Sitemap vs. Wireframe Explained

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A sitemap is similar to a flowchart which visually displays where the sites pages will go on your website. A wireframe is a simple mockup using placeholders to lay out the general look and feel of the page. The aim of the wireframe is to give an idea of where things will go rather than detailing what colors, fonts and images will be used.

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English In this video we're going to quickly talk about what a Sitemap is versus a Wireframe. Those two kind of get mixed up when I'm talking to people so it's very easy just to show you. This, my friends is a Sitemap, it’s like a flow chart showing you what pages go where on your website. And Wireframe is a mockup of your page by just using kind of really basic graphics. So place holders for images, place holders for text. We're not actually including the logo, just writing it there. So it's just to get a kind of idea in some sort of order... where things might go rather than working on designs, and colors, and fonts straight away. So this is what's called a Wireframe, and this is what's called a Sitemap. Alright, let's go on to the next video.