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English [Auto] Hello guys and welcome back in this video I will show you how to buy a domain name for your Facebook game. OK. As I have said in the previous video we need to pick an issue for our website. If you already done that then it's time to select and buy a domain name for our game. I have chosen the win. OK. So I will be buying a domain name for this mission. I will go with the fund extension because it means something fun. OK. And second it's ship. It's only one dollar. So this is this is a good option for people with low budget. And also if you are planning to create new mini games this is a good extension and a cheaper one instead of buying which is in those books you can buy like 10 domain names with the same with the same money and create 10 games which means you will be having 10 websites. So first thing we go to shape our music name shape for them because it's cheaper and also interesting right here. OK. I ship austin. That's why I'm using the nym shift for both the hosting and the registrar. OK. And for the domain names this for example C-2 domain name will we see when it's fun for example and place the search button. I hope it will be available and this is available. OK. But it cost like $2. I don't know why they change the prices but still ship so say when. OK. After that we can leave you of course. Named ship are offering free card which means that your information will be private for free for the whole year and that's a good thing. Then click confirm that then we need to to register and I can't. OK. You create your I can't see where for example username the password something like this. OK first name Eunice merchant is Eunice and I will be using these Gmail accounts. OK. This is your teammate that comes live here and hits creates buttons and continue. OK. You will have to until your address. I would use my address here. Also you need to put your phone number then click Continue again click continue. The payment method that you use your credit card. I recommend using PayPal because the they are the perfect buyers. OK. In case of some problems you can ask for your money back. You can ask for your money back. It's hard to do that when you are with your card directly. So yeah I recommend using Paypal to do your online payments. Then click continue and seek out with OK Inglis now we hate loken. OK. They get into our PayPal account. And we click continue and we are done. OK. Now we will do it in the name shit finish with Letterman's action. We go back to our dashboard and we hover our domain name right here. Now you need it it's your domain name. OK you need to fill them in. We click on manager and center we will be using the name ship as a host. So will change this one to web hosting. OK. The second choice and we hit save and that's all for this video. See you in the next video Well I will be showing you how to buy a house with name shape.