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In this lecture Students will receive their shape assignment.

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English [Auto] OK in this lecture we're going to be doing an assignment on shape language OK. Your assignment is this you need to take each add a circle the square slash rectangle and the triangle and do three drawings for each of those where those shapes are kind of like your main starting point for the image. So I'm going to do one of each of these in essence of time. But you're going to do three of each of them OK. To really nail this idea down and see how many different things you can come up with each shape. Right. Try and get it as creative as possible can. So I'm going to start with the rectangle. OK. And we're going to do. Remember it doesn't have to be a perfect rectangle or a perfect square right. It's just the general shape. OK. So we have this here and for this one I think for all of these actually to show you kind of how they how they can change and make things feel. I'm going to do peep on your face. OK. So what I'm doing people I like to draw center line so I can know about where the Isen and faces and features and stuff are going to fall. So cool. Let's let's get in to this so I remember I'm trying to focus on Squares game. So I want to try and make that be the kind of dominant dominant theme going on here. So for his nose you go for more of a rectangular sort of feel with his nose. Right. Try and keep some of these sharp edges in here. The nostrils came for his mouth. I'm going to do mostly just a line. Big thing down here really squared soon. OK. His cheek bones over here. Right. For his eyes we're going to give him a nice big hard brow ridges that nice square edge. They're really blocky type. Feel in here. His ears just going to go to some really simple is here nothing extravagant or just doing a quick sketch. And I think for this I'm going to actually have him be bald so we won't worry about the hair right now but we will work his eyes in here. Looking good. And then let's bring his nose in a little more and we're going to get some tools like bags under his eyes make him look like he's squinting a little more like he's a real hungry guy. And then get his pupils in here seem a old too big makes him look a little too nice. We want them smaller so we'll have this just be his heiress and then his pupil will be in there. That looks better. Now he looks like a mad guy. What I want to refine his cheekbones a little more. And then we'll just kind of clean up this line around his head here. And then for the final thing let's see do we want to add some glasses maybe that will probably make him look quite a bit older. But it might look pretty cool. So let's try it. He just made a new layer here so that if I don't like the glasses I can just really quickly turn them on and off and move them around if I need to. You want them sitting lower that makes them look like an old man. Let's draw him up on it. Actually on his face I think we'll do that. He kind of looks like a cartoon character his version of Walter White from Breaking Bad. A little bit. If you've seen that and then let's get his eyebrows in here or go back down on our turn to glass for a second so we can see. Many do. Big black eyebrows obviously because we're working with squares and rectangles so seems appropriate. Parents glasses back on and then do we want to do all merges the glass. We won't be able to select all of them cost center. Why do we want to run some some weird action on him and see and see how that's going to look. I just think I'm just going to keep him bald. I might be able to get away with that beard on him here. Now when you're doing these if you're wearing you know what pressure is he using How can I dress like that. Don't worry. Right now these are just quick exercises. I have a whole lecture on you know different techniques and what brush to use and all that stuff so don't freak out about that yet we'll get to that. So I think I like him without the beard because the beard just makes it feel a little bit too circular. So we're going to drop the beard and just keep it like that but we can consider maybe let's look at some hair ideas maybe we do want to give him a little bit of hair though. Yeah we can call this guy go let's get rid of that layer and we can just merge all these together for our square guy. So you could see he looks very very solid very authoritative right. He looks kind of angry maybe stupid he looks maybe like he might be like a general or a military guy or something like that. So basically using all square so let's do a new one and this one is going to be triangles to triangles so I'm going to start off with a big triangle shape and I'm starting pretty loose here. I think I drew a line was a little too big a sort over too small now. So this guy I think I'm going to do a few I'm like a goblin a pointy features right pointy nose pointy ditching pointy ears right. Just kind of nasty aggressive mean I sort of feel like. Right. So he can refine these shapes a little more. It's his nose. So when I go for that triangle shape what we want to make sure we hit it a little better. So we want to have his nose just kind of blend right into the top of his forehead like that like that can. His mouth gets some nice sharp angles there right crease from his cheek bone maybe he's a little too far though. His little lips in there. Scourges looks nasty. No question that. And let's work on his next. So we really want to know now that triangle sharp pointy feel we have going on so and I really try and hit that K Camp. So I want to like a slit that makes him feel even more creepy and more aggressive. Get some more triangle shapes in there. His ear will be showing up about here. I'm thinking maybe we're here. OK. And then let's give him some like Liberty spikes like a Mohawk almost bull. And then you want to give him some sharp teeth. I think we need to rework the mouth. I think that's what we need to do. Honestly it looks a little off. Maybe just the number some of these lines as well. OK. So mouth actually we're going to do do like some big pouty lips. Not quite SENTIDO not just for one I really Nelly's triangles maybe. With you like a really shrewd kind of almost like beak like mouth. We've all seen those people that kind of look like that. So there's a triangle guy and there are some earrings on there if you want or you know whatever you wanna do. So cool. And then I'm just going to touch up a few more spots just to kind of flush was a little more coursers triangle. There are squares that have completely different fields based off of just mostly off the shapes. OK. So the last one which is going to be circles. So so with a big oval or circle I guess that's more of a circle and want this guy to feel really really fun not threatening at all. Mouth is going to be really big without any sharp teeth. So we don't want to scare people. All right and I'm thinking maybe he could be kind of like a little oriental character like maybe like a happy little monk type guy. So we work his mouth a little bit though. A little too scary like that too many sharp edges so let's try. You can see how even the most subtle of his changes in shape can completely change the look and feel they can go from feeling pretty funny to kind of scary. Very quickly I think we need to throw his eyebrows up here to help him like a little bit happier. We two big round eyebrows so that he's not threatening at all right. OK. There you go. Let's just smash everything up a little bit more into his face get it nice and tight as we go. OK. I like that a lot better. And his big cheeks and their little kids and little round ears for him. He's too high. Looks like a pander. Most It is down on the side of his head. OK it looks great. And then what do we want to do with teeth to make him have no teeth or think what we want to do is really show a lot of teeth and we just like a little bit like that. What are we going to do for his hair I do hair. What if we did a big old like mega huge afro. Oh yeah. I'm feeling that. I think maybe we should just skinning up his whole face just a little bit. So let's just bring this in. It's not quite so turn a little rounder and then let's try throwing this afro. That is just perfection. And then yeah you can go in. I'll do this really quick we'll see how fast we can do it. GRIEBEL in this sort of hair I just need to make Afro brush then I can just put it right in there. We don't even need to do this. It took way too long. You get it that it's an afro. We'll just we can do this or draw the Afro super light and play the outline of it with a squiggly brush line. Perfect. So this guy. He looks so super friendly right. Not threatening at all just super nice laughing guy right. He's happy non-threatening and because of all those circles. Right. So if we can compare the differences between these guys will be able to see that they they have completely different feels. Right. So we look at a circle guy triangle guy and square guy. Totally totally different. So your assignment you're going to do three of each of these three circles three triangles and three squares. You don't have to do characters or people you can do whatever you want you can do buildings you could do vehicles you could do objects you could do animals you could do people whatever you want but do three of each of them and posted in the Facebook group that everyone see we are working on get feedback. It's also really awesome to be able to see students who have personal Facebook group and then see how they've grown and see the wash or progress from them posting so be sure to let it go and see what you're working on and I'll see you in the next lecture.