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  • Know Tricks To Becoming A More Attractive Person & Understand What Makes People Attracted Other Than Looks, Status & Money
  • How To Stop Seeking Approval.
  • Have An Unshakable Belief In Yourself.
  • Eliminate Social Inhibitions.
  • Master Anxiety.
English [Auto] All right let me give you a little bit of a background on me anxiety and social anxiety particularly something that's always affecting me I always had very low self-confidence and I was super critical of myself I over thought everything I'm talking insane amounts of or thinking. And when it really affected me most is in social environments and with attractive women or any women on the. I couldn't make new friends I couldn't raising my hand. Oh man. I would never ask questions in a meeting or in a class. No freakin way. Not even close. I was off the table. And the reason is is that realistically this anxiety affected me so intensely and make me throw up. That's how intense it gone. And you know it's some people might be able to relate to this and I'll tell you some funny stories. I remember very clearly when I would get into a class or any room any place a social environment I immediately look for where the bathrooms were in the building and and look for the trash cans are and I would have a backup plan in my head in case I had to throw up because I constantly felt like I had to throw up. Going back to university was brutal doing them. Going into school. Any class. I was doing. I was always right by the door so I could quickly run out and escape and no one to see me puke. These things were absolutely traumatic for me. Now I have some crazy stories with this. I'm talking like I couldn't talk to bank tellers. I couldn't call people up that it was a very very like really really limiting and I felt like I was a prisoner in my own mind it was brutal and I couldn't express myself that was off the table being able to do this. I talked to a camera. No freakin way being able to put my ideas out. No not even possible. And I'll tell you a couple of funny stories. I remember very vividly. You know I'd like this girl and I was like Man you got to do this I always push myself I always try to push myself at this stuff. And I would push myself to the point of puking always. And I went through everything I thought part of me was like she'd just get used to the fact that I'd puke with girls and like I just sell it off like it's like puke. Like that. I don't know how to sell it. Right. But like that's what I thought as like maybe this is just who I am and I got to accept that. And I you know and from there I just I hope for the best rate like I just I just sell it like it's a cool thing. I you know like I get so am debut like I want to see something funny like I didn't know how to sell. But I went through that period I worked for you know I was like let's just get used to this. But I knew this was not something I can live with this is not something I wanted for who I knew I was. And so I when I started studying tensely all this stuff I literally looked up everything I could possibly get my hands on and how to make change in individuals. Now go back to this girl though there's a lot of experiences like this but this is one of the more humiliating ones ones that I laugh at now. Right. Right. So it's I remember I would go on the bus every single day I'd see this girl and I went to school with her and such. But we took the same bus home and you know every single day for like fucking months. I'm going to go and ask her I'm going to ask her out. And I always check it out there's no way I would like immediately feel nauseous and like nope nope nope nope like the way headphones in like you like trying to calm myself down right. Like use meditation in mind from us and things like this. But you know I was so frustrated. It was the summertime and this was the last time I was probably going to see her for the entire summer. And I was like OK let's I have to do if I don't do it now I'm going to regret the whole summer I'm going to I'm going to hate myself right. I got it. I got to ask her. So as I'm getting ready do this I'm getting so nervous. I feel that pute coming on. It's it's round up. I went and I took my jacket at the time and I was about to puke. I peeked into my sleeve I kid you not a pretty good strategy if you think about that was a pretty good strategy for a public puke sort of thing. Hey like on the bus with all your peers and like it's just like trying to keep it hidden. And I'm so fucking embarrassed. But I'm like forge ahead so I walk up holding my sleeve filled with puke and I'm like hey what's up. And I go on talkers. Oh hi how's it going to be friendly and still like that and I was just like yes I was just wondering if if I can have any say in rags. Back then it was like M.S. and messenger was like the thing right was like What good are MSM. We'll go from there. She's like totally I'll add you. I think you're like friends with Kuya. Lots of things. Are Free. I was couldn't believe I was fucking there. They say Let me give you a hug. She's like you saved some herself knows. She goes to give me a hug and I'm like and I just like to over her pull her and she's like hell. And that point I think she probably has smelled a puke or something I know like it was it's embarrassing. And it wasn't even my stop I get off and Suze get off her phone. What the hell. The doors close and I'm like oh God. And I pulling my arm. What the hell I with my arm get the puke out. And I sliced the bus. The puke flies out and slices the bus and I think right over the side of it and she's looking at me through the window and she's the one she sees this thing. See the hell. And then you could see that she recognizes Puga. Is what I thought. And I'm looking at it through the glass of the window at the bottom and it's like it's going away slowly. I'm like oh my god she's going to think about this all summer long. And now it's like you know it's summertime so I don't have a contact with any of the people from school so I think she's like a pretty popular girl. Holy shit she's going to tell everyone. So I spent the whole summer like in my head like oh God I'm screwed I've got to transfer schools which should know that pute no luck. And I was going off with this funny thing about this. I get back to school like she had no idea she read or any of this stuff was like I went and I had this whole speech prepped I was like so well I'll be honest I puke when I you know when this sort of thing happens and then you know I was like ready to give his whole life. You know I'm sorry sort of thing I have it embarrassed bubble bubble. She had no idea when I was like Hey so do you remember that when I got your Emmy centered over and she's like I'm sorry. I was like you know like on the bus like like come on school. When I asked for a sound like she had no idea. Like it was like not even a reality and I was like What the hell am I doing. And you know I left the scenario. Long story short that's where I came from that's where it came from and that's one story. That's the brutal brawl the laugh at it now. I like this sort of thing and as you learn your anxieties now will be your amusements later. Remember this your anxieties now your amusements. Later when I look back at all the things that were embarrassing or super anxiety provoking that like freaked me out at the time I laugh about them now now I was like oh my God. In fact this part of me is like a Wish I could get back there I wish it was. You know I could and talk to that guy. No but realistically that's what it's like if you think about any of the times that you're anxious late like maybe you did like a play or some sort of thing or maybe you know you talked to someone and it's embarrassing and during those probably very painful. But when you look back on it you kind of like man that's hilarious I was like holy shit right. When you're coming from a new frame it's like man that's awesome. This is what I want for you and not to puke in your sleep and stuff like that but I want that transition and I want to be able to do this for you and help guide you through that process without the embarrassment without the brutal rejections without any of this over thinking. I want to get right down to the nitty gritty of what gets results. So I was able to put my own life. I'm able to do my clients lives. And we're going to do it in your life as well. Get excited. I'm super excited to get started with you. I'll see you in the next stage.