What Are Backlinks

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What Are Backlinks

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SEO Training: OK so I'm going to start off with what are backlogs. I mean basically broken down a back link isn't the chain link fence. And I know that sometimes we speak in different languages. I just want to get her on board a back link quite simply is your site having other domains ones that you don't control. Pointing to you in multiple different ways whether it's an article or resource it can even come in the form of a comment. So again there's all types of ways that you can get these different unique back links going to you. And the more of course authoritative the a Web site is and I'll show you what those figures how you determine that where you get these back links that they're of course the most beneficial for you and all that really does is this solidifies hey if this Web site that's really important is linking to you and it has this specific phrase inside of it and this phrase is what links back to you you must be pretty important even if it's just your site. You know w w w. Sorry trying to go too quick. Dot site dot com. Could be that simple. It's still going to go back to your home page and say hey this Web site's important. Now we obviously depending on the search engine Google is a lot smarter. We'll read the text inside of here and then Ill add more data that says hey you should be ranked for these keywords because naturally these things are topics you've talked about. Lots of people that are you know well respected within a field or by US Period Google or Yahoo. Are being we're going to obviously give whatever they give credit to even more credit. So that's going to be beneficial for you and of course rank higher. So again that back link is that little thing. Usually it comes in a blue hyperlink text sometimes it's underlined but it's usually a word or phrase and you click on that. And when you click on it it goes over and it opens your browser either in a new tab new page or just follows it through and that's what that battling does. So it can be sometimes an individual page inside your Web site say a blog post or an article or could be the home page which is the page that most visitors of course land on when it comes from these types of sites though I do suggest that building back links. It's good to get some pages involved because you want to have content and pages that allow someone who is just reading about some specific thing you talked about to go to another article that's talking about that similar subject. And then of course that leads to better conversion rate. So these back links are very important to your ranking. That's what a backlog is simply explained. SEO Training: With that we'll move on and get more and more into how to build these links.