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What's the difference between AngularJS and jQuery?

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English [Auto] What's the difference between angular J.S. NJ query like why should you learn who is Jasp especially if you already know Jay Querrey or subject. Well there's several reasons for it but the main two is an eulogy. This is a framework where Jay query is a library. So a huge blast provides all of these tools to make a worthy occasion. J Where are you just not Jake where we can eventually get there but you have to write a lot of code to get there right where angular is built like that out of the box. And neither one of them rely on each other. That is a huge ask does not rely on a query to work like a lot of other like libraries do a lot of jobs for blubbers actually do rely on J.A.G. actually work but ala jazz is its own self-contained module and is really really powerful. So when it comes to the difference between the two there's a lot of things that happen right. So it was created a time to make writing javascript easier. So in Javascript it was created to make web more robust so make the Internet more robust so you can actually have some animations you can do all this up now. Jay Querrey I would say is a good step into replacing something like Flash or shockwave. All of these old technologies that used to exist but weren't that efficient. Where then angular earth me than j crew came in and made those things more efficient and became very very popular as a result. But as the Web got more sophisticated new things needed to happen and that's where a huge ass came in and he has his own inability to write an application the entire front end of the application and map it to a backing system. Very simply and very easily which we will learn in the future. But it's something that makes building applications so much faster and so much easier. One of the main things that is really exciting about O.J.'s is the ability to write directives what directives do is they replace in a shim Eltang your own custom H.A. tag into whatever content you want. Doing this with Jacqui it would be really really challenging. So for example if you had your brackets like in Norway Shanelle tank and in some name in there so like your a [REMOVED] tag you could call it literally that. And then you could write code that would replace that with something you replace it with a navigation bar. Or replace it with some sort of template. And yes and you are using templates were Jaker does not. You can't replace it with some sort of function. You replace it with a block of code that executes and constantly gets up so late that notification drop down if you've ever worked with something like that. And you are JF does that really simply and really easily just by creating your own directive where you place it anywhere and if it always works and it works very cleanly very easily. So the other side the reason a framework is so powerful is because it helps build your actual location so much faster than before. So if you don't write code on your own that is without a framework of your own blank javascript code that's going to take you a really long time to actually build a powerful front end and it takes all the way. Now when we talk about J where there's a lot of things that Jaker does really well but it never actually closed the gap into what is what Ajax can do as well as what re-access can do. These Marnham front end jobs are framework's replace the old javascript tools and Jay query is one of those old javascript tools so in when it comes to deciding which one you're going to learn. You should learn what's cutting edge so and you AJ s reaction yes angular to and then we're going to be seeing a lot more new technologies around javascript around the front end it's going to be really really powerful. So if you worked in the backend that is if you worked with Django with us in particular. Django is one of those backend frameworks that makes building medications a lot easier especially at the back end. It does it speeds up the process versus writing all the Python code yourself which might take a long time but in that if you were developing your own backing you probably would use a lot of different python modules to accomplish what Django does. One of those python modules would be similar to saying like Jake Weary right. So Jay where is one of these modules that you could in theory use to build your own fraud in a system where angular came in and did all from scratch and build something powerful and modern for what we need and are well occasions. Now if you want to know more about this or do you want to know more specifics. We have a blog post so check out our blog $27 obl. and search for the USGS. First a query there we talk about more of this stuff in detail and also the very little things that come through with English J S vs.. Jay query and we plan on adding a lot to that blog too. As you guys ask more questions if you want to see it more in-depth videos it doesn't answer the question adjoint the slushed not ask questions there because we answer individual videos there for sort of general concept questions just like this day for watching and we hope to see you in the series.