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In this lecture of the Ultimate WordPress MasterClass #2, you'll learn about the WordPress media library.

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English [Auto] OK welcome back. Now we're going to check out the media part of dashboard you see on the left side menu here you have the opportunity to click directly on that or you can go directly to the media or add new. But we're going to click on that and it will take us directly to the library in the library. You will find all of your files that you've uploaded to your Wordpress installation. Right now we only have the image that we uploaded in the previous lecture. We don't have a lot of things there but we're going to check out what everything here is and how you can use it to your advantage. At the top we have the add new button that we have in almost every other part of the dashboard. And what that allows us to do is to get directly to this one where we can upload our files. We will click out of that one right now and we will go to this view by default. It is a grid view. Now we can change that to a list view by clicking on that. Now you see the media with the name and with the file name with the author name what it was uploaded to if it was uploaded to a post or a page you can see that right here. And you can see the comments and the date that it happened. Now you also have an option to do some bolt actions right here and that is to delete permanently. So if you have a lot of images right here you can check up on the ones that you do not use anymore. That just takes up space and confuses you when you're searching for other media items. You can just check that like we do on the other parts of the dashboard and you can go up to Bulga actions and delete permanently. But it says delete permanently. So just think about that a couple of times before you delete it. Now up on the right side we have search media items and you have these green options the help tab and you have at the bottom the very same thing that you have on every page. Now if we move to the right up here you have the filtering option so here you can filter your images audio videos or anything really when you have a lot of different media up here like audio you maybe have some videos PDA or other files like that you can filter it up here. You also have the dates that we've talked about earlier. And when you click on that it will filter. You also have the famous WordPress search bar up here. This could also be very useful if you have a lot of media. That was really the library section of this course. We're just going to take that back to the grid views and we're going to talk more about how you add a new media and how you edit it in the next video.