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All right, a couple of things we need to discuss before we move on. It's some of the terminology that gets used in both this course and in the industry, just so that you know what I'm talking about when I'm going through the course.

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English All right, a couple of things we need to discuss before we move on. It's some of the terminology that gets used in both this course and in the industry... just so that you know what I'm talking about when I'm going through the course. The main ones are, if you've ever seen like job applications online... where they say, you need to be a UX/UI Designer or a Product Designer... so we'll cover kind of what those are... and what the different responsibilities are. Now before we go on, if you-- for me, I act as all of them. I work as a freelancer so I take on small projects and I have to do that all. So I will discuss what they all are individually. Basically if you're in a small, one, two... three, four, five man agency, or a design shop... you are going to be it, you're going to be... the UI Designer, the UX Designer, and the Product Designer. If you're working at larger companies... larger organizations or bigger agencies... you might be split off and be one of these things individually. So what is it? UI Designer is the person responsible for... making things, so you'll be looking at kind of-- say it's a website design... you'll be looking through consistent icons you'll be building... you'll be looking at fonts and colors... kind of visual themes throughout the app or web design. Say you're a UI Designer, user interface, looking at the page finish... the things that are on the page. So you can be just that. A UX Designer often is all of the UI stuff... plus you are looking at both the brief and the users... that are going to be using it, so maybe the personas that you've built... and building for that, and then testing that... so working through the actual testing... and then coming back and adjusting. So UI Designer often won't have that other part. So yes, that's a UX Designer, you do the UI but there's... kind of some other parts around it which we'll discuss in that course. So that's the UX Designer. The last term we'll cover is a Product Designer. So what is a Product Designer versus a UX Designer? Now often, if I'm a Product Designer... what I'll be is, I'll be a UX Designer as well as a Product Designer... but I'll have more responsibility in a team... and you can't really be a Product Designer in a small agency or by myself, like I am. You need to be in a bigger company... because often the Product Designer has a lot of managerial roles... so you be in charge of not only the UI and the kind of user testing... but you'll be working with the stakeholders... the clients, and getting direction from them. You'll be working with the engineering team who's actually building this thing... and potentially the UI Designers, multiple UX Designers... and you'll be making sure everyone's kind of heading in the right direction... pulling the right way. It's not the word, but you know what I mean. So a Product Designer has kind of... a global kind of sense of the product from lots of different teams... and we'll deal with them all individually... and kind of make sure everyone's going the same way. So you'll be in charge of making sure budgets are hit, timelines are hit... meetings are held, you'll be doing all the meetings and the stand-ups. So Product Designer, I guess is a bigger role. If you're kind of from maybe traditional design, think of it like a Studio Manager. There's a bit more kind of organizational things involved. So to recap, Product Designer will look after the entire project... where lots of people make sure it's all going well... and is working perfectly on budget, and is working for the users... and is all on the right timeline. Not sure why I'm waving my hands out here, but feels lofty, that role. Then there's a UX Designer whose sole focus is on the user. They want to make sure... within the budgets that they've been given by the Product Designer... and the timeline budgets, they want it within those boundaries. They want to make sure that the user experience is amazing. Whatever the goals are, they're getting hit... and you will test them, and design, and get it ready. And if you're a UI Designer, often you're-- you are kind of lacking the testing phase. You are looking at the more kind of traditional way of working... when we're building websites... where it's just kind of like getting it up, getting it out. And the other thing to look at, is that if you're at a small place... or doing your own stuff like me, you are all of these. So you're just trying to make it all happen... but those are the kind of key terms... you need to understand when somebody's advertising for a Product Designer... you know, if you're brand new you might not be ready for that... because you've never dealt with, you never run a stand-up... which is kind of a meeting where everyone stands up. Quick meetings in the mornings... but you enjoy the user experience design side of it... but maybe not the Product Designer side. Other thing to note is that most people... the term gets used real loosely, all of them. So you'll see all-- students will email... and say, is this a job that I can do, and they'll-- somebody said... I want a Graphic Designer, Web Designer... UX Designer, Videographer, Product Designer... and they're just kind of throwing it all in there... because it's either going through an HR company... that's not too sure about the roles... or they're just looking for somebody who could be the best... it's a junior role, and it's got Product Designer in there. So often you need to really clarify with... whoever's got-- don't say I'm not going to do it. You need to find out what the role involves... because they're just kind of-- often jobs can be too vague. What they really need is somebody who's, you know, a really good Print Designer... but they're just thrown in other things. So really kind of find out from whoever's advertising their job... or the key kind of-- what the high percentage of that job work... is going to be, what field... because nobody can be amazing at all of them. So check that out. Now lastly, in this course we're looking at being a UX Designer. So we're going to look at briefs... we're going to look at the personas, take those into account... make a beautiful product, test it, come back, make it amazing... and yes, that's going to be our job in this course. And we're going to use Adobe XD to do it. That's it, let's get into the next video. We'll quickly look at our brief and the personas... that we're going to use to build our product in this course. Let's jump in there now.