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Understand the "mentally drunk" phase that you enter daily. Understand what triggers it and how to solve it and the relationship between this phase and time management and achieving goals and success.

The slides are in dark style in order to best represent that negative phase.

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English [Auto] Unwelcome before we stuck. Of course I'd like to note they are very very very important which is the phase of mentally drink. You see this phase I like to define it in the following way. It's the way that you enter in your day that you just do nothing in it. I mean you don't think about something and they're just drunk like like you're not doing anything useful with your mind and I'll attach a video to this lecture to explain that. Now I'll talk about 15 things that cause you to be mentally. Number one in the past. Some people when they are just sitting around or doing anything they suddenly you know get distracted for a moment about problems in the past or about what happened to them in the past. But even when you're hanging out with your friends sometimes you just remember the past or you're trying to reminisce or to relive it. And unfortunately that's just useless because you don't do anything you're just remembering and you're wasting moments of waste time while you're good you in the past without doing anything. I mean you can review the past to learn from that to try to gain a new experience but some people see you they just love you the past and they get into a bad more than Then they may stop doing anything the whole day. So please don't do that. Number two worrying about the future. Some people enter a phase of the life of the of their day and they start worrying about the future with nothing from it. I mean for example they take about 10 minutes or 15 minutes or even one hour thinking about the future about their dreams and about what they can do it or not. And about their current potentials and it's really unnecessary if you're not going to do anything about it. And if it's going to take more time than it should be then it should take you know that you can do that you should do that but it shouldn't take much time because time is a really really really limited resource. And we're going to talk about that in details in this in this course. Number three it is human problems. Some people have lots and lots and lots of problems. Actually everyone has lots and lots of problems but it's the way that you deal with your problems. I mean if you try to solve it that's fine. That's awesome. But if you tried to interview them and just remember them without doing anything about them you're really really really wasting your time and you'll get yourself to that drunk freeze that I'm talking about here. So it's really really unnecessary to have your problems with no results from it or with no benefit to gain from it. Because because it's going to really enter you into a bad mode that you're not that you don't need to achieve your goals or to be successful or to be effective. It's just going to get bad results and negative effects so please don't do that. Number four hesitation I know people who literally hesitate for three or four times in order to think about the way of transportation to get to a place that's really really bad. I mean I mean it's unnecessary as well because hesitation is a waste of time. It's a time drainer as you may call it because there are really really really simple decisions that don't need hesitations like what am I going to eat today what am or where am I going to hang out today. Should I call him or not. Should I call her or not. Just make a decision fast don't hesitate. Think think think think scientifically and just do it. Don't hesitate. Number five endless phone calls I know people who literally literally don't drop their phones from their hands for one moment and digit stock. You don't know what what are they talking about. You don't know you don't know really what they're talking about. And it really drives me nuts because you can use that point you can use that. I mean communication industry is is one of the biggest industries in every country because of this point. People don't leave their phones. And it's good to have friends and to chat and so on but don't make that your life make that a part of your life but don't make that your life. It's good to talk and it's good to just talk over your problems through the phone or something. That's fine. That's really fine. That's really good. But don't give it more time than this needs. You know what I'm saying. Because it's really really really useless. Number six delaying. You'll have to do something today. Please do it today. You don't have to think about delaying it. You don't have to say. Maybe today I'm not in the mood so I'm going to do it tomorrow or Oh my God. It's a lot. Or that that's that's unnecessary to do now. So I'm going to delay it for the next day. That's truly awful. You're wasting time you're wasting energy and you're delaying your stuff. I mean you shouldn't delay risk. There is something needs to be done today. Do it today. Please don't. Don't make your mood control you. You can control your moods your mood doesn't control. If you're going to delay it then you must do something more important than it or then the delayed thing that you're going to do. Don't just delayed because cause you're not in the mood or you can't even right now or something. Please don't do that. Number seven useless chatting. And here I'm talking specifically specifically about chatting on the social media on whatsapp or Viber or on whatever that's really unnecessary because as I said in this point about endless phone calls you're not doing anything you're not using the limited resource that you have which you start and that shall enter you in a way and another to the drunk face. I mean you're suddenly huge you're suddenly just realized if you focused on the point of the drunk feelings and that you sometimes just sit around doing nothing. If you really focused on that point and at least you realized that oh yeah I didn't get the point. It's going to be easier to avoid these things and use this chatting is one of the triggers for the drunk things because when you're chatting with your friend and you're talking about things and you're laughing and so on suddenly you realize that what am I doing what am I doing next. It's useless. I can do better things I can improve my life I can I can you know I can have four yes four for a limited time. But that shouldn't be my life and that shouldn't be about chatting and about hanging out so on. Your time is a limited resource. You should use it. You should manage it. And we'll see how can we do that. Number eight. Useless internet. I think I know the reason why they call it the web because it's like the spider the spiders when when you enter it it's hard to get up. It really is. And once you realize that fact that for example Now you're reading about time management or you're reading about how to improve yourself or how to cook something. And a Web site or a link gets you to another to another to another to another and suddenly you find yourself reading something about atomic bombs and you're not interested at all in atomic bombs. But that's how the net works. That's how the web works. So don't get dragged out with the Internet with the useless internet. Yes Internet is a very very very very important resource to get information or something. But folks who are using it the best way that suits your number might use the buy useless TV I mean watching TV with no purpose. I mean some people switch on the TV. They don't know what what they're going to watch. They don't know for how long they're going to watch. They don't target a specific thing to gain a specific benefit to gain from from the TV. But that's really unnecessary. You can avoid that do you can. You can do anything useful that you like. More than that you can use that time. I mean watching TV watching TV in that particular way with no purpose no specific period of time to watch TV and it is useless. You're wasting your time. Don't do that please. From Britain stalking celebrities by stalking celebrities I mean following following and following and honoring the celebrities news with no purpose just for the sheer fun of it. For example follow them on instagram pictures like that you did you did. Oh my God. That's useless. That doesn't have any effect on your life. It's OK to do it. As I said everything is fine to do it for a limited time. But I'll buy that you know I'm not going to tell you for how long you should do that. Well you shouldn't do that. But you were designed for yourself you know your potentials you know your goals you know your dreams and don't stop them. Don't get into the drunk movies because of this. Some people keep stock in soccer socks. And they don't know how long they don't know for how long they'll do that or want to stop or how. It's really really really painful to see someone following a specific celebrity. Writer and author and actor and actress It doesn't matter. And he's following his nose her nose and their pictures and all their events. And in his life he's not doing anything. That's what's really really awful. So please don't do that please. Number 11 gossiping and gossiping is one of the worst things that a person can do and just because you're talking about someone you may you may be even judging him or judging her and you're wasting your time you're talking about someone's life actually and you're wasting your life. I mean why should you talk about someone's life at someone's events while you have your life and you can improve it and you can be quite intense. So it's really really unnecessary and it's one of the biggest time drainers and one of the biggest one of the biggest triggers is a drunk face we're talking please don't do that. Also because it may cause social problems between you and your friends. Number 12 doing what you hate without a plan to change. Some people have jobs that the latter literally hate and we can't stand going there day in day out and or for example some people for example some people have friends or know people that they really really can't stand they're not getting any benefit from them and they don't feel happy with. They don't even feel satisfied at the moment. And you can measure that in all your life. Of course there's something you're doing that you can't stand but you're doing it. So here I urge you to stop doing that but to have a plan. When are you going to change. Because when you do something that you don't like or that you hate you're really really wasting a lot of energy that can be put in another place and can achieve something more useful a more effective a more successful for your own life. By that also you're wasting time because the time that you're spending to deal with those people. What did you do with that job that you constant. Or whatever that you consent can be used in another part of your life or another aspect of your life that you actually like that you can actually gain a benefit from and also doing something that you can't stand. Shall get you in a way on another to a drunk. That's because sometimes you'll just sit around doing nothing and just thinking unconsciously about that thing that you hate that thing that you can't stand and how hard you're dealing with it or that you can bear it and that you want to change it so you should have a plan for the number 30. Dealing with life is like drainers Amin people who are experts and they're really really awesome in 1c complain and when they complain we want you to listen. Or they may even want you to solve that. But you do have your own. I don't mean that you should cut your relationship or end your relationship or break up with everyone that is consider to be like a life dream. It's necessary it's good it's healthy to have this guy in your like to learn from them even to be thankful that you don't have them. But in dealing with them you should have them too. You don't have to spend the whole day thinking about other people's problems and listen to other people's complaints. No life is shorter than that believe me. Life is short. If you really really did this step you'll aren't a whole lot of difference in your life. Specially Regarding in the happiness regarding your happiness. You're gonna be happier are you going to feel more positive and you're going to be like oh my god I had a really really big pain and I didn't realize that it was actually because of these. So please try to limit your dealings like drainers or at least put a specific time or a limit the time. Because as I said they have actually had a that may get to you in a way on another number for the waiting list people that actually may seem like come on. That's not the thing that's going to stop me or that's be an obstacle in front of me when it comes to being successful. But actually it is because for example you have a friend that's always late for you. For example you tell him hey we're going to hang out in that restaurant. I'm going to I'm going to be waiting for you. Same deal OK. And it comes at a new comes for you at 8:00. Now you had a plan that you're going to hang out with and from seven to nine for example and then you go to sleep you wake up early to do some work. And he comes at 8:00. So you're going to have to spend an extra hour with him or you have actually wasted or wasted an hour from seven to eight. You didn't do anything about it you didn't even enjoy it with your friends the friends that you wanted to do. JULIA. That's really really unnecessary. It shouldn't be like late people should be stopped. People in my opinion shouldn't be dealt with or at least they should be worried that you're not going to accept their delay when they're making you late because it's really really unhealthy unnecessary and it's really really a big big waste of time. So please try to limit to your you're dealing with late people or try to warn them or change don't deal with that problem in your way in your preferred way. But don't don't let them control your life or waste your waste your time. Number 15 and the last point is hate it when you hate someone hate I mean despise when you have all the negative feelings in the world. Two words a person with two words a job or something that's really really awful. And James your energy drains your time and it may get you to the. Mentally drunk phase which is your thinking about them. You're thinking about harming them already or thinking about quitting your job because because you hate it you despise it despite you despise your colleagues or something and you'll find that you just say you're not don't. You're not doing anything to solve it or to change it. That's the reason you should stop or limit the hate in your life. Don't embrace they try to limit it and try to use the moments of time that you were given efficiently. See you next to.