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English [Auto] Like to welcome everybody in the old me you do me community chat we've got some great panelists great discussion and I'm just going to let them enjoy themselves on them from Alaska which is both the but you can tell us a little bit about yourself about what caused go and anything about that would be great. Sure you bet. Thank you. Appreciate that. My name is Bob Marx. I own a sales training and coaching company called MSDE selling system. I have 11 courses on you and me 10 of those are all strictly in the world of sales. In fact if you were to go to THAT YOU TO ME page under business under sales I think out of the 12 courses on the front page I think I have eight or nine of them. But while I'm why I'm on today session is because of a recent course that I produced called How to create you to me Course in five days. So that's it I'm going to toss it over back to you. If you can let people know you are all right again they are for break. Let me back into what it is I always have so much fun hanging out with you guys. So my name's Eli Delaney and the co-founder of your marketing university and what I do is I teach entrepreneurs how to market themselves more effectively. As far as you can he goes I have one course on there right there right there and it's how to network like a rockstar. Basically you're going to get where you need to go by the people you meet along the way. And that's my whole philosophy into life. That's how I've been doing that for about 20 years. And I decided it was time to do a course. That's what I got on right now well you know some pretty tough women out there. Hello. I'm so mean to Timberlake and mark in the south we have several courses on here today. We also run our own online marketing company called heroes that we run out of people. And I look at the production side of things. I was in court that night yes she was in good discussions and Terry if you can introduce i was great. Yeah well I'm the new kid on the block who last week said that he would make his course up and running in two weeks or I'd grow a mustache. So I am frantically scrambling to get my course done in not five days but also pretty much because I I have been doing all my research and backing make sure I at least get things going in the right way so I don't get myself in trouble. And but yeah this week is all about production now that I've got most of my ducks in a row as far as what I'm going to be doing for my my minimal viable product. My first course was a symbol. So said my mom have been touched by this. I said one don't and we've got a poses. And tonight was a mad panic rushing to get the hang out. So sorry guys it isn't notification earlier now because I decided I was filming. Yes. And what we're talking about is what's the titles I got. Oh yes I work on and talk about how to get how to accelerate making a course there are a lot unstructured Budiman course. So last week was a really great hang out because we talked about you know where to get where to. You know how where do you get your ideas from or so of course you know should you create I think a lot of people really like that because we rarely sort of talk about you know creating a new age something you're passionate about because it was in their minds of things that we want to talk about structure planning and some of the issues and difficulties. And I've invited Bob especially because Bob has a very good cause which I've taken which is how to create basically you can be called quick and you can do it quickly. If you plan and you think so. I've got me I have to credit you too because but mine is probably a bit more on the you know how to do a video if he didn't post ads in the marketing and everything but it's really about how to get it done quick. And I took because he was curious and I thought it was a really really good for a great person to have because the that's the core is the planning. So I think the first question is you know. So you know you've got this great idea. Of course you're passionate about these subjects. But you've never done something like this before. So you know where where would we start where would we say to somebody you start and I'll ask you about this and I would be good for that. I just so I understand the question. So we have a topic something that we're passionate about where we just start. Is that what you're you've got the topic you know your passion about a subject you've never cried of course before and you don't know how to structure code. So what's the first thing you would say today. OK. All right. Well if I can answer that in two parts one is I'll start with what NOT to do. Biggest what not to do is don't name your course and I say that because when we come up with an idea something that we want to talk about it's natural for us to want to come up with the name first what am I going to call and I say don't come up with the name because what ultimately ends up happening is that you come up with this great name and then you're almost forced to make all of your content fit the name. So if you want to get started quickly. First thing I recommend is Don't name your course. Let the course name itself so instead of making your content fit the name. Make that name fit the content. Thanks. Thanks. I just want to quickly just get a feeling on the part of the side that's I love you guys. OK. Solaces. Hi Paula. Hi creature designs. Have we started yet. Can you make sure you are able to see just send them a message that he's just needs to refresh. Click Mustapa and Eileen says hi sumos. As I am ironing I left for school. Plumbing's Rouxville ASAP. So you went from that hot diggity. Yeah don't forget to write that review now. Thank you I appreciate it. I'll just go ask a life size ball if you're going to recommend to someone you might say I know you come from a training background so I knew you'd written it but are you going a long history of trying. What was the first thing you would say to someone who's completely stuck with it. The first thing is as long as you've got your topic and your basic idea of what your general idea what the course will be about stop and think about what are the what are the top 10 questions people ask you all the time. Seriously that is the easiest way to start coming up with ideas. And from there then you can actually ask them further and say OK so this is a question you had what else what else would you want and just by putting that out there and you could do it as a survey just asking people in person call pick them up on the phone and call them but get some ideas. What is it that people actually want and then just literally write it all out. And one of the things I personally love to do is I'm a big mine napper so I use X minds. There's I what is it. Which one is it you're using as it bubble. I use bubbles. So there's several different software that different pieces that are out there that are most look great. Most of them are free and just brainstorm. Take all those ideas where you're starting with that Rollman to a mind map that you've got the visual or if you want to do it on a whiteboard you can do that too. And then just from there you can see all the parts and pieces and then kind of start structuring where they go and how you know what the flow might be with it and where there might be some place you know you might find that OK you're thinking that you know four different sections but this one section over here doesn't really have much to it. Maybe that's where you need to dig a little deeper and ask more questions. And that's how I created this course. I literally sat down and opened up a mind map and just started listing all the stuff that I talked about that people asked me about things that I see that are you know networking forepaws all that kind of stuff just threw it all out there. On to a mind map. And then I started rearranging it like a puzzle and figured out OK here's my flow of what I want to do. Yeah. So this is just the and you can type that little bit further while looking online. So it will come questions around the subject you know like you go I'm to you who says whatever it's called when you start putting questions in find stuff is interesting isn't it. Well if you find a forum you know like if you find a forum or group or the your own question you get by Sometimes we call it the stupid question syndrome and is not derogatory in any way I call this question. You know lots of people are asking your stupid question is not stupid question. Right. And one of the experts are really obvious I'm not going to put that in the course because that's really really obvious but it becomes something after a while you realize actually this is what people want and that they will not base much more basic stuff. So that's an excellent point that Terry I know you come from a university background lecturer I believe oh you're full professor. Yes. So I know you're working on your first course but you see you come into this prize you come from an educational background. What would be your gesture of the people. Oh well you know I come from the syllabus type approach to where we would create a course you know objectives that would get approved by the state and then because I worked for a state college system and and then we would every every year we would renew our look at the syllabus and decide how the what order we were going to teach things in what kind of assignments which are textbook how we get tired of our old textbook things like that. In the early days when I first started teaching we were very structured where I'd go by how the textbook was laid out to the letter. Later on I threw that completely out one much more into projects and inspiring students to be creative and learning by doing. And so. So you have various That's one key thing to realize you've got to be flexible course and come up with some ideas knowing that you're going to change them down the road. I'm up against that right now or I'm taking a video that's really popular for me on the net and trying to flesh it out so it actually has more content. It's not just a button pushing course. You know I wanted this course to just be a button pushing so I'm trying to go beyond the button pushing side of this thing and that's what I've been challenged by. Also you can try to throw too much in your course. You know I taught graphic arts and we did not try to squeeze all the Adobe products into a single 16 week semester. You get three semesters of Photoshop alone and the glass eye. And so you ought to also realize that sometimes you'd be throwing everything plus the kitchen sink in your chorus and that's not the way to go. You've got to break it. You got to pull back and make multiple courses and that's multiple opportunities for sales but maybe lower price you're lower your beginner stuff lower and get into your intermediate and advanced stuff for thinking it's going to be a smaller audience but it's going to be priced higher. For instance I want you guys to check my connection because someone said I I'm trouble here make it happen for a second. Yeah yeah. Well I'll just move my stuff something you just just take the conversation on for a little bit to sort of tell you when you're not bad now and letting the skin stain on. You said there was two parts you were asking a question before and you said what not to do but was there a second part of it. Well to do it. And you said there was two parts that you want to draft. Yeah. But the first part being Don't name your course but let the content name. Name of course and I say that because there can be a really big sticking point when we try to make all of. We try to gear that the way our content comes across. So it's in line with what we mean or course. But the second piece is get started really really quickly even before you feel like you're ready. I start all my courses off I guess very similar to what I said with a mind map but then I quickly go over to Powerpoint and I identify what are my you know what is the course about the topic and then I'm identifying 3:57 subtopics one of my big big pieces is don't make your course too big to Terry's point. People don't even though as instructors were really passionate about our subjects but our topics. Not everyone is as passionate about what we're passion about so I on purpose limit my courses to three or four sections. Sometimes I'll get away from it and it be five but I'm very conscious of going past that four section Mark simply because these courses can grow can't they. They almost take on a life of their own you start off with with what feels like is going to be a small course and you're worried they might have enough content. And next thing you know you have a seven hour course and you're like I don't even know if I'd want to take this. It's so big. So I guess I really quickly but limit yourself to four sections and then expect those. Can I just ask them about reach those sections. You would have a certain number of lectures in each one. Do you have a good limited as well as too many lectures writing in each section. I don't. I don't. I'll pick a couple of couple of topics and then I am subtopics there I try to limit that to between three and five. But what I find is is it the sections are those things that grow. Oh and I want to talk about this. And there's all this stuff that I want to talk about what if I can limit it to a very specific topic inside my main topic. I really only have maybe four or five cloudy things to talk about in that very specific slice. I hope that answered your question yes yes indeed. And I think as well what you said about just getting started. I mean we touched on this last week as well. That's you know just just make a step out and get started because otherwise you're range creates this perfect product. Eli did you want to come in. Yeah. A couple of really great things. You know Terry said something about minimum viable product and I want I think everybody really needs to pay attention to that concept to begin with because you know Mark you just are. Sorry my brain is like crying out today Bob. It's been one of those weeks. But Bachmann just said something about the fact that you know he'll go through in limited down that you can grow. And that's the best thing about these courses if we're creating a course you may start off with a 45 minute course and then you're going to get feedback from your students are going to get paid back from friends other people in this community that go through and we're all going to be able to give each other ideas. OK well yeah. This is a piece that maybe this was missing. So let's just add it it's not like you're scrapping it starting over you're just adding to it. And like for me one of the very first things I had planned before I even started I started actually recording my course was I wanted to have an interview series for other networks since that's what my topic was about. And so that was already planned. I didn't have any of those interviews. And I said OK these are the pieces that I know I'm going to be adding and I'm prepared to go through and add those pieces and I've got some work sheets that I'm working on that are going to get added to the course. So the course was live. It's been up for about two months now I'm getting some great feedback. I've got a lot of students running through it. I've got people that are raving about how awesome it is. And now I can go OK. Now let's add value to it. Let's make it better let's just increase it. And I'm hoping that this single course I'm going to keep adding and making it better for the next year because I know it's always going to be a piece of improvement. But you start off with just the basics to get you up and running. Yeah. Yes. And see the end is you ask those in the bonus section. Yes. And you actually get your minimum product to start with actually include the institute organized strategy as you go all of those I'm adding those after the fact I already had I have a list of people that I wanted to interview and some of them we've had we've had we've done there already and we've added a couple in there. I have a bunch of them that we just haven't locked in a time yet to do. So you said that the great thing about it is over time it all put those out there because our schedules busy their schedules busy getting time to actually go through and edited and put it together. I'm not going to go through and say OK we're going to add ten new interviews tomorrow. No I'm going to do an interview this week and pop it up sometime later this week. And then in a few more weeks I'll do another interview and I'll pop it out there. So it's not a big stress not a huge time. You know a time intensive area for me but at the same time over time I'm adding to the course and making it better. And then somebody new coming in say while they've got the Course but then they have this whole list of interviews and they're adding more all the time. This is awesome. I got a question about that. Absolutely. When you start adding you start your minimum viable product. And if it could be very minimalized so that you actually charge very little for it as you flesh it out make it larger and larger Would you then raise the price. Is that possible you need to raise your price and change things you know. Yeah OK. And go buy whatever you feel is valuable too. You know you may want to raise the price or you may want to leave it the same as it's purely up to you but you do have the capability to you have control over your price so you can set it however you want to. I got another question for Bob. You were talking about you know don't title it. Well what if you already did the dirty deed and title good thing while you were making your cohorts can take the title before or after publishing. Is there a place you can change it. At least you can't. Yeah you can totally change the title as it appears on you to me. The problem comes in if you change your title and but you keep mentioning the title throughout the course. All right. Well when I said don't don't name it I meant it when you're sitting down you've got your pad of paper and you're thinking about hey I think I'd like to create of course. All right. I mean eventually you have to give a name. But you know if you say hey welcome to ABC philosophy throughout the entire thing but then you know after it's produced you go back and you change the tire you are going to get a little you don't go back and change the title later. OK just one that's just for the people in the audience that were all kicked kicking themselves rather than take the title you could change your picture everything. That's right that point about the tie as well because sometimes you actually want to change your title afterwards to tweak it so you can get better search results. So it's actually a very good point maybe not to the naming your title too much in your course because people do change their stance. You're right. But I love what you're saying about not emitting love not live in your own mind and by idling too soon and letting letting the title come about organically. That reminds me of the writer who was a writer gone with the wind who always wrote her her first chapter last. Oh really. Yes. Well and that's a that's a good strategy for anything. I use that when I'm when I'm writing just you get an article for my blog. I actually will go through an outline. You know here's the basic topic that I want. Here's my three bullets. I write the paragraphs for each of those three points. Then I write the conclusion then I write the intro then I write the title. I mean that's my order. I completely go backwards for that purpose because just like bob like what you said is that what ends up happening is if you think with the title first year then write all your content go into that and if you break it down into a small point so like an article we're looking at 500 words. Well those those five words are determining those 500 words which are really a lot of pressure. But if you write 500 words then you have to sum it up in five words. That's that's actually easier. And you know if you've had the same experience but you're taking a blog post which is actually where where where the idea came to me was you know just from experience of writing blog posts and having to you know try to fit five six seven a thousand words you know based on the title. Right. But often what I find particularly with of course is that after you really get it outlined you know you have your topics your subtopics whatever you want to talk about a lot of times it can be interesting to get your opinion. Don't you find that the name kind of floats to the top on its own. Yeah it really changed my mind. It does. Yeah. And that's where that's why it is so much easier because then you know what the whole thing is about you know like OK yeah here's what we're calling it you know because now you already have the end product. It's kind of funny you think about the concept of creating a widget whatever that widget is. Once you had the widget It's like we're going to call it. You don't normally say OK I have a name for a widget. Now what's the which you're going to look like. You know it's like it's like OK I have this thing what are we going to call it. OK it's going to be a phone. It's going to be a smartphone. You don't go. I'm going to create a smartphone. What's what is that. They started lining it you design the stuff for the thing first then you name it afterwards. Now the thing doesn't have a thing about titles that people the first time to you to me don't know is when you hit publish you claim and you are real. All you to me. So it makes sense to leave it as a last as well because you want to put your keywords in that title. And I found one of course a style I've got on the record and I was like oh there not be good in there. Like say Bob if you haven't allowed for all that by the time you get to the Course creation you've got all this stuff going on that you haven't communicated. You know when it comes to publishing on you to me what you might have is some keywords you want to get in that title. So you get found in Google search because a lot of the optimization you're going to be doing for you in your description is not just for you. You're in the marketplace. In fact the majority of it is for Google search. So if you can optimize that really really well in terms of SEO you know and once you get that you are well you're stuck with that unless you ask you to meet the change. But then you don't want to do it because if you do that you're going to lose the Google juice that was on that your RL So you know that's a really important point when it comes to stuff as well. They're not guys with me just quickly showing what a mind might look like to people if a quick screen shack. Well actually while you're on the subject of times I'd like to ask a quick question because you brought up the CEO and I was I didn't know whether Google actually indexed you to me you or else. Oh yeah absolutely. A massive massive factor when you when you do you give me a description. Nagin asked you defriended word description and you think why do I need to fit into a word description. The reason that doing that is for the Google. Yeah you to me is so powerful on the SBO that they're going to get indexed faster. You know we've got we do web development and stuff and you know we know what we're doing and we got a new Web site really you know even if we were really really cracking job three months before we saw it and and indexed the biggest sites get indexed much faster because they get prioritized and you to me get crawled really really quick by Google. So what that means is when you put your course on you to me you've got a really strong chance of getting that found in Google search. So our marketing strategy long term. Yes we want to compete in the marketplace but we know as well that can you do me. Title right. And the description really strong is going to help in the essay and it comes back to Bob's point again because you can't really write that description until you've done the course so that if anyone else wanted to while not. Now I did notice because I'm new to this that I put in a title that was stupid at first because the first thing to me asks you is what your course is Teutul. And so of course I came up with the title because I couldn't go anywhere else and I don't know I got this you are around now they're signing or you are all that ugly title. But I changed it and bingo the URL changed. So I guess it's you know I have to get me to accept it. Yeah you won't be you you won't be someone until you publish Terry. So what have you got the moment hasn't been published that you know. So when it goes so that's that's really really good point. I just thought I'd show it quickly guys. People are talking about mind maps and I know a lot of people know a mind map is just can you a quick screen share I'd like to share an example of a mind set that people have got some context to try and do this we have Google's can everybody say that. Yeah. Yeah. So this is bubbleheads I use it you get free free free mind maps and then you have to pay six a month by use so often it's really powerful. I know what's your of course. Bob Smucker's use exactly the same technique. It's very similar of course creation methodology. I don't know a lot of people end up sort of adopting this. So what you would basically do like we was talking about earlier. I like his of course is my first section I'm probably usually have an introduction but because I now have the right answer thing a so I'm going to make some key points. I'll start with my main branch then go to some key points and then make sure any of the points on there that I need to really accentuate to methods of Mark and saying I want to accentuate the I know what that means is I can create like core subjects and then I can drill down and create different lectures within each sort of section and what that means is if you get something that you want to talk about you don't know where it fits. You can literally just create a new bubble put it over here with some content and then when you're ready dragged into it of course it can also then very simply for instance decide that this isn't the order I want to go in. I can just do something like this and then move around all this section. Move it down change position. It can be very very powerful. And then when you map up to show you this this is what the inside of you Mark woofs think for last year here again. And you can you hear this Mark New Years entire Because I think I think we've lost mark registered the investments that we've lost. I'm just conscious that there is less room for Mark to come back. There has been a few questions asked in the Q&A. We can look at some of those looks at quite a few. Yeah. Yes it is possible a link to another one also that I use mine meister. OK. But yeah. And if we want to show another one. I have I found my mind map for my course if you will if we want to show that at one point Joe. Okay. And so we can get Mark to you back with us Margaret can't hear you. Regina I so we still so can hear him say lots of gremlins and I'm just like I'm really glad that we brought that up. It never even occurred to me to share the mind maps that I use inside the course that I created. Yeah I spent an entire section talking about how I create the mind map that where the Course literally builds itself. After we're done here I think I'm going to upload a couple of of the mind maps and a PDA can actually download. Yeah they can see what I'm talking about. I just assumed everyone knew what my map was and what they were. Well that's. That's the great thing about it is so many people don't know what they are and they're so powerful and like my courses my other courses I haven't done this one yet but my other courses I literally have mind maps that are brainstorming different ideas of things that they should do like. I've got one course on building Web site and a lot of it is the planning before you actually touch your actual you know Web site built Wordpress or whatever you're going to do doesn't really matter. The point is gathering all the materials together. And I actually walk them through creating a site map and using a mind map for that. And then I give them my map I say I'm using X mind here's how you download it it's free. By the way here's the mind map that I created. Use that as a template to start with. That's a great idea. I'm going to I'm going to add those today. There will be good audio for me to look for. Yes yes I can hear you. I don't know. Terry's now clearing up some time. This is mine Master one of their templates. This is one of all make public. It's already a public map growing global search techniques received or email Terry your email Terry or you are in stop oh you got to see my e-mail. You're seeing my ever no. OK. I should have come. I don't know why that happened. Playgrounds are always happening on most folks I think. OK. Entire screens right. So I just got some questions. There you go. So this is this is a this is a Google search techniques mind map that's multilevel as you can see. And you can change fonts and then I sing about my maestro's you can export it and it comes right out as an outline are ready with the indents that you know that you need for a help line and you can make it public so you can share them with your students. And or with the entire world. So so that's useful. Yes. My son to find something that has a nice interface with it to put all your interface stuff in here and you can hide the interface. This little button over here and you can make slide presentations you can make presentations that will automatically zoom to each each one of the things as you have them in order so you can use a similar to Prezi or something like that as well. That's a cool feature. I think we'll get some questions here probably need to catch I think Bob's pointed out we'll get some questions. I think a couple of people have said I believe the euro for the cost is the same if you change the title. That's correct. So you can change the title you are right. The rest is the same. And then if you want to change you have to email you to me. And that can change your. But like I said if the course has been out there for a while you don't want to do that. You're going to lose yourself in the title. I don't imagine that you'd make a redirect on that for you which is might buy suits like an old euro and redirect it to a new RLM might do. I don't know but I wouldn't take that risk about checking. Well one of the questions if we got a vivax test do we stop the courses or hang out on that or is it the coke platform available and you to me. Yeah it's you do me cost is something you create independent of hang outs on that you video or trading content. Vivek So whilst we can use hangouts and areas to create content they're not actually linked in any way. Why he might be. Meaning is there a video component to you to me like there is a new. Oh yes not all of them. I think people would like to have the idea that actually inside your course there is actually a conversation that I just saw in the Facebook group about that they actually had that feature and pulled it off because it wasn't being used enough. And so now people are starting to ask it and are starting to see more and more people where you know we might a lot of us are doing join our classes but then saying OK we want to do a live Q&A. So here is either a tele seminar or HBO or whatever. And so there they are. I think I saw Lindsey posted just this week that they're they're putting it on the plate to potentially talk about bring it back. I have no clue how long that would take or if it will even be a yes but it is something that they are just looking at. And I saw that on a stream just this week that you and I once a month. That'll amplify their bandwidth big time though so I know that's why they're thinking about it. Yeah. Do you ever think anything worry me. I think my big concern of course is up in the moment kind of annoying of mine hangouts. Bob you've got 10:11. Yeah. That is if you've got multiple courses if they're all associated or at least a group of them are associated then you have you could have one that's a you know open cue when they related to those courses and people start coming in. And if you could if you could have it so. So it's like that's we're basically you can invite anybody into a good idea and that helps them cross promote the other way. So if somebody has a question about course a bit they have of course be. Now that might open up the possibility of OK OK. That sounds cool. Maybe I should check out that course over there. I think it's an awesome potential as long as they'll open up that ability to just say OK here is my opening Q&A for these courses instead of having to have one per course necessarily I just want to pick up this question guys here. It's from creature design. And it says if you're crying of course and using the Course that you have to split of course first. Are you recommending Crann if I'm off one first and upload into the course. Build on them. Now what you can you can put the title you can put a working title in the course. You can change your title when you do me any time whatsoever. So you don't have to worry about. But what we're saying is when you go to submit your course as a you are well you're going to get based on your title. And that's where you have to be just when you have to be really cautious and careful about clicking submit. I've got your rules that don't match any of my courses anymore because I've changed the titles to find something that works in you to me on Google search. But my your advice to the site is when I submitted the question from creature design. Get scientists jump jump in what I'm saying here. Do you guys think about you of course is that the one that is your goal or something else go with it and keep existing existing customers happy or consider leaving the courses starting now. That's a really good question. I'm afraid I'm open to the panel. Bob just because you can always say start another course starts start another course. You know one of the things I kind of allude to in the course that I put out how to create a course in five days was my daughter used to come to me and ask questions all the time. And one day I noticed she stopped asking me questions she started asking her mom those same questions. And one day my wife was busy and she said go ask your dad and my daughter said no I don't want to know that much about it. Yeah I really took that to heart. It's easy when you're passionate about a topic to go on and on and on. But you know the big important thing to remember is start a new course because this student who's coming to their level of knowledge is far below where yours is maybe not even their level of knowledge their level of interest at the very least is far below wherever yours is. And if your course encompasses too much stuff and all they want is just this piece you're really doing both you and them a disservice by having it cover too broad topics so always start a new course started. I'd like to amplify that. As a professor the experience of student overwhelm where you really have to realize you have just really laid a ton of tonnage of stuff on them. And now it's time to give them some breathing room which would mean a cold make a different course or focus. But the idea is once you get them the information the focus should be on them taking action so they can apply what they've learned and get them into now applying it. And then they after they've applied and they've learned some rules from hard knocks by doing stuff and come back and take a more advanced course you know and and grow grow with you and you keep it affordable for them to do that if you're going for the continent subcontinent and stuff trying to keep things affordable then that it doesn't matter if you keep making it more and more advanced courses because you'll take your students with you who are grateful for the fact that you didn't throw the entire story at them and yet there's another side of it you know as a professor. Well a 16 week course two times three hour classes six hours a week. Time 16 weeks. You know we're getting into some major hours. But then again those courses cost nearly a thousand dollars. You know I made this decision recently we've got my main. You'd be mocked saying you had to market you to be cost et etc.. And then I've got this new PA Of course I've got this new idea and it was how to market you to me on Google Plus and YouTube. So I've got two choices at this point. I can take that course and I can put that into my you too because I've already got because it's covered. It would it would really be the marketing side of that. But I decided not to because one of the main reasons was that my niece Trion group for how to market you to me Course is not necessarily the people that are going to buy how to create you to be from scratch because a lot of people you know by the time they get to the place of thinking about marketing they've already created that course. I've added that you ended up you know Phil asked me to make it succinct so I did it for hours and she doesn't think that succinct either but she so I've got this free hour cause I could put it in you to me cause. But what about the price of course. No because I'll just put that in there. But rather by releasing it as a cost it's nice to a group of people now ask a larger audience because it's anybody who's already created you to be cross. And so now it's a low enough price it low to allow for the fact that you know people can access that course. I didn't think it was a natural flow for me to buy your course and immediately buy the other one I bought at the same time practically within minutes of each other because I knew I would want that information too and it was a low price course. It was definitely no skin off my nose. But it is going to this Terry. That's a great point. And in fact I have that happen all the time with with my courses. He had the ten that I have all in the area of sales. They all tend to build off of you know this one talks about step one this one talks one step two. And quite often I'll take a look at my payment page right where it shows you know revenue page. And quite often I'll see somebody bought this course and then a little bit later the next one the next one the next one. And in fact I was looking at today and twice I had two people go through and they bought all 10 courses not all at once but over the course of a day and a half or two days because it was pretty obvious that yeah I like this I like what he's saying I'm going to get the next one. And they just bought a whole catalog which Right. And you know you're like the teacher. You've already bought into the teacher in and having that person is your instructor. And so it's a natural flow to continue on with the same instructor and and plus there were that few weeks ago we had that interview with the fellow teachers Juma got his name sorry forgotten but that is because he was focusing in on projects how he focuses on specific projects for his courses. So he had the Jumala to make a human like side. Another one to make a selling site and another one to do this. Another one to do that you know make a youtube type of site. And so he had specific projects that he was looking in. And so I could see where that kind of orientation also would flesh out. And you know it would be a natural outgrowth of having a basic class gets people started and then you have all these different projects type classes or marketing expansion type classes to help one from one of the things I'll do as well for people up start crying cause we talked a little bit about lacerate thinking in terms of which comes back to what you're talking about sorry that you know about creating lots of courses in an area for different people have different needs. And Matthew in Spiderman I think he's probably you know done a great job on that. But what I will often do is in my course I will talk about a subject in my course and I'll give a basic introduction but then I'll tell them I've got an advanced course on this if you need more than this to go there have a look at that course and what that does. I cross-sell made some cross-selling my course out into another course I'm mentioning that course but what it does it qualifies. The people actually want that content. Into that course and those that don't need it. So let's say you for instance or you can come to my course and I could say you know I've got a course on how to set up a Google Plus page when the Google marketing. Well you don't want that you don't need that. But if someone else could come along so please give me a course on how to set up a Google Plus page. But by taking that put it somewhere else I'm keeping the price down for people at the same time I'm allowing myself to expand those fully into a different segments. So really what happens is you create a massive database of courses and this is my sort of what I want to crescent around round your area of expertise that people can dip in and deep down I know you've got the same sort of approach. Bob so didn't I if you wanted anything. Syleena Yeah. No. Well said you know that that's exactly you know I have I am I'm only smart in one area of my life and I just yeah I have a lot to say about that subject. So yeah you know I'll just I'll just go on and just go deeper in my particular niche. We got a question from creature design which sort of ties into what virtual games is excellent advice. Thanks. Another question for you. What do you think about making courses small enough to be a single project based learning example since it's very specific and can be kept in a single unit. Yeah I'll open up to the pilot and want to take of him I think it's a great idea. You know that's one of the things too is like for me with my course it's still a pretty good sized course there's a lot of material in there and I realized that I had actually made a mistake when the very first question I got from anybody when I launched it was how do I find out about the introverts Survival Guide portion of your course because and that's a bonus by the way. That's not the primary course. That's like an extra piece that I added at the very end. But that one piece was the whole reason they signed up and the first thing I think was I should have held off on that and actually made that a different course. And you know number one is it's more niche down because it's specifically for introverts. And the second thing is that that is more of a beginner's kind of thing that could then lead into the bigger course but literally that was the very first question I got from anybody when I launched my course and I'm OK. So now I know this this woman is going to skip through all the other main stuff which is all critically important just to watch that because that's what she wants and that's the thing we have to keep in mind is what is that our customers want. What do our students want. And if you got a very specific project here a very specific idea and I think Bob's doing a great job of this is putting together these very very super tight. OK. This is what it is. You know they're there the one shot energy drinks you know that's what people want and if you can put a cord put a bunch of course together that way you've got a great plan with it. Yeah. And creature design. I think he's the one doing the drawing sketching class I took or do some drawing drawing related class. I think it's great design or doing it like taking your sketches into blender for instance would be a clue there would be a great clor course add on when you get your beginners going to take your sketches into into watercolor how to take your sketches into other media because once you learn how to sketch. Now it's time to take it past that into the drawing mode into charcoal into different media. And those could all be done. Be specific projects still alive project a landscape project things like that. I just wanted to if you can just hang in there Terry because I just wanted to address this question to you because someone asked it before the Hyatt went live and I think it was actually creature design and that was asking can we just explain that little bit of difference between Because you come from Electro background I think you love the essence on this but can you explain the difference between. So I just saw a course on a project maybe by Star cause. What's the difference. So what's the big streps does that make sense. You've got a typical lecture but then you've got project based courses so what's what's the sort of. Would you say it's a difference. I am not entirely well. I mean a typical lecture may cover the broad broad sweep with an overview of the various types of approaches that one could take of the various uses like are going to give a lecture on marketing stop and cover the the nine main points of copywriting for instance and that would be more of a lecture type course and it could have some project oriented stuff where I give my students assignments and things like that. But it would be primary lecture in that is giving the theory and basis for why these things are done a project oriented class tends to be more of a button pushing or a step by step type of thing where they learn by doing and that is very good for a lot of people don't learn well from the more conceptual thing rather than expected to extrapolate that into the real world step by step. Let's really get a grip on it and and get it in a more of a tactile you know hands on type of a way and to learn a lot better from that you know we're going to keep those eight learning styles in mind. And so that's why one reason why different types of teaching methods learned work better for different types of personalities. And but for sure a project oriented is a great way if you remember what your fundamentals are. You're trying to get across and work them into the steps that you have that you've created. So they are actually learning fundamentals as part of the steps to do it. You're inserting in there in an action I should imagine as well it was different for different sorts of subjects doesn't it as well because there are some subjects that are very sort of you know how to make a wood cabinet from scratch with a tree and a saw. You know that's going to be very project based. But think of the fundamentals you can get across NYU sand before gluing for instance all these little bits and you can get across a lot of fundamentals in any project type of class. And so it's it's good to think in terms of projects. So one thing you can come up with a ton of classes relating to projects you're going to come with one class related to fundamentals. If you're doing the fundamentals correctly because there's no fundamentals are there. That's what they are. You either covered them or you forgot to try and cover the same topic areas. Yeah that's right. You actually clarify something for me that it's really really interesting because I'm noticing that when I split courses off they're sort of almost quite modular project based whereas the first course I tend to crowd the subject tends to be very strategic. So the philosophy is the thought process that anyone else want to weigh in on that is that it won't get any force I want to share on that you know I would actually say that too you had mentioned that the fundamentals. You can only record once are either dead or you forgot to do what I do. And this just approach that I take is that in each section of what I spend a lot of my time coaching to sales training sales coaching for professionals in the business world is that there are fundamentals for every single piece Wow. Yeah I guess I could record a fundamentals course right. By golly I wouldn't want to watch that. Now would be like you know you would be concerned for our grass growing but on every single piece I think there's a fundamental as to why you want to do it. There's a certain mindset that that you want to make sure you're on the same page as the student here's we're going to be doing here's why we're going to be doing it. Here's here's how I see it. Here's my thoughts my opinions. OK you ready. Let's go and talk about some of the strategies and some of the techniques. Right. But in a final project or in a class. Again to use the copywriting example fundamentals type of course would just cover what those basics of copywriting are why you have your headline why you have your opening paragraph with the purpose over is what the bullet points are. The idea concept you just be those fundamentals you just be explaining them as like science you know explain scientific advertising type thing right. Well I guess I guess maybe that's where maybe maybe my viewpoint is a little bit different in that instead of doing a fundamentals of copywriting Let's say I think you can do an entire course on headlines you can do an entire course on an idea. You could do an entire course on each piece you can do an entire course on called actions. Right. Which would all which would start at the fundamentals of a headline and then get into different types of headlines and then specifically talking about you and I guess we're agreeing I'm just agreeing a little bit differently in terms of my thinking even if he's getting a chance to go out and become and of course separate courses on each of each element but still you'd have to have a brand identity for those elements all tie in together. Now you learn more about how to get your bullet points. This a course on bullet points. I got it. Yeah I think I think what I'm saying there is as there's a mix of the thing you know you can do a very strategic overview and then you've almost got to reinforce your overview each time in the course I think is coming across. So even though you might do a modular thing you do have to repay that basic strategy within that module because some of us taken never cost them. So there's almost a lesson of repeating that we're run out of time guys we got so many questions in the thing and I said just one thing has occurred to me that we haven't sort of mentioned just very briefly we talked about you know putting a plan together but maybe part of the planning is what type of delivery style you want to have whether you are talking screencast And you know can we just have a couple of minutes just touching a match you know because that's actually part of the plans stage is when you think people's thoughts on that. Yeah I think that's a very good part because there are different styles of course is what I do. I am predominantly talking heads. But I've got a studio set up for that and talking heads videos requires a little bit more equipment more work you know but I personally feel it's more engaging. But then when you've got a quick course there's a slide show and presentation. Bob uses that sort of style as well. So what it is there's some pros and cons with every song. But what I've heard is well it's interesting some people so I don't really like talking heads and I know people say well I don't really like so much. So you're never going to meet everyone's needs but as different soft styles and different input levels that you're going to need to create the look you want. And I think it depends on who you talk to target market and your target audience. You know if someone wants something quick and concise and make them not really sort of you know going to be too worried about whether it's you know looking like an Apple commercial. But those you know other people when you say they going to expect that such a what you guys are I'm just going to open up and see what the panels foresaw and that great disagree. I don't want to cite the law I'm not in this is this is the one and you've heard me say this before. Start with what's easy it is to get it out the door. You know we've all got our different ways of doing it and of course if we had you know a fifty thousand dollar studio with all the equipment and a team to build it all together we would have the most amazing courses in the world. If you got that and you're comfortable in front of a camera go for it. But if you're just creating your first course and trying to get you know get something started Piggot PowerPoint and screencast a matic which is you know 15 bucks a year and just start recording something like that. You know you think about it this way if you do it for anybody who's listening that you've been around for a while you probably heard of Alan Hill. He is one of the top anime producers and his courses are based off of audio and one slight. He doesn't even have multiple slides right. I mean they're pretty much audio with a picture. That's it. It's actually upgrading them at the moment because you and I. Oh yeah I know that's a great idea. Terrible how he started. And it's one of the most popular his courses are some of the most popular courses out there. And the point isn't to put out as low quality as possible you want to do you want to have something that's good but start with something basic like for me I can do in front of the camera that I actually prefer PowerPoint style and that's where I'm more comfortable. I do I think that I teach better that way when I get to the point where I have a studio and I actually have like a room of people like you know I have a room of 100 people that I'm speaking for then I may turn around and hire a crew to come in and record that because that's my favorite way honestly. But I'm not in that situation. I don't have that scenario together so therefore PowerPoint and uncashed I mean that's and it's super easy. I've got my mike set up here. I don't have to worry about what the background looks like. I don't have to worry about how fancy I'm dressed. Any of that kind of stuff. I just turn on record my screen talk over the top of it and it gives me something very very quickly and it looks good. You know I get a lot of people that love my for my presentation. Again there are some people that are going to hate it. They say well you really need to switch it up and do more talking heads stuff. No I'm not set up for that down the road maybe I might do that I may change my mind. In the past I've done some that way and I didn't like them. And so if I don't like them then how can I feel that anybody else is going to either. And so I went to what's easy and the great thing is again just like we started off with this do your first one and then make it better down the road. You can always really record it and make it better if you're if you're just trying to get something started doing PowerPoint screencast matic. It's cheap. It's a way to get started and then down the road do the talking head with Nancy Cameron green screen and cool little background's looking like you're in the middle in New York and all that kind of stuff. Mokka Picchu Kopeikin Hey there you go. You can barely do anything or upgrade down the road. But you don't have to do it now. I think one of the things I think when the things like people realize as well at the beginning is you know if you're one of the talking heads type macaws show you have all the lighting and everything is there for people that want you know some people want. But one of the things is like you say the expense at the beginning. So your first course you know when you got going on we talked about Alan Hale I think the last earnings report he posted in the last nine months was you know of a million dollars he's earned on you to me which is a question we had in the side bar some was asking this can you earn money on you. Yes. People are under lots of money on you to me. If you can Gorst is good and you know you're trying yourself and you spend some time learning some courses of course credit can get a few different courses by Marcos by bulb's. Do you know why. Because I'm going to teach something they can teach so I think you're taking things out of that and you you'll see those different perspectives and different approaches and this is why I approach learning as well is I will take an area and I'll take two or three or four different people and I'll learn from them because I know that different perspective. But when you haven't got much money at the beginning you've just got to get going you get out there and oversee your courses on this subject. Bob saw a I want you to weigh in on that as well. Which part the you know just get out there quick. Just getting that done and not worrying about having 15000 pounds of equipment I do specifically address that in my course and I'm happy to share. Now I say no talking heads talking heads are hard they're hard to do. They require a entirely different level of skill. I I think I like to think that I am a fairly engaging instructor. Meaning if you take my course my goal is for you and I for you as a student to feel as though we're sitting right across the table from each other that happens because I've been doing this for years and because I've become very good at that if I were to take away the power point in I'm looking into the camera. Now I have to focus on voice fluctuations I to focus on staring into the camera while still creating in your mind's eye. Now an image what you know. For me it just happens to work. I'll just show you the image and then I'm going to talk over it. Yeah. So in the beginning I produced 11 courses not a single one is a talking head. In fact I don't know how many people were on this hang out but this is probably the first bill purchased maybe several of my courses that they've seen what I look like it's just it's too hard. There's a whole nother level of skills involved lighting to do your point by spending enough time looking in the camera. You throw up a PowerPoint talk over it an image you know is going to do a much better job and at the end of the day let's face it this bug is not going to help sell anything. So yeah that's another issue. Just to just offer an alternative to that as well because I would say you know that's for me I must mind talking heads and the learning curve. And Bob's right the learning curve is hard. You know the first few times I did it people like your robot and stuff but there is an engagement factor. Well I would recommend to people is not straight away but at some point I would recommend having some talking head maybe in the prime or the introduction or maybe a little one at the beginning of each one where you sit down and you do that just so people can see your face just from that perspective just so they can connect with your voice and his interests. And when I saw you earlier Bob and I said ah now I know what you look like. Is the first thing that come into my mind is now I know I've got a face that a voice you know heard the voice the voice was really good. That's a really strong voice someone who could do voice. Was now seeing the face. Now I've got a connection and I think I think at some point is thinking about maybe you know enabling people to actually see you in and deepening that student connection and again like I said that's that's that's opinion but it's a slightly different approach and that's why you just go to different people the same thing go with what's comfortable with you. If you get really uncomfortable doing talking heads to it yourself they're asleep because it is hard work to get right. I think if you can get it right it works well. It is a lot of work and if if you do it on your own if you do a video if you're doing it by yourself meaning there's nobody else there that is a huge amount of work. I say if you're going to do a talking head if I can doesn't you know a couplet two cents and in my business will in my sales training and coaching I spent a lot of time on video just like this. But if you're going to do a talking head video for your course and you're not using a webcam meaning you use an app maybe a DSL or camera or something like that. Get somebody to help you. Because if they're talking head with DSL and everything like that the work almost triples. Well if you like my story you're making me smile now because if you say I'm in my studio right now and if you could see what I've got in front of me I don't have to have anybody in here right. It's laughing because you know I'm lucky that one two three four five monitors on this will not me. So I've got six minutes to run and of course sound equipment this control of my voice. I've got a camera I've got strange her hang out kid. Yeah know you have that right. Yes I am. I'm sitting with my MacBook Pro. It's a great background some normal lights because I can't get all that light into the hang out. Believe it or not. But still you don't have to make that complicated. Come on Joe you can take a picture and picture a little tiny square when I made 96 videos I think on YouTube when I and they all were talking head behind the screen. And the last six or seven I added picture and picture of my face just very very just tell them what the Course is actually about and then it will make sense why you assign this because your most popular of course or when you are most public camp studio chemistry. Right. And I was obese. And a lot of other things. And but most of mine are always hidden behind a screen. Nobody saw me. I got so much mail as a result of my showing my little face in there of how much easier it was to pay attention to what I was saying. Because you're sitting there and your screen doesn't change for many minutes at a time while you're talking. And it drives people crazy that they're just staring at a screen and a mouse isn't even moving and just having that picture there to look at while I'm doing an expository on something makes it a lot easier for people to connect. So reading my lips they're seeing my eyes and I'm not doing anything more than I'm doing right here. I see myself in talking not looking like I'm trying to be dignified or anything I'm not trying to make a decision there. And it made all the difference. And Terry just just so people can understand the background of that because although you know you knew to you to me I was a very strong YouTube presence and that's you know I'm not saying that I'm actually thinking about maybe exploring that sort of look where you got the talking heads in the corner and then you've got the slides and then you've got a combination of sort of both. And I think that might be the next logical step for people after they have done so a screen capture is to move to one of those projects but you've actually met. Yeah. So your cost is our own studio right. And obese and voice meter. So. So you've got a lot of but you've sort of traffic you have to come studio that can studios had just about 600000 views in two years. Most of those come in the last five months. OK snowball effect. So there's a there's a little traffic to that site in that time. That's what I wanted to do was establish where you're coming from with that viewpoint. So you know there's a lot of traffic so you getting that feedback to people like that. But again it comes back to doing what's comfortable for you and you know what you really want to do. So right. Like I think we have been visiting recently you know and I didn't get on video first. I do these game shows on Fridays with my friends playing password. I hang out on air and that made me so much more relaxed in front of a camera is not even funny. My early things and I did like a year ago. I look so robotic and I was so stiff like you know what. And more like you just not you know look natural. So that takes time. And like I said I hid behind the screen. I never let anybody see my face for the first two years of doing videos. And it's only last year that I've even tried it. And so when I say in the last four months that I've gotten to the point where I just relax and easy. When I first started doing it I was doing it on free marketing videos and I was there and I was getting feedback and I was getting feedback. People say Mark you too. Like honestly when you're present in real life your life you know you look half dead on these videos you know and I had to take that on the chin. You know I had to take on the chin and just get past it. And I think what it is as well I think Bob makes a really really good point actually just just to be just to sort of bring this point out when you're trying to learn if you're trying to learn your equipment if you're trying to learn how to deliver. You know trying to go straight to talking heads. Maybe too much because that's a lot of things to take in at once. But it is a lot to take in at once. I you know I've had that experience I know the experience but if you can take it to that point or start bringing. And I think that's positive. But don't worry about on your first new first video first one on the first couple is not it's not essential and that's saying. I just want to give all the chance sort of come back because it can do to really highlight that point Marc. I take a lot of unity courses simply because you know I actually started on you to me as a as a buyer right. I bought a lot of you to me courses before it ever occurred to me to ever publish with and I can't tell you how many UMD courses I have where it's clearly the instructor's first course on you to me maybe they're second where they're not even doing a talking head. But their narration is so bad. They're tempo. You know you want to talk about robotic. It's so bad. And if if if I come in to you to me with no experience and I'm thinking about creating a course right. By the way your second your third or fourth course is always going to be better than your first one. So almost get it done get it out of the way and move on. But I listen to so many courses on you to me that are just so bad that you know the narration isn't good. So if you couple that with a talking head really bad audio and I don't mean bad as in I can't hear you bad as in I can't stand listening to what they're saying coupled with bad video where the lightings off a little bit and all that you know forget it. Those are the same people that you're going to see in the Facebook group talking about why isn't my core selling courses in science because nobody wants to watch it. I think it comes back to a minimum viable product. That's what we're establishing here for the first couple of courses. There's a minimum viable product to the throwaway throwaway Koharski it should be doing like maybe going on how to properly lather your hands when watching them. Yeah yeah it is you know my first cross is was an antiques I have to run and then takes seriously guys. If you want to run an antiques business take that course as I was along. And I'm going to tell you everything you need to know how to run an antiques business and I look at that course now and I look at my production value now and I look at the way I've learnt now and I look back at that what don't get me wrong it's OK. Well I think you know if I did that again now probably about four hours and I'd be a lot more relaxed and think. So Bob just on that point I think we got any sort of tips for people. Let's just start let's just start at that level. So someone wants a video. They need to get it quick. They need to get the first one all they need to get it done. And that even we have a screen share. They're still reading it like it's you know doing a presentation at school the Headmasters forced them to stand there. So what sort of tips can we get to get people over to you you're the first one and the biggest one that I share in in in in my course is speak with one voice or speak to one voice which says you know you take a lot of you and me courses out there or listen to a lot of different things. It's almost like someone standing on stage having a conversation with 10000 people talk to one person because the the student who's taking your course is is there listening to you they're watching you even if it's just on the side on a very personal piece of machinery. Right. Your laptop your tablet your phone your computer all very personal things. I don't know about you but in my house I have my own computer. My wife has her own computer. I've been married 25 years and I can promise you that if my wife were to walk in the kitchen tomorrow and see me on her Chromebook she would get very defensive and say What are you doing. So that the person is taking your course in this is a very personal thing for them. You're talking just to them. So speak in one voice for me I I talk a lot to my brother so when I'm going through a course I'm talking to them just like I'm talking to my brother. He doesn't know this but he and I have a lot of conversations. So if I were to share one piece that I'd probably be speaking to one person when you actually go for any training on presentation or voice coaching or anything you know essentially that trying to get you to do fun is really interesting they're trying to get you to be natural you know. And that's the thing it's like you know you take some courses and oh you know don't do your arms don't do your eyes actually don't worry about what's what's worse the people they're not. What's worse is the stilted unrelaxed you know conversation type. You know I'm just going to read this by rote sort of thing. But what it is you can't just be relaxed and as natural as possible. Both said that's a great technique. Talk to someone you know. Imagine you're having a conversation one day we encourage people to exact this. We actually have clients come in to us and they have to go in front of a video and the first thing we expose them to is talking heads and we get them in the studio. Honestly you should see them you know. You know but we have to we have to relax them and get them to the place where that counts from the camera. And you know that's a great point Marc I think when we do get tense what tends to happen is we become overly formal where that robotic piece comes in all the sudden because we are now tensed up. We do get overly formal and it does sound like we're standing on a stage delivering our commencement. Yeah yeah. And we don't want to be doing it. And that's the point you know. So I think that's really really important is you know if you can just be natural we just really get people down. We just it's our responsibility to make you relax. And I'm saying you know and we just have to work with people and never stop. He really is this the first time you do it I would suggest this recall record of course. And you know another horrify some people to record your calls. Delete it. If it's your first go delete it then go back and record it again. The reason I say that is because the first time you do it you're so tense especially even if you do a screen share you go I've got to go to the next slide and you sink in and I don't and you haven't got the order of slides and you had just you know really really just throw it away because the next time you do it the most skills start to be learned and you'll do it that way. So I really recommend that guys we're getting close to the end. I just wanted to deal very quickly with a question from a Kenyan hospitality and she's asking why you did you say you got 6% a video feed us think it might be confusing that with Talking Heads what that means is you've got 60 percent of your cost is going to be video content. And that just to clarify something we just mentioned very briefly earlier when you know I was talking about Alan Hale he creates a lot of course and he was very successful last year on new to me in the last eight months of the year. But he had one slide and he would talk over the whole slide throughout the whole lecture. Now what you may have now done have said you can't do that anymore. What you've got to do now is you've got to have dynamic slides you've got to have slides coming in and out you know so you want to get on Keno you want to get on PowerPoint. Make sure the slides dynamic don't just stick a picture there and then talk five minutes because you don't me want to prove that anymore. So what well islands do is know you have to do if I know he's there and he's going back and he's really adding slides into the audio as well. So he's that and he's changing the slides and he's done a lot of these courses already. So I just wanted to clarify that section so that people weren't confused. Now guys I think it's been absolutely fantastic hang out. We have run over quite a bit and if it's been apologies for anybody but it's just so much and we could keep going. Seriously. Well I'm going to do guys is we're going to put some special offers of courses. We're going to stick that in the bottom Terry when you of course is live that's going to go in the bottom as well. So although it's not live now it's either one week now or think is or mustache but when that comes live you some of the link and super special offers for people in there because Terry is going to do a really good course and that is he comes from the background he's just new to you to me not a video production of course creation. Eli again if you send me a link with this Bob any special offers on your courses. I'll put him in the link below. If you're watching this guys check out the link below. If Bob's really nice. It's not a special offer on his you to creation cos I'm sure he will. I haven't asked him so it doesn't appear either so I will put that in there. And then you can have that so I want to thank everybody for watching. It's been a great hangout. I want to thank Bob and Eli. Oh thank you Terry and Philomena for the great contributions. Thanks. Yeah it was great. A couple of questions we didn't get so sorry about that guys but it has a lot to talk about and I hope you found it useful gremlins and all. So we'll catch you next time. Thanks for watching guys. Just doing. Right.