13 Copywriting and Sales Buttons You Need to Know How to Push

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This is all about understanding what motivates your clients. Different people have different motives and this is dependent on their underlying psychology. You need to know you audience well enough to understand what makes them tick. If you can do this you can press their buttons like the keys on a keyboard. You find out what these are by talking to them and asking them questions. Listen to their responses and try to understand where they are coming from. What sort of people are they? Which of these 13 motivators is likely to be one they will respond to.

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English [Auto] In this video I want to talk to you about the 13 sales patterns that you need to know how to push. Now the question here is do you fundamentally know what makes your clients tick. Do you understand in detail what is driving their behavior. Because if you do then you can do something about making them an offer about pitching your proposal in a way that will actually push the button that is driving their behavior. So if you can identify the strong motivating factors that drive your customers behavior you can sell to them and are now going to show you 13 different motivators that actually may be the pattern that you need to push. So there are 13 sales patterns in the first of these is competition now. Competitive people are people who are really driven by the need to win. And they actually see noncompetitive people as weak. So you need to pitch your offer as something that is positioned for the winners and that will end. You make them more likely to be successful and to win and they will feel the urge to accept that offer. Now I know that other people have a strong desire for acceptance. These are people who want to be liked. They're not assertive. They tend to lack confidence and they cannot actually see very confident people as slick or aggressive. So they need something from you but you've got to put it to the Minister of non-threatening Wayne. Number three is nesting and this is strongest amongst women. Women like to have a house and they make it all nice and tidy and they get everything just so and they feel safe and confident in their nests. So it has a strong need to organize and to support because Nestor's are also very giving people. They they tend to want to embrace people around them and to look after and protect them. Non Nestor's are seen by them as irresponsible. So if you can pitch your offer in a way that reinforces this particular motivator then you can actually get through to these people very easily. Now Greed is one of the strongest motivators of all. We all like a deal. And if you picture these people with a financial offer particularly if you add scarcity. So they feel they're getting something that other people are not going to be able to get. Then you've got these people right on the hook now a desire to connect a network to form friendships is very very strong in some people. And this can be very useful in terms of creating groups and communities because once these people are within this environment then actually they will follow the advice that the community collectively shares with them. So you need to communicate to them and pitch to them in a way that you're making them feel part of a group. Now honor can be very strong in some people. It includes a sense very strong sense of what is right and wrong. Things are very black and white. This is very typically found in people with a military background. They tend to be moral and principled. So you have to take the high ground with your offer on this one power. Number seven can be a very strong motivator. You see it very obviously in politicians. They have a desire to control and to influence. And you simply have to offer them more ability more power to control and influence. And you know striking this chord is not particularly difficult providing the motivator exists. Status is an important one. People seeking prestige they want to be seen as more important within their community. They feel themselves worthy of recognition and respect and they feel good when this is reinforced. So you need to pitch your offer to improve their perceived status in their community. Independence is really where self-sufficiency is very strong. People don't like to follow the herd. They're very self-reliant. They do tend to be very keen to work for something and they don't want freebies. So you can you can strike this chord with an offer that is really focused on something which is slightly unusual that that most people actually heard isn't buying and it's very very exclusively reserved for these independent people these independent minded people. A desire to collect. Guilty as charged Your Honor is the hoarding instinct. It can be based on a form of insecurity. People tend to be conservative and their stuff is very important to them having lots of stuff around them. So if you can offer people sets of things or if you can encourage them to to be able to form a collection or make something collectible then actually you're going to hit the sales button very easily. Physical activity there are people who like to get out there and get lots of exercise and charge around the place they want to go training and they want to be in the gym. Are adrenaline junkies they're energetic. They like workouts. So. Pitching it off of these people is really just about being in that that's training that health kick that weight loss Naish where you're going to capture this audience. Curiosity is interesting when people want to find things out. They want to make they want to understand what makes things work. They want to understand the causes of things. So you can tickle their interest with you are giving them hints about what they can learn and what have you and you can draw them in by appealing to their sense of curiosity. Finally fear Well fear is is is one of the strongest motivators. People are very insecure or they'll they'll be afraid of something and what you the way you spoke to them is by offering them a solution the way you actually make them feel safe. You allay their fears. So if you can identify a fear that somebody has devising a solution for it and selling back to them that solution to sort that fear out is dead easy. So that's it 13 motivators. All you have to do is talk to your clients for a little while and understand what makes them tick. Because if you can get messages from them and find out what is the underlying factors the underlying problems that they have and the sorts of people they are then you can design your offer to meet their needs their wants and therefore they'll buy from you. So that's a 13 sales patterns. You need to know how to push I look forward to seeing you again in the next video.