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Unity Third Person Shooter

Learn how to create a complete third person shooter game using Unity

15:02:34 of on-demand video • Updated December 2020

  • Learn how to make third person shooter games
  • Raycasting and Impact Instantiation for weapons
  • Change shaders dynamically during gameplay
  • Create endless waves of vampires that spawn into the game
  • Control animations through layerweights and layermasks
  • Implement animation events to trigger custom functions
  • Easy to learn coding using C#
  • Build a solid understanding of Unity by creating an actual working video game
  • Develop transferrable skills that can be applied to First Person Shooters and other types of games
English [Auto] Hello and welcome to this first session. We're going to start by installing unity and just installing the asset packs that we need for this project. Okay so with the version of unity that I'm using is two thousand nineteen point two point nine which is the latest version at this time. And so this is October 2019. And if you use an early version I would definitely recommend upgrading. OK. Because these later versions are really really good. So in an MTC one you've just created just jump over to the asset store and if you're not seeing that for any reason obviously it's just window general and rather it's the asset store. OK. And obviously it will open this up obviously. Just make sure that you sign in. So I'll do that in a second and then search for the assets in this search power and just download them. So if you I'm done so already and you've not downloaded unity yet. Just go to the unity dot com Web site just click get started. It's the individual that you want not the business want and it's the personal free. Just click get started. New users is fine. Agree to their terms. OK. You just have a quick read through those and then download the unity up and from there you can obviously manage all your projects and all of your different installs. So it will allow you to actually install unity. OK. So once we're in unity I want you to download first of all the unity particle pack. This is unity particle part 2080. Really really great. But it's important that you download this one first because it does require its own individual project. OK. If you're already signed in on a Web site for example and you want to do it that way you could just click add to my assets and it will be available and just simply by clicking my assets in the asset store. But I would say it's easier to go through unit itself to find all these. OK. So unity particle like first of all. Hundred and thirty nine megabytes and it's free. The sci fi green light just 20 megabytes sci fi gun sounds pack light and feel free to preview those in some cloud. This one's only older than 65 kilobytes which is great. Grenade sound effects. We don't need double. That's an older particle pack. Ignore that sci fi barrels 40 sample. This one's free. There's also a paid version of this go with a free one. This is fine. I'm also including and as a resource for this session the basement and sewerage module a location that was formerly available on the unity assets store for free but is no longer available on there it's being withdrawn for some reason. So I'm providing this as a resource. You'll find it is a zip file just open this and it's got the unity package file inside just ensure that you extract that and then obviously you can just click on that in order to install it directly into unity.