Power Pellet Blueprint

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In this video we create our Power Pellet.  This will be much the same as our Pellet Blueprint but with some added visual components.

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English [Auto] Pay everyone in this video tutorial we are going to go about creating our power Pelet blueprint. So if you haven't already done so make sure that you have found your way to the content arcade classic blueprints pick up a folder. This is where we added our Pelet blueprint and again along the left hand side here in the sources panel you can see which directory we are in. So over here and some ideaspace I'm just going to go in right click. We're going to create a new blue blueprint class and the actor is going to be our parent class year and I'm going to call this BP underscore power pellet then I'm going to double click on this guy to open them up. Let's Dockum along the top here and we're going to add a component of the static mesh variety. And I'm going to call this S-M underscore our pellet. And then over here on the right hand side where it's asking us to slot in a static mesh Let's find our shape underscore Q With sphere. OK. And for the location of this we are going to move this down in the Z negative 50. We are going to keep the scale at 1 1 1 but we do want to change the material so let's go ahead and change the material to them underscore power. It created that earlier and so now we're ready to use that OK and then down in the details panel underneath your collision settings. Make sure you've changed your collision preset from a block all dynamic to overlap only pawn that's an important step right there otherwise your character's going to be blocked by all of these things. All right. And that should do it for that component. Next let's add a nother component here. I'm just going to select our default scene right here before we add this component. This is going to be an audio component and we're going to call this as F X underscore power pellets underscored Ethan in for our sound that we're going to slot in here. I am going to do a search for this vessel. I'm going to use this SFX underscore eat special to you. I'm also going to use this later on for when we add some fruit that spawn into our level. So this is going to kind of be a dual purpose. Q You're going to use it for our power pellet here as well. And I also want to make sure that we scroll down here our details panel and we uncheck auto activate because we don't want this sound to play right away. We wanted to play it only when we tell it to play. So that's an important step. Next let's add a few particle components so it's like being our default scene route again. I'm going to go ahead and add a component. We're going to add a particle system here and I'm going to call this one the f x underscore power pellets underscore GULO or. And over in the details panel I'm going to be looking for a particular particle called P underscore in underscore child that guy right there and it's a little small right now so we're going to scale this up. We're going to make sure that your skill here is locked. We're going to scale this up to be 10 times the size and obviously that's not the right location so I'm going to drop this in the z to be negative to 50 and that's going to seem about right. I could probably adjust that even more but we'll leave it at that for now. We do want to drop it a little bit more maybe like negatives too. Avi will go negative 280 that looks about right. OK let's go ahead and add a nother particle component here. So select your default scene route add component particle system and we will call this one the f x underscore tower Pelet underscore Keaton. And for this guy we're going to slot in a particle called P underscore LWT pick up. Now these particles that we are currently slotting in here these are from the infinity blades packs so if you did not install or add on the Infinity Blade effects. I'm talking about this guy right here this Infinity Blade effects packed back here over in the marketplace. We're not there the actual marketplace Epic Games launcher. That's right you can find it you just type in infinity. That is where these particular effects are coming from. Just why. So jump in here we've got this p underscore pick up. This is one that we're actually going to fire off when we eat this pellet. You just want to make here we want to change the location of this to be a value of 50. And I'm going to change the scale of this to be three is make sure it is three across the board. It's going to look right and for this one we want to make sure that we also scale down towards the bottom where it says auto activate. We want to uncheck this because we only want this particular effect to fire off the moment we eat this power pellet. OK. So I think we've got everything here to double check in my notes it looks like we are good to go here. Make sure that you've compiled in saves that is going to do it for this one. We will see you guys in the next one.