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Session View is where Ableton Live gets unique. You won't find this in any other program. Once you understand how it works, it is incredibly fun to use.

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English ok so let's talk a little bit more about session view and just do another little overview and talk about how you can control different sounds with it so what I have here is a couple of elements from that last track that was just showing you arranged into session views so I've got several different Clips here so first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to rename some of these so I've got this drum group I can mouse over this edge and make that a little bit bigger so you can see that it says group so I just click right here so you got that symbol are held right there till I get that symbol and then click and drag and you can make the track nice and big if you want ok these two tracks I have this one road so let's call this going to command R and call this keys to call this one keys - because they're actually playing the same thing if i double click on these clips this is my keyboard r if I double-click on this one this is also my keyboard riff over here i have a little bit different kind of segments let's call this synth lick and this is these are all meant to go together so I'm going to call all three of these since lik ok now this one this is a little bit different because this is a group so you can have groups just like you can have groups in arrangement view you can have groups in session view so if I open this little toggle here we see i have a snare a rim and a hat in here and i can launch these clips separately or i can launch them all at once using the group so let's just launched the drums all of them by hitting the play button here ok so now my drums are going I wanted a little bit more control I could stop some of these let's maybe go down to just the high hat right now this room click is turned off let's turn that on its muted ok let's go back to adding the cliq that's a little all right adding the clap ok that's cool let's close that out and leave that going so that's going to go for a while now this key I want both of these to start at once right so I could hit play and then hit play as fast as i can and if I get it before the next downbeat I'll be fine they'll both start at the same time I don't think it's gonna happen let's try it I didn't make it now they're offering each other launching these back-to-back didn't really work right because sometimes you don't really want to do that most of the times you want to do that if you want them to play at the same time which is another thing that we don't want to do all the time but sometimes we do if we want to do is play at the same time we could go all the way over here to master this is called if you go all the way across this is called the scene everything in line is called the scene so I can launch the whole scene everything in that line by hitting this ice cream an organ so now I just launched that whole scene now I want the drums back in much that right so now for these next since I could launch them one at a time but it is much smarter to launch the scene but look at what launching that scene is going to do it's going to hit all of these at once which means all of these stop but you are going to get hit right which is ok for these tracks but if I want these keys to keep going and the drums to keep going they're not i'm going to hit it right and it stopped all of these because it hit those stop funds so there's a couple different ways that actually there's two different ways i could remedy that by one of these keys to keep going I could just copy and paste that clip down there and the same thing with the drums I can do it in a group just like that so now when i launched scene 3 it's called yeah right so now it works because i haven't hit any of those stop buttons you have to watch out for those stop buttons if you're trying to launch things from scenes another way we could do it if i go back and get rid of those we can remove the stop button if I control click on it I can do remove stop button i could also do command II and that removes the stop button so now there's no stop button there i could shift click to highlight all of these and say remove stop button so now if I've got the drum going and I launch team three we're going to keep going all right if I want the keys to come back in i can add them in whatever I want right or I could have launched the scene from right there if I wanted to so that's the real basics of how it works i can launch stuff whenever I want it's going to fall right on the downbeat always unless I've told it a different quantization . which we'll talk about later so there you have it overview of session view