Cloning a Windows Virtual Machine: Destination Host

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English [Auto] Help again. So let's clone our first victory machine and for that I will use our windows machine. And then later we'll see how to clone a Linux machine to see the difference. But the most fun was is cloning a Windows machine. So in our situation we want for example to clone this real machine we click on it and you see that we have our option Cudlitz clone in the preview from the user ratifiers of this host. We don't have any option it's collusion but no we have option callid clone. And of course there are another option that is callet migrate they are look similar but the difference is migrate us when we come to this virtual machine from this host and post it in another host. But the concern is that with Cupie this virtual machine from this host and just a new copy inside a modern house. So this is the difference between any and all. We're going to see megahit and the option and the situation that we needed. But no let's concentrate on clone so we have three option the first option is Cloon to your machine and the second and third option is clone to a template template that civets. If you cannot accomplish in liberty that we'll see if it's in our library. So let's concentrate on the first option clone to a virtual machine. So we click on that. You see this interface the first tank that ask us to enter a name for the virtual machine. And as I told you you should of which is our virtual machine name that's already exists in your data center. But of course if you use the same name but another house it will work. But for the same host it can't work for you because in the local stop or store of this host you will have to do with the money. And this is impossible but if you create a new folder right here with the same name of the machine from the previous one it's not a problem. However VM where required you do not use the same name because in the future when something wrong happened to your for example this host and you need to move your virtual machine to the preview host. We have our problem that there are a machine with the same name in the house number 10 and we'll give you another. So all ways of which use the same name of virtual machine that exist before in your environment. So to avoid that road we're going to create our virtual machine for example Escorial 2012 for example this database for me and we're on the database and party to a database. Number four then we chose that data center. Of course if we have more than one that doesn't center we see them right here as you we see her. Then we click next. So I automatically the name that's it saved. So go to the next process. No it's ask us to chose which holds that we want. Of course we can clone this virtual machine inside the same host. So if we click on the numbers then it shows that compulsivity checks succeed. That's me. It's OK to clone this machine in the same host. And the most fun is to clone it on another house. So if I want to clone this machine as a backup I can choose the first toast or maybe to sing and host but if I want to use it as a new battery machine inside this house but I want to get the configuration and installation from the unloader host that's me. I need to move it from the hosting to host 20. So the compatibility checks succeed. You should see this green Potten routine that's mean everything. OK. And this house accept to just this virtual machine and we click next. Then we have an important step right here about the data store.