Choose between practical significance or statistical significance ?

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  • Data analysis FAQ related to interview questions in your career .
  • Four main things you should know them in data analysis and business analysis
  • Normal distribution and standard normal  in details using Z table .
  • Sampling distribution with practical simulation apps and answering of important technical questions .
  • Confidence level and Confidence interval .
  • What is t distribution ? ( with projects )
  • Inferential and Descriptive statistics with collection of important quizzes and examples .
  • One sample mean t test .
  • Two sample means t test .
  • How to calculate P value using manual and direct method ?
  • What is after data analysis ?
  • TWO PROJECTS  related to hypothesis testing
  • Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis .
  • What is P value ?
  • Data types and Why we need to study data types ?
  • What is Type one error ?
  • Relationship between Type one error and Alpha ( non confident probability )
  • Is Normal distribution and t distributions are cousins ?
  • Projects like Estimation of goals in premier league ( using confidence interval ) , and more .. and more to learn it
  • Ice Cola example with student's t distribution .
  • Help fisherman to catch Tuna using sampling distribution
  • What is "double edged sword of statistics" ?
  • Is programming something mandatory to learn data analysis and business analysis ?
  • Which programming languages i should start with it ?
  • Practical significance versus statistical significance , and more to learn .. and more to learn it
English Hello everybody. I am Mahmood. Welcome for watching this video. Our lesson today it's about the double edged sword of statistics. What do you mean by double edged sword of Statistics ? let's take an example . if I told you we have two cases. Case number one is practical significance is very important to make a decision based on it. The other case is about statistical significance , statistical significance Give us results are very important to make a decision about it. So which one I should choose ? Practical Significance or statistical significance ! . also is that means statistics "may be" a liar ? So let's take an example to Explain it.