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Vertical Video for Facebook: Easy Video Ads in Powtoon

Vertical Animation is easier on the eyes. Very easy to make Vertical Video Ads in Powtoon! There is a Vertical Button!

02:02:15 of on-demand video • Updated October 2018

  • Make Stunning Vertcal Video Ads for Use on Phones in minutes!
  • Master the Art of Vertical Videomaking in a Supereasy Animation Software: Powtoon
  • Wow your Audience with Fun and Entertaining Animations that work perfect on Phones
English Hello welcome to my course about vertical animation. Vertical video has a bad name. Until recently. Vertical video was seen by a lot of content makers and video graphers as amateurish. Recently and that is due to Snapchat and Periscope and Instagram. People are much more used to the vertical format for live videos to do the talking. And also they are looking more at ads in that way. So it has become popular. About a year ago Facebook has adapted its player so that when you turn it on on your phone it will automatically play in a vertical fashion. If you have a vertical video and since a few days Google has done that too. So its really this is the moment you can say The switching moment, of not only horizontal video but also Vertical video. Thats why I made this course. You know that I'm an animator. We're going to use animation as the vehicle to tell our message. It can be for ads. It can be for anything in this course I'm going to use the software Powtoon. First of all because you can start with it for free. That of course is always good. If you use a professional it's better to pay for it. But you can try it out for FREE and see if it works for you. I choose Powtoon also, because it has an built in vertical format you can choose from the start to make your video in vertical format. That of course easy. And then the third reason is that it has beautiful templates and you can see if you have chosen this vertical format you can see what elements are falling out of it from the templates and how you can move them easily inside the area that is being filmed. I will start the course with a little explanation of how Powtoon works, not on a full course of course but so that you can follow along. And I also will tell you where to get help if you got stuck. Then I will have five different animations made for you you can look over my shoulder how I make them. We start out with a Christmas card and a birthday wish then we are going over to an inspirational message. We're going to make a list of five tips. Very normal form of a Facebook post. In this case how to get yourself noticed on Fiverr. We're going to make a promo for a product and we're going to make sales animation for if you would have a special sale. Then I will also show you a very funny movie that was there a few years ago protesting against virtual video. And for your inspiration I will also add virtual video Festival. because it is of course very funny to look at this in and imagine yourself sitting in in the movies and you are seeing vertical video. It's not meant for that but maybe you can get some inspiration out of it. So let's get started.