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Jonathan Weinberger
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Learn about 2D mobile game development in unity

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The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development with Unity

Created in partnership with Unity Technologies: Master C#, Unity Ads, 2D mobile game development, and publishing

13:03:00 of on-demand video • Updated September 2020

  • Learn to paint your worlds with Unity TileMap
  • Master intermediate C# concepts, including the Singleton Design Pattern, Abstract Classes, and Interfaces
  • Develop a complete 2D game from scratch using C# and Unity
  • Discover 2D animation workflows
  • Create modular systems
  • How to monetize your mobile game with Unity Ads
  • How to publish your mobile game
English [Auto] What is so appealing about mobile game development specifically Android Android mobile development is the simplest pop form to start making games for over 2.4 billion unique mobile devices have installed applications made with Unity making mobile development an enticing target for those looking to break into the games industry. Mobile games like Temple Run trilogy Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft and Angry Birds are a few examples of mobile games made with unity. These games crews have millions of dollars a year and this course will show you how you can monetize your games by integrating the ads while rewarding the player for watching the ad to view video playlists dedicated to mobile games made in unity. Check out my web. A game of John dot com and this course will create a 2D dungeon crawler called Dungeon escape where you'll learn the concepts of 2D mobile game development will create levels using tile map and build fun challenging puzzle elements to regress through our game will sign up for an Android development account together and integrate unity adds into the game to generate a revenue stream by the end of this course. You'll have a published game on the Google Play store ready to get started. I'll see you in the next election.