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English [Auto] Let's go ahead here and Rap-Up module one with Section 3 where I want to talk to you about the quick books online version I put together a powerpoint to show you some of the differences in the online version versus the desktop version. Couple things to know. The online version is a little different than the desktop version it's going to look very different and it's not as user friendly as far as how it looks. But if you know how something works in the desktop version you can figure out how it works in the online version. Here's a couple of things I just want you to be aware of. First of all users and definitely Quick Books Online wins in this category. The desktop version allows you one user. Now here's what this means. If you have more than one person that you want to use quick books at the same time on different machines you have to purchase an online version just using one copy of the software only allows you one user whereas the online version depending on which subscription you've purchased you can have one three or five users that can access the data file at the same time. Next let's talk about the pricing. The winner here is the quick box desktop version. Keep in mind these prices are going to vary depending on where you purchased your version from. But on average the desktop version for a single user license is about $299. The online version depending on which one you purchase can vary in price. You can see those on the right here. Simple Start will start at twelve ninety five a month and you probably don't want the simple start version because it limits the number of transactions you can put in and you'll eventually want to upgrade essentials is where a lot of people start. It's only 26 95 a month currently and then you have plus and that's thirty nine ninety five a month. The plus has a couple of additional features. For example there's an option called locations in there if you want to use different things like the class feature we'll be discussing those things are in the Plus version not the essentials version. If you have multiple companies and you want to keep them separate the desktop version would allow you to do that. The online version will as well but you have to buy a subscription for each company so that can get quite expensive. Let's talk a little bit about the product features the desktop version actually went in this category because it has superior job costing capabilities. You're going to be able to track for each job that you work on which customer you worked with each job and all the expenses or income related to those particular jobs. Also Bache invoicing reporting features and budgeting features are all part of the desktop version. The online version does have a couple of things that make it a little nicer than the desktop in that it can actually have automated recurring invoices if you have invoices that happen every month the same time. You can automate those. And then you can see those just automatically appear in your Quick Books. Also the big feature with online is the mobility feature. You can be anywhere in the world that has internet access and access your data with the online version. Can't do that. The desktop version as far as support goes is kind of a tie between the two. You will see that the desktop version actually has live 24/7 tech support and that's not true with the online version. They're not always available. Also you're going to find that the support techs they seem to understand the program a little bit better with the desktop version than with the online version. And usually if you're talking to one or the other they don't understand the other version it's kind of weird that way. Also just know that with support the desktop version it's not free. They do actually have a yearly subscription you can purchase it's several hundred dollars and it's just way too much money. You're going to end up using it twice. And there's always support online or other ways to get it for free. So I suggest not purchasing the one that they actually want you to buy. Let's talk about complaints a little bit. And you really have more complaints of the desktop version. Some of the complaints are the poor customer service which you can really get with both the forced upgrades. The fact that every year they come out with a new version you don't have to buy it every year. But what happens is they only support three versions back. So if this is 17 they support 17 16 15 if you have a prior version it'll still work but you're not going to get upgrades or help or things like that if you need it. Also errors and bugs and the fact that program runs slow sometimes especially when you try to open it for the online version. One of the problems that people seem to talk about often is the fact that they have problems converting their desktop data to the online version. Also you can't downgrade your subscription this kind of a pain. And like I said if you needed multiple company files you need multiple subscriptions so that can be kind of expensive sometimes. Let's talk about some of the positive reviews. Obviously the desktop version wins. There's lots of options in the desktop version especially when it comes to reports. Also the interface is really easy to use that tells you what to do next. Pretty much where the online version does not. You kind of have to know where to go to find your options. But the advantage of the online version. Like I told you earlier if you can access it from anywhere in the whole wide world. I just want to bring some of those options to your attention when you're making your decision about which version you'd like to purchase should at least be a little more informed. Let's go ahead and go now into module 2 and we're going to talk about what's new and quick books 2017.