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Draw two cats that are very stylized, exaggerate it´s features to create different personalities and looks.

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  • In this course you will learn a simple technique that will help you to draw cartoony characters. Whether you are a beginner or you’ve been doing this for a while you can quickly learn how to draw freely and how to design different characters. You will learn how to make a character cute or evil and how to give them emotions. But not only that. You will also learn how a specific body posture correlates to a certain emotion and you can enhance your character’s facial expression by applying the right body posture to them. Using a simple principle of drawing spheres you can draw any character you want, you can change styles and adjust your design to your liking or to your potential client’s preferences. You can choose a simple style if you are on a tight budget or you can draw advanced Disney-like characters for your portfolio or for your children’s book.
  • How to find your own style
  • How to conquer your fear of drawing
  • What makes a character cute
  • How to draw different designs
  • How to pose your character
  • How to keep the proportions the same in different poses
English [Auto] So let's do another design a more simplified one. So let's let's see a cat is actually looks like like a big hairball. So we just have one big circle and with a little bit more stretched so. So we. So it's not just completely round but relieves some kind of interpretation for the head and the body and that's it. And what is funny is that we can make the we can enhance the feeling of being and be careful by giving the cat a very very tiny tiny tiny tiny legs. Look at that. They're almost invisible and just have the pose the pulse. Very very small just exaggerate the shape by learning how to exaggerate the shapes the two things that happen. The characters become really funny but also you free yourself to think outside the box to see and create shapes that are unconventional and unusual. And let's have the back the back legs Oxo. Also being very very small and not anatomically correct at all. They don't follow any rule of perspective or anatomy and in fact they don't even look like a cat with this kind of set. We just take this the symbols that the cat represents and we build a cat like character outfit like we know that the cat is big and fluffy it has legs it has eyes it has ears and whiskers and it has a big fluffy tail. So let's have the big fluffy tail. But I will make it smaller than the body because I want the body to look disproportionally big. So I'm just going to around the tail like that and connect it and just make it really really fluffy and I will have these giant big eyes in the middle of the cat. Very close together and this time let's play with the shape and actually have the mouth of the character over here and let's see what character we get then. So the nose of the cat is over here but it stretches all the way down down down here and we get this big annoyed lucky cat that is actually extremely funny and the cat has ears. Let's make a tiny little years over here just small triangles and one small triangle over here and that's it. Now let's let's go with the black pencil and see what we got. We've got this ears sticking out and this one over here rounding the ice and again having a little bit cross-eyed because they look really funny. I don't know what it is and how come they actually don't look cross-eyed. They look like they're looking straight towards us. Is this some kind of an illusion that we've got or just throw away the way that we got used to seeing the characters from all the animated films we've seen those kids. It just doesn't look cross-eyed to us it just looks normal and in a way and that's how the character should look like. And we have tiny little poles over here over here and we have this and let's have the cat has its whiskers all the way down to the small and some funny little whiskers and Dada. We've got a completely different cat character God is completely different from that but it still looks like a cat. Very graphic golf very funny. So now let's go for another character. A very simple one and this time I'm just going to use it. I'm just going to make the eyes like small dots and have it have the shape completely different. Let's start from a big round circle but this time let's have the heads sticking out and again do a very tiny tiny feat and tiny feet sticking out from here. And one straight short tail. So this time let's make the catch look more like a flat drawing like there's no volume to it. More decorative as we did with one of the elephant characters. So we'll just have the cats had like that draw some pointy years here and here draw some head over here the body and just the body like that. And then this one we were going to simplify even the eyes just doing two dots for the ice one knows and that's it. And you can have a simple Cat. Cat desires like that for example. For making prints on cups or making presents and doing like for the colored prints on clothes it's very decorative style. But you can also have that as a design for your book or even animated show. What I want to show you with all these designs is that there are so many ways to design your characters. It's not just one way and saying that you can draw or this and that. I mean it's simply not true. It's just that you think because you've watched animated films you think that there's only one way to do that and that it's very very hard. It's actually not because there are many different ways. So here are the polls. You have little poll here let's make the back look even sticking in here and the funny little tail end because this cat is so simple. No let's make the whiskers maybe a little round that you can play with the shapes and expression of the cat. Now this looks really funny so you can add a different graphic elements to it like Let's Make A striped cat and this straps is just to make the character look more decorative. And more simplistic. And how we strike tail in in here you done. You don't need to follow the rules of perspective as you see you can make the lines straight even even though you know that you know they're actually around that. But that doesn't matter because this is how your design is. And when you make one design when you when you decide how design you design will look like you have to stick to it. So it's very easy that when you start designing one character and the more you draw where you start getting better and better and then you try to make more of it like you try to make it more and to give it more volume and make it more realistic and then you break your rules of your own character your own design. So when you make the character so simplistic you should try to stick to it which is actually very very hard because the the better you get in your drawing skills the more evolved your character will be and the more perspective and volume you will see in your design and your character and having your flat. It's really just I mean that's just a skill in itself. So. So here are three different cats that we've designed. They have basically nothing in common but they're all pretty cute and they all look like cats.