would use my browser of my laptop to use it as a Wii Fit client. So the first laptop and the second laptop will be connected to us which in my situation is my router that connects me to the Internet. I will use it as a switch to get the IP address and the connection between the laptop number one and laptop number two and virtualization. There are a connection between Windows Server and the Isak's I host and the browser. So this is my setup. You can use the same as it or you can chose the one that will fit you one if you have a workstation and a laptop. You can ask How are your windows server. Does this enter the domain controller. Is X-Fi in your workstation and you use your laptop to connect to them all together. Or if you have for example for a machine you can create disks Eifel the machine and br1 the easiest guy in the machine to do. We sent a number three and the domain controller. It's not a requirement but it's a recommendation inside another machine and use your laptop or your desktop or any device that you have to connect to them drugged or sweet. So this is information about what you have what device that you use if you have power for a workstation you can use on this machine inside your workstation. If you have to PC you can use the PC one for the virtual machine and another PC for a virtual machine etc.. You need to create a love that fitted the hardware that you have. So in the next section we'll start creating our day and see how we do that step by step. So soon the next section.