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English [Auto] Good morning everyone. Thank you so much for always lending analysts going. My name is Debbie Jupiter. And today I wanted to share with you how you can actually using creative ideas to achieve your own self mastery and making a lot of impact in this society. Okay so I have been learning a lot of thinking strategy and concept from numerous book and then learning from the expert lending from people that are much more successful than me and also met with a lot of new people directly and directly learning from everything that I have experience. But then I still considering I'm still thinking how can actually using creative ideas to solve complex problems and make a better and bigger impact in this society. So I come up with three kind of conclusion that I think would be fairly beneficial when I share these with all of you. So I don't want to give this as a secret because I believe that everyone else have to simple band shell to use their own creative ideas to achieve whatever they want to achieve in this life. Okay. So first of all I want to ask you the concept of self mastery and the concept of thinking different okay. Self mastery means that you have some kind of aspiration or you have some kind of goal or you have some kind of achievement that you want to have and you want to be and you want to do in your life whether it's five years 10 years down the years that the years from now you always continuously learning and growing and becoming better day by day. You have these beginner mindset means you never achieve you never thinking a lot of pride in yourself by thinking that you are the master in your field but you're always thinking that you are actually the beginner level that there are always people that this much more expert than you they are much more successful than you. There are better skills than you and you can learn something from them and you're always hungry hungry to learn and hungry to improve yourself day by day to becoming better version of yourself. That is the concept of self mastery and the second one is the ability to think different seeking is free. All right thinking is something that everyone is born with it. And why we need to think different. We need to think different because the way we seen affecting how do we read the action right. If we are actually thinking in a different way thinking in the certain way the action that we take we also reflect that what we are thinking and by doing things differently we when we take action in a different way from normal people from all the circumstances we would be also able to generate a different results difference different situation different outcomes from what everyone else are having. So the concept of self mastery and the concept of being different is actually closer really late than that to be able to achieve your own self mastery. You should not only depending on depending on the circumstances you should not only depending on the situation but you also have to use your own thinking mind to achieve to up to develop to learn whatever that you want to achieve in life. Okay so now if you combine the concept of self mastery and we combine the concept of thinking different today I wanted to share with you how you can actually practicing practicing the self mastery and singing different in whatever condition and circumstances that you are facing in the first one that you have to do is to have the right mindset. And what does it really means with the right mindset. Imagine something like this our human brain. We always have this tendency to focus on what we don't have whether it's lacking on something whether we sing we don't have the skills we don't have the experience we don't have the capital we don't have the support or whatever we don't have right. And it's very difficult for us to see to be grateful for whatever we has. So the concept of the right mindset is actually to turn our minds from thinking of whatever we are lacking to think of what therefore we already have and using that to leverage our skills and our capabilities to the next level. It means that we are thinking in abundance. We are using our own ideas to think in abundance and how to do that. First of all like I said thinking is free. So you need to use your own singing mind to generate a lot of ideas to generate a lot of possibilities. Yourself and then the second one is to think in a skills sweep skill sweep mean you think that what kind of skills that that can learn what kind of skills that they can develop to actually using my ideas for better use. So that is the second key point which is this thinking the right mindset with your skills and then you have to develop your own talent develop on talent means you you you need to use your skills to actually building your talent and improving your talent day by day to becoming better. Okay so that's the first one which is actually having the right mindset. The second key point is actually having the right skill set and what it really means by having the right skill set right skill set means you need to be able to bring your ideas to the society to the marketplace. And how do you do that. You can do it in two ways. The first one is you use your own time effort and energy to try to do everything by yourself. If you are just starting out. If you have no capital no support or nothing. It's okay to do this right but it's just for a certain time after you are growing and after you are realizing that you couldn't cope everything by yourself. You need to use your skill set to bring people around you to to contribute more and to add value to other people's life. And how do you do this. You need to develop a lot of skill set. Not only from your point of view but also what is beneficial for others. For example if you have a certain kind of ideas are you want to solve a problem in the particular market. You need to have the skills that is able to bring people together to work with you and what are the skills that is important to bring the people together around you. The skills for example are leadership the skills of communication the skills of manage your mom management persuasion influence the skills of able to motivate people to work together collaboratively to achieve the same vision and to achieve the same goal. So that is the second second thing which is actually having the right skill set to bring your ideas to the saw to the marketplace. Okay so that that one is after you actually having the right mindset and after you are having the right skill set. Now you focus on having the right platform. What does it really means. This is getting much more exciting right. The right platform means you need to you need to use your skill set to to Delhi for value to put your ideas talent and skill to give so much contribution to the world. So you need to share your message you need to share your product your services your oh what's it your brand to the marketplace. You need to show them that you have to answer for their problem. So having having all these three key connect that you will realize that there is no such thing as you couldn't get what you want and you couldn't make opportunities happen because I like I say. Ideas are free right. The first one we just ideas the right mindset are free. You need to switch your mindset from the wrong mindset to become the right mindset from scarcity to abundance and the second one is you need to develop your skills your skillset and skillset can be learned skill set can be practice skill set can be developed and it also requires from your own mental being so it's there is no limitation there is no there is no other say there is no permission there is no such thing as you couldn't do you can do something just because someone else say you couldn't do it right and that that one is you just need to have the right platform and Grantley right now all the platforms are free mostly in the digital era right. What. What do I mean with platforms that forms can be social media platforms can be the place that you are working the platforms yet be volunteering in the community anything any platforms that you can use to bring your skillset to showed to Delhi for your skill set and your ideas that the marketplace is through is beneficial for you to practice yourself mastery and this is how you can actually using this concept to develop yourself and to bring your ideas to the higher level. Okay so another key point I speak quite a lot today but I think that this is very very important because a lot of young people nowadays they are very focusing on the short term. They're only about thinking about then end goal without actually enjoying the process and joined the journey of them out of the mastery self or the self experienced mastery itself. So we doesn't want to becoming someone that is just focusing on the shutdown. We want to focus on the loved them loved them happiness loved them achievement love them results and to be able to do these. We need to first again right mindset. Second the right skill set and that the blunt is the right platform. Thank you so much for learning together with me. If you guys have any question or have any kind of difficulties or challenges that you are facing this follow me on the social media and subscribe and ask question are you know that you can share this message and I will be very happy to answer all of the questions. Thank you so much for lending together by.