Saving and Working with Templates

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The Ultimate Microsoft Project 2010 Training Course 17 Hours

Master project management faster than you ever thought possible with this 17-hour course for Microsoft Project 2010.

17:09:59 of on-demand video • Updated June 2018

  • Efficiently use schedules, calendars, and critical paths.
  • Explore cost management features such as defining/tracking costs and reporting options.
  • Use tools to plan, manage, and collaborate with other people and teams.
  • Customize your workspace.
  • Track using the resource calendar, task types, and budget resources.
  • Consolidating multiple projects.
  • Get proficient at over allocations and leveling.
  • Tools for resource types and defining costs.
  • Discover how to use and customize reports.
  • How to assign, level, and divert resources to overcome problems.
  • Delegation and tracking of tasks.
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