What is Ansible Part III: Batteries Included Approach

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  • What is ansible, why its needed and how it works
  • How to configure ansible and setup static/dynamic inventories
  • Ad hoc server management, running jobs in parallel
  • Managing systems entities using ansible Modules
  • Writing Playbooks to define the state of infrastructure as a code
  • Creating modular, reusable code with Roles
  • Creating dynmic code with vars and templates
  • Using Ansible Galaxy
  • Encrypting sensitive data with Vault
  • Service Discovery and managing Multiple Environments
  • Application Deployment Strategies, Rolling Updates
English [Auto] In the previous lesson I talked about the first feature of sensible that is simplicity. I also mentioned about the code that that a simple things should be simple complex things should be possible. The next thing that we talk about the next next feature is where the complexity most of the complexity that your infrastructure comes with can be managed. Why are these batteries so uncivil comes with batteries included and those batteries that we talk about are in the form of modules not modules is how and Siebel manages your system infrastructure that could include you know let's say you want to manage users at the system level. It could be users groups packages services files and so on and so forth. What's this. You can also manage various other types of infrastructure entities that we discussed earlier about which can include you know you want to manage something really the system that we just listed. You can also provision cloud related to you know infrastructure components include which which can include let's say you will a provision of easy to instance on notably as or clear a VPC and densest set of instances create network configurations subnet rules all of that can be manage related using modules related to the database cloud and then there are many other cloud which are supported with Hannibal. If you manage social good leverage and control that is systems including gate related let's say you deploy or check out the code from get and apply to some sort and so where you are. Yeah and you can connect with guilt subversion and possibly various other social code control systems. You have monitoring tool integration so most of this integration comes with the modules which are available with animal by default so you can integrate with monitoring tools collaboration tools such as Jira containers including Docker and Cuba and it is on network configurations and this is really important because sensible is probably the only configuration management tools which comes with network management built into it and that allows you to manage devices including F5 Cisco's Roomba and you know there are various other networking vendors and the devices that each of these vendors come with us are supported and the best part is that we talked about their sausage based access so most of these devices can be managed using some network connectivity using a sausage or some demon like that and sensible and sensible uses the same transport. It is easy to get started and start managing the networking devices as well. In fact there are about 21 categories. The last one I mentioned and then there are about 2000 plus modules that I listed the last time but two point seven virgin of animal and this just tells you about the flexibility as well as the complexity that animal is capable of managing. And this is what modules do so and the best part about this all of this is you do not have to install any plugins nothing else no additional modules no additional you know over repositories that will have to add in order to enable any of these features. All of this is built in to the animal core right now. As of now and then these modules are divided into two categories. One is core and second is extras. Now the core modules are the ones which will always remain and will be packaged with animal. And those are the ones which will be maintained by the sensible and now the red hat as a company watches extras can be packaged in future separately and those are generally maintained and managed by the community contributors. So we just talked about the batteries included approach defensible and it's the two thousand plus modules which make and supremely powerful tool in the next one. We're going to talk about the infrastructure as a code which is the foundation of sensible.