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How To Monetize Tumblr

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Tumblr Marketing: Create A Following And Monetize Tumblr

Learn how to use Tumblr, grow your followers and monetize your content.

42:49 of on-demand video • Updated February 2017

  • You'll learn the basics of getting started with the revolutionary image blogging site, Tumblr.
  • We'll show you how to develop a winning game plan and a preview of how you'll be monetizing Tumblr.
  • You'll also learn how to find the right niche to target on Tumblr.
  • You'll learn how to set up and create your Tumblr account.
  • We'll show you how to do the proper keyword research to make sure you're reaching your audience.
  • You'll also learn a neat trick to professionalizing your Tumblr page's URL and customizing your page.
  • You'll learn how to post on Tumblr for maximum effectiveness. This step is the key to making sure you're ready to monetize Tumblr.
  • You'll learn the key to monetizing Tumblr, getting followers.
  • We'll teach you a quick method to getting a massive amount of followers quickly on Tumblr.
  • We'll also show you how to post effectively to make sure you keep those followers engaged and buying from you.
  • You'll also learn how to automate your posting so you can essentially run your Tumblr account hands-free.
  • Finally we'll show you methods other than affiliate marketing that are extremely profitable on Tumblr that you can use instantly.
English [Auto] Okay welcome back to Tumblr take down in this video we're going to talk about how to actually monetize your page. So what we want to do here is we want to tap into Tumblr traffic. OK. So we're going to build the following. We're going to post consistently and we're going to get our content to go viral. And remember there are a few ways to do this. OK if you've watched any of the other training we've done on Twitter or Facebook and you know that you don't want to post spammy affiliate links OK you don't want to post things that just aren't attractive long affiliate links that don't look good. You don't want to just hit up everybody and not even make sense. You also want to make sure that you don't break the terms and conditions of tumblr now posting spammy affiliate links will certainly do this. But they've got other rules too. You want to read those and make sure that you're staying within the guidelines. Everything we teach to do here is within the guidelines so you don't have to worry about this. But if you get some new ideas or you know Google some things and you try them out make sure that they're not breaking the terms and conditions because tumblr will shut down your account. Then you get to start all over and that's no fun. So the goal here is going to create what we call recurring income so just income you make over and over three different ways to do this. One is Google Ad Sense which is basically a paper clip network that displays ads. OK so you pay and then whenever someone clicks you pay and you get paid when they buy and then also paperclip networks are pretty cool. They'll give you a link to promote and then when someone wants traffic to their site they pay per view and it's a great way to advertise with Twitter and Tumblr. OK so you use these links in your conversations. OK. So we're going to talk about exactly how to do this in the next video. We'll talk about choosing your niche. You've you've seen this before in other training. We're talking about how to choose your niche specifically to Tumblr. So if you've already got a good niche then you can skip over this idea. If not then we'll see you in the next video.