What is Confidence? How can it help you?

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Confidence is a feeling of trust in your qualities and judgments. To be self-confident is to feel secure from within, to believe in yourself and your abilities. Whether in a large crowd or a small group, with friends or alone, whether silent or talkative, it’s that special feeling inside that you can do this.

Confident people don’t doubt themselves.

Confident people know they are valuable and have the right to be happy.

Confident people do not care what others think of them.

Confident people don’t blame others for personal or professional setbacks.

Confident people make decisions without regret.

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Unstoppable Self Confidence - Your Key to Success!

5 practical steps you can apply to increase your confidence today

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  • Be more confident
  • Have much more self-awareness
  • Discover how to use failure as feedback
  • Understand how to apply self-care without being selfish
  • How to implement the 5 steps to use on a daily basis and boost their confidence daily
  • How to overcome fears and take action steps
English [Auto] In these coming lectures we're going to take these steps and we're going to specifically talk about five. The first will be taking action which means also overcoming your fears and facing those fears by taking action. Secondly we're going to talk about the mind and the body connection is super important. Third we're going to talk about how to not compare yourself with other people if it makes you feel bad. The fourth lecture will be about who you're surrounding yourself with your tribe and the last one but not least is how can you let go of your past. And in fact not really let go but use your past. So those are the five big ones coming up and I want to have another word about exactly what is confidence and how you can achieve it. What is confidence. Confidence is trust in yourself. Trust in your qualities your strengths your judgments it's that feeling of being secure within yourself whether you're an introvert or an extrovert that doesn't matter. It's really that trusting yourself and believe in yourself that you can do this whatever that is. You know company people they believe in themselves. They trust their decisions. In fact they make decisions without regrets concern and people they don't doubt themselves comfort and people don't compare themselves to others. No. They thrive and they push themselves to be better all the time. Confident people they don't blame others for any setbacks no Cheryl doing confident. People are happier are successfully what they do confidence is important in every area of your life. And I mentioned it before but it's really a skill. It's like a muscle that you can grow if you go to the gym once ARE YOU GOING TO WALK OUT LIKE TOTALLY toned and fit. No you're not. You have to go back and pump those muscles again and back and repeated and repeated. It's the same thing with confidence there is no magical pill there is no quick fix. I guess that's the bad news but the good news is that you can learn it because by going to the gym or repeating that you get toned and fit. And by taking these steps and then using these practical exercises and hacks and mindset and things that you're going to learn in these lectures you can grow and build your confidence just like so many people have done self-confidence is extremely important in every area in your life whether it's personal family career future. It's really important in every area of your life. In fact it's a topic that is so interesting to many people. If you look at Amazon if you look at courses how many books and self-help books are there how many things can you find online about self-confidence. It's clearly a topic that many many people are interested in in learning. So you're definitely not alone. And the thing is it's not a topic that you kind of discuss over coffee with your family or friends right. So that's what this course is all about. You go through it you use it. You don't have to talk about it to anybody but you grow it inside. Let's get started.