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English [Auto] Hey guys. This is the I'm going to show you how to generate some bar codes and how to parent them on the paper and after that from my upcoming tutorials I'm going to show you how to create a project for reading the printed barcodes by using the barcode the scanner and C sharp or VB down. Now that's a sub or someone come to Google and search for ball park a generator and you can see over here a list of sites and Web pages. So let's select this one barcodes and click on it. Come over here. This site is the lit generates for you. Your costs some bar codes different methods. And over here I have the Berkut time and you can easily select your favorite one based on my experiences that called a hundred twenty eight is great fun and I use it in many projects during my ten years of program. Great. And if you want to learn more about this standard or if you want to learn about these standards you can easily search in Google and learn more about them. My intention on this course is not talking about all of these standards. OK now let's Assad. I can see like this one or isn't it. Come over here Paul called Android to an eight bar click on it so you can see or hear some sample data and your barcode type here you can define the height of your bar code by default is 68 pixels and it's great I think and you can easily sense that I love your. But you can change it for instance to three or more. Now let's put it to one and this is the text color of their barcode. By default it's black and you can change it from here in the background other barcode so you can change it from here by default it's white and this is the sample. This is black text and white background color and 60 pixels. The escape was correct. Here you can add your sample barcodes and as you see over here this is the quick description about that quote a hundred to an eight format and it's except alphanumeric characters and you can easily write the alphanumeric characters something like this. This is text takes in number and text. I stop the recording and add some sample Dando or here. Saved me. Welcome back. I added some sample left over here. Now let's enter my park. This is a really simple process and you can see all of my markers automatically to generate it quickly and easily. So this is my basket and you can see it. This is first one second third and so on. And I can easily come over here and change is kill. Now let's see the result. Or a hair skin to generate Berkowitz. So this is it's bigger in size. So scroll down and set it to one for instance if you've got any error in this site. Don't worry about it and you should wait for complete loading on the webpage. So this is my escape. And let's put it to want and again generate Barker. Everything is ready for it just right click on it and print. This is the print preview on my generated barcodes. And this is my printer cannon and I can save as f or Google and all their options. So let's print it. I love the printing. And I love the sound of my printer and I love this sound. I mean the sound of my partner. This is really amazing sound and impressive. So I printed my barcodes successfully. And let's check it with my barcode scanner. And this is this beep means my barcode can recognize. All right. The next one and the next one. OK. Everything works fine. And if your barcode reader can scan your barcode you can easily change the scale to bigger numbers courses two or three or you can change the height of your barcode but currently my barcode scanner can successfully read my printed barcodes. OK. Everything works fine and is ready for me for creating our application is too sharp more would be dropping. Now it's starting quite and generate your barcodes and print them. And after that I say with my great upcoming tutorials about creating the C sharp or VB Dolman application for reading the barcodes stay with me. See you soon. By.