3 Mistakes You Are Making In Your CV

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  • 3 Mistakes you are making in your Resume, resulting in employers throwing it away without even reading
  • Downloadable Template for my Resume that got me Interviews and Job offers from Microsoft, HSBC, VISA, Unilever, and about a dozen other high-paying companies
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English [Auto] In the first section I want to talk about the three mistakes that we see over and over again in the service that we receive from applicants. Chances are you doing all three if not one or two mistakes in your CV as well and I'll be showing you a lot of examples of the real savings that I have received frustrated yours your CV is one of those things that is so similar for 99 percent of the people that if you only do marginally better just a little bit better than everybody else you stand out. It's not that difficult of a thing and it's also one of those things that even when you know that your CV looks like everybody else's CV you don't really put in much effort to learn how to write a great CV. Just ask yourself really honestly take a pause. Ask yourself have you really spent effort in learning CV before taking this course so without any further ado let's get into the first mistake which is telling everything most people they put everything they've ever done in their civvies they think a CV has to contain a list of all the facts in chronological order. That's the wrong strategy your CV is not your timeline that has to include everything in a perfect dated manner. Instead your CV is like a sales page whose sole purpose is to sell you to the potential employer what's a better way to do it. Is it by writing about your part time job when you were shelving books in the library like I have in the university or doing car washing to earn some extra bucks is it important to put all these things. Or do you do it by just putting in only the things that support you are experiences and personality that are best suited for the job that you're applying for. Most people they're afraid of having gaps in gaps. Let's say 2009 to 2010 they did something and then 2010 to eleven they did not do anything. And 2011 on with their again doing something they think that if they don't put anything for the ten to eleven part employee is gonna get suspicious where the guy has gone but that's not true. That's not a CV. It's not your time line you're allowed to skip things. In fact you have to just choose the things that are best suited for the personality that you're going to set for the job that you're going to sell because companies they want to see focus. They don't want to see a random list of jobs that aren't coherent your CV should make logical sense for the career that you're creating this CV for an outstanding CV is the one that has a clear focus and always will go into details of how do you create a clear focused CV. For now let's get into the mistake number two using flowery meaningless language. The single biggest issue with CV is is that everybody is using generic language. And the sad part is that this is even dot in the CV Guidance Workshops where ever you take to for example. What do these standards mean I delivered under a challenging environment due to my professional abilities and interpersonal skills. Wait. Ask yourself really. Have you used these words in your CV. If not I was part of a highly competitive and dynamic team that helped me learn exponentially. Have you. Are these words in your CV somewhere highly organized hardworking and a team player. Be honest are you really telling that you are a hardworking person who is not hardworking. If you tell me you're hardworking what I believe that you are hardworking at all the hundred other people who have submitted their CV is they're not hardworking. These terms don't mean anything. These are just this over the board flowery meaningless words that for the first time somebody is telling you you have to take out of your CV and don't worry will go into a deep exact strategy of what do you use. If not these words because these are the examples of the phrases that employers see every day. And after a while we all develop this kind of a secret ability to be blind to these sentences. We don't even read them. We skip through all this fad to find if there's any meat underneath because dressing up a CV in a fancy manner does not mean you're smart. These words don't make you look smart. In fact it actually means that you haven't done anything that you can concretely talk about so it goes against you if anything. And people often complain that they can't fit in their information in one page. I can tell you that 9 out of 10 CV that I see I can instantly cut off 70 to 80 percent of the text and organize it in one page and in one of the hacks I'll show you an example of one of my readers whose CV I change from a two page to one page CV and it looked so much better off than we look in stage to what to do instead of using this generic flowery language. But for now let's move on to the last mistake I have to highlight which is not putting yourself in the employer's shoes most of you are selling yourselves without really thinking about the employer's needs. Instead of understanding the job requirements for a specific job you are busy telling your totally unrelated experiences and not just experiences even the shapes of your personality that you're highlighting. Have you really taken the time out to understand whether the potential employer is interested in someone with that kind of personality. For example are you applying for a startup who is looking for someone who is multi skilled and he or she can fill in the roles of multiple departments like operations research as well as social media marketing if need be because less people have to do a lot of different work. But if you are applying to a big company then we're looking for very specific skill sets. You will be part of a big team focused on one concrete specialized activity like advanced level max of Excel or power MBI and these are the kind of things where you will tailor your CV with all the experiences in a very focused way to highlight your advanced speciality. If you're applying to a big company and if you're applying to a startup you will change your CV to meet the requirements of a wider horizon job and then even the things even though things like is an employer looking for someone who has a history of taking more initiatives and I have a whole point in stage two of how initiatives are more important than experiences but for now the point of this mistake is to highlight to you that when we go to dozens of seniors each week for a certain job we are really only looking for one to two very specific traits in the applicants. We already know who is the kind of person we want for a specific job that we have and if we can't see those create in your CV we want shortlist you. It's really your job it's your job as an applicant to read the job description and even go an extra mile to understand the company's size and culture. If you can so you can highlight the exact things that the employers are looking for in the right applicant with that I want to get to my favorite part which is the examples of bad TV that I have selected hand-picked from the CV is that I receive forestry and yours.