How do you conquer stage fright?

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One of the hardest challenges which faces inexperienced trainers and presenters is stage fright. In this lecture we conquer that!

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English [Auto] So the first step of mental preparation is to conquer stage fright. Now as I said earlier most people have the subconscious fear of speaking in public. Whether that is planned or it's just on the spot. So in both ways before I introduce you to the secrets of conquering that stage fright I'd like to talk to you a little bit about your subconscious mind. In our Nacho this subconscious mind is part of your brain which is responsible for the day to day tasks that you do without even thinking. You just learn them by repetition. Like for example walking jumping running or any kind of sport that you practice until you reach the level of acquiring that skill this acquisition of the skill goes directly to the subconscious mind. Accordingly when you practice your favorite instrument or let's say your favorite sport you don't really think much about what you're going to do at least not as much as in the beginning of this practice of practicing the sport or of this instrument because practice makes perfect as they say. And this perfect is in your subconscious mind. The same concept of repetition applies to songs and memories. I mean I bet you that there is a song or a scent that is related somehow to a person or a certain memory in your mind whenever you hear that song or whenever you smell that you instantly remember that person or that situation. So how did that happen. The answer here is three words Ed.. Emotions and triggering. Let me explain. For me for example there was this girl who I was really in a relationship with and we had to break up at certain subway stations every time afterwards every time I went to the subway station I felt kind of bummed. And I didn't really know why. But after I learned about this I realized that since I had a very high level of emotions in that breakup situation and since earlier before breaking up I had always been hanging out with her there in that subway station cars that were hers. That was her stop. This subway station trigger used to trigger really sad really sad emotions for me and I hadn't known the reason. So what's the relationship between all of that and we're talking about which is how to be an impressive trainer. The answer is really nice and you can use this phenomena which we just talked about to your advantage by creating something. I like to call the smell of success. That's one of the procedures I learned when I was taking some yoga classes my way. It's really simple and you're not going to lose anything if you try it. In fact you're going to gain a lot. So I need you to bring some perfume first. Sit comfortably sit comfortably in a chair. And I need the atmosphere around you to be very calm. Relax. It's better to close your eyes breathe deeply and slowly. And then I want you to think about the most successful moments in your life. And I need you to recall them very clearly in your memory as if you're reliving them. And once you reach the peak of emotions you show gain after remembering such good memories. I need you to spray the perfume that I had asked you to bring with you and I need you to just smell that this exercise shall take five to 10 minutes whatever it takes you to reach that peak that you talked about. And I need you to practice it once a day or seven days just once a day. What you realize is that whenever you smell this perfume again you will have the same feeling of happiness because when you are successful the dopamine level instantly increases in your body because you linked that dopamine Neveu which you gain when you feel successful with this perfume this perfume is to be used before you deliver a session from now on. And it will boost your confidence and that will help you conquer stage fright. The second also important element to conquer stage fright is to get away of your own way. That's what I like the color. Simply put if you're attending a session and that you are asked everyone to think of their favorite song because you will choose someone randomly to sing in front of others. Most people who have average voices will really freak out. There will be a little voice in their mind advising them on how to avoid such a situation. We've been praying that they won't be that chosen one who's going to sing when you deliver a session or when you are in any sort of nervous situation. Your mind starts advising you and that needs to stop in order to conquer your stage fright. Yes you will be nervous and that's something I'll teach you how to minimize as much as possible later in this lecture. But this little nervousness should be pushing two things a challenge and shouldn't be triggering that little voice in your mind. All of this little voice does is restricting the flow of ideas in your mind and I will tell you now how to operates. It's a simple practice I learned from Matt Averroes the professor in Stanford University. I need you to spell in any way and watch what you're going to do. VC. So are you for if you're a man that's failing because the point of this exercise is the level of focus that you will be at while trying to self correcting do make it more challenging and fun. I need you to ask someone to do the same with you and try to hear them I need you to try to use them. Notice how focused you are. Notice how you wouldn't have any other ideas in that moment of focus. That's the level of focus that we need to shut this little voice. The third thing in order to conquer stage fright and which will help silencing the little voice in your mind by the way is to focus on the things you have control over. I mean generally in life there are things that you have control over and things you simply don't. For example if you have the meaning and you need to be there on time what do you have control over are the timing to just in the road you take the speed you drive by its center but things that you don't have control over our lives that traffic jam or that construction on the road for example. So you don't really need to be bothered if you're on this crowded or if the traffic is jammed. There isn't any benefit from getting annoyed or nervous because of the traffic jam because you simply don't have any control over either that or that. The same goes for stage rage. You need to perfect what you have control over the material the way you look just sticks Flamby and so on the other hand you need to forget or to ignore the little voice in your mind which tells you that oh noes you're going to hate you or oh no they're going to laugh at you because you really can't control the reaction. You can do your best you can focus on doing your best but and that's something you have control over their emotions. That's something you know that that's something you don't really have control over because it's more complicated than you think. The last most important thing in order to conquer stage fright is when you don't freak out with the little voice and admit that people get nervous when they speak in them. And that level of nervousness is from someone goosy other according to their visualization you know that you only have one shot at success in whatever you. That means that the first time you do a session or a lecture that you're going to be delivering it doesn't matter. It can't be repeated again. You don't have a time machine and to be honest. First impressions usually last. So how do you avoid leaving a bad first impression and nail the session from the first time. Well the answer is visualizes. But what is visualization actually. Could you please close your eyes while you're listening to me right now. Good. Now you can hear me well right. Excellent. If you think about your caj Now can you enter this kitchen and stand in the middle of it very. Now can you open the refrigerator and get your head closer to it while it's can you feel the cold. You can open your eyes now. Now you have just visualize the voucher coach in order to visualize effectively you need to also said quietly on a chair similar to the one we mentioned earlier in the exercise about how to create the smell of success. It will be similar sit quietly close your eyes imagine every detail about the lecture that you're going to give nudging the audience the variety of their age and we imagine the ways your city imagines the way you will enter with your back straight and the way you can imagine the atmosphere and all the surroundings of you in the class or the room that you're going to deliver. I want you to keep doing that again and again and again in order to master the way you're going to start to lecture. Because again the real lecture will be only once. So in order to learn from trial and error instead of sucking up many lectures you simply need to play it again and again in your mind and try to prove yourself in order to do well in that lecture or in that situation. He support my claim I'm going to show you one of the best UFC champions in history. Don McGregor you will find the value in the References. He does what I just told you. He visualizes and imagines the fights before he does it and he actually makes predictions about the fight using what he visualizes and most of the time his visualisations turned into real life. This is insane. I'm going to leave you with a video on YouTube showing you how he does it and I'll be waiting for your opinion and your comments on that on that lecture. And on that video I'll see you next lecture to talk about the second step of mental preparation which is humor and how to handle it and how to deal with it and how to be a little bit fun. We're going to reach out to be funny just how to be fun. I'll see you next. Finally to wrap this lecture up we talked about three techniques to conquer stage fright as a way to mentally prepare for the smell of success. Get in the way of your own way silencing the little voice in your mind. Focusing on things you have control over and visualization and that's it. These are like five seeds anyway. I'll see you next year.