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English [Auto] Hello and welcome back guys. So after buying the domain name from namecheck and also chance in the name servers into name shape web hosting the inus. It's time to buy a hosting with name shape. So for that we go to Austin shaded Austin then which use this plan. OK. It's for about ten dollars. Put it here. OK. And we are all going to have the Web site. So it's a good option for our budget people. We click Check out then what are you telling them or wishes resistor or name ship or we'll use the third option use a domain name ship now we select our domain name and Luketic continue. Then we click confirm or the we sit pad once again. OK. As I have said before it's it's better to play with by Paul then we click Continue. Then you need to select this play and click checkout with Piper Click Continue. And we are all done. OK. By the way don't forget to click a link that you have received from. OK. To verify your information. OK. You will see it right here. This one and you're in it to click that link. So right here we have our plan. We will be receiving an e-mail from membership. OK. Let's continue our Soprano access. See you in the next video.