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English Adults fans welcome back in this chapter we're going to talk about negative keywords now. Well first of all you might be noticing that I'm wearing a different colored hat and that's because I had dinner by my friend's house this past weekend and I left my hat there accidentally so I didn't want to I don't want you to get thrown off about that negative. Key words are very important. We've touched upon negative key words we we even looked into adding negative words into our account already. But there's a lot of depth and complexity that that is included with negative keywords and it's important I thought to dedicate one or two videos in this course to specifically understanding negative keywords with more depth and with more understanding. So what do the negative words do conceptually negative keywords prevent negative keywords prevent your ads from being displayed for queries unrelated to your products and services so negative keywords are essentially filters. You use negative keywords when you don't want certain search queries triggering your ads. OK. Additionally the second benefit of using negative keywords is it allows you to sculpt your traffic it'll talk about what it means to sculpt your traffic or control your traffic in a second. So negative keywords we know what they do. We know that the single negative keywords that that negative sign with we you know that by now. But there's different strategies and and different results than negative keywords will provide. So some of the benefits of negative keywords some of the some of the key performance indicators that K.P. eyes you could see change in the account our conversion rate. OK. So you're going to see an increase in conversion rate. The more you use negative keywords negative keywords are going to make sure that your ads are being triggered from search queries that are very related to the products and services you offer and you're not going to get clicks for keywords that are bad for your for your business. So you'll buy deep buy as a result of that you're going to see your conversion rates go up because your conversion rates are going up and because your clicks a greater majority of the traffic you're sending to your site are highly qualified. There are people who are looking for your products and services you're also going to see your cost per conversion go down because you're going to need to spend less to get that sale. You'll be able to get that sale in fewer clicks your click rate is also going to go up because your ads are now being displayed only on search terms that are very relevant to your business. Your click it's going to increase a greater percentage of people who are seeing or add are going to click on your ad and that's what your click through rate is your click rates going to increase when you use negative keywords properly. OK. Now there are three main sorts of negative keywords and there's three different ways that these negative keywords work. You have campaign level. OK. A campaign legel a campaign level rather excuse me negative keyword applies to all the ad groups in that campaign. OK campaign level keywords apply to all the ad groups inside that campaign. So for example let's take the business that we've been working with which is poppin furniture. Let's say we have a negative cure that we want to apply to all the ad groups in our file cabinets campaign . So we would at a campaign level negative keyword and none of the ads inside that entire campaign will be allowed to show if my negative queery or my negative keyword is contained inside the queer. So for example let's say you know all my fat out of all the file cabinets we sell we don't sell plastic file cabinets for example let's say all the file cabinets that pop and sells are metal and we have all the different types of Aggers we have three drawer we have rolling. We have extra large we have with trays so we have all these different groups but none of those add groups we want to trigger an ad when somebody is specifically looking for a plastic file cabinet so we'll just add 80 campaign level negative keyword called plastic. So that would be a good idea for a campaign that when they get a keyword The next type of negative we have what we call ad group level. OK. So we have at group level add group level negative keywords an admirable level negative keyword is similar to a campaign level negative keyword but it only applies to keywords to the to the ads in that ad group it only applies to the keywords in that group. So let's say what would be an example of a at group level negative keywords so we wouldn't use plastic for an ad group level because plastic is going to apply to all of the groups in that campaign because none of our campaigns sell plastic file cabinets. But that's what we have to say. Right we have one group that's targeting three drawer file cabinets and keep it simple we have one and that's targeting people looking for one drawer file cabinets. OK. And the reason we have it segmented up that way as you remember is that we could be more specific with the text of the ad and the landing page. So for the people looking for three three drawer file cabinets we have at text that talks about three drawer file cabinets and we're sending them to the page on the Web site that sells those three drawer file cabinets. Likewise the text of the ads in the one drawer file cabinet at group talk about our one drawer or file cabinets the prices of our wonder or file cabinets and they send traffic to the one drawer page. Now what could happen is somebody might type in three drawer file cabinets online into Google. And because of the way our positive key word disruption in both those groups the ad for one drawer file cabinet might be eligible to appear we might be eligible if it has a higher quality score. There's a lot of different factors that might trigger the the wrong ad to show for the key word three drawer file cabinet. So what the then do is add an ad group level negative keyword three drawer file cabinet into the one drawer file cabinet add group and an ADD group level negative keyword one do or a file cabinet. That would be if you were into the three drawer file cabinet adv.. And that's the concept of sculpting. That's the concept of traffic sculpting we're using negative keywords at an ad group level to make sure the right ad is triggered for the right queer. So once again we would add we would add a keyword negative one drawer file cabinet into the three drawer file cabinet group and negative $3 a file cabinet as a negative key went into the one drawer file cabinet accurate. That way if somebody uses a query three drawer file cabinets on line or by three drawer file cabinets or where can I get metal free file cabinets the right text ad will be forced to show because we're now traffic sculpting with negative keywords at the at group level. The third type of negative key word we have is negative keyword lists. These are very important. These are keywords that these are negative key words that we're going to be able to easily apply to multiple campaigns. Now imagine we have 50 campaigns and never count. And that's you know not so rare. You might have 30 30 campaigns whatever it may be and there are certain general keywords we just never want to trigger our ads if this key word is in the search query. We don't want it. OK so that might be something like Free something like cheap something like Do it yourself something like Craigslist something like used second hand something like idea something like block. So the Craigslist video you know these are keywords that might be common to some of our other key words for example somebody might be looking for do it yourself office chair project or buy used file cabinets . So we want to we want to just create certain of these more broader level negative keywords and create a negative keyword list that negative keyword list is done in your share of library in the next video we're going to actually go into our account and actually create that negative keyword list. But the concept is that a negative keyword list applies to all the different campaigns we could select multiple campaigns to inherit and use that negative Cubin list. So that's a really nice and powerful feature when it comes to negative keywords negative keyword list so it can create that list can create multiple lists and we can apply different lists to different campaigns and it's very very easy to to add to the keyword list to change to take away. To remove Keyworth from the queue we listened to apply to multiple campaigns. We're going to go ahead and actually do that in the very next video. But just know that those are the three types of them as campaign level at group level negative keyword lists. OK. Now before we continue I just want to point out this right here. OK. And remember this unless your entire account is exact match keywords meaning your entire account every campaign is only exact match keywords you need to use negative keywords. There's no account in the world that has brought match modified phrase match and broad keywords that should not have a good negative keyword list. It's extremely important. This is how you're going to get an edge over your competitors. This is how you're going to win in the auction. This is how you get to drive your costs down. This is how you going to increase your conversion rate decrease your cost of conversion increase your click the rate. It's very much focused on negative keywords it's extremely important to use them to use them well and to use them wisely. So take this very seriously and spend as much time if not more time on your negative keywords as you do on your positive keyword research. So negative keywords are very important. Now let's talk about the types of match types that could be used with negative keywords because we know we have broad phrase an exact match. We know the different types work in different ways and they seem they all apply to negative keywords as well. So for example if I go ahead and add a broad match OK so broad match negative keywords is just the negative sign and my keywords. So for example let's say I put a negative for leather. It's two words. I could also do one word but my negative bra match could be two words and it was forwards and that means if any of these terms show up in my shop in a query my ads are not going to show so they don't have to be in this order. But all the terms have to be there in order for the ad to not show. So for example my ads won't show if somebody types now in full leather chair or leather chair because even if they're in the different order. That's the idea with bra match. If they're in different order as long as both of my negative keywords or all three are all for show up somewhere in the query regardless of order my ad will not be eligible to show. But keep in mind my ads can show leather office chair because Pho is not included. So even if the query just contains one of my negative keywords it will still be eligible to show. And that could be a good thing or a bad thing you just need to know how to do it. If we if we sell leather chairs then this is a great negative keyword because we want to knock out foaled other and not just leather. So if I have a negative full leather leather office chair will still be eligible but foaled leather chair or leather office chair Those are key words that will not be eligible to show they won't trigger ads in that instance. We also have and just keep in mind that a broad match negative Cuber could just be negative with one key word so it could just be negative photo essay with the letter and any single query that contains faux in it is not going to show or adds any single query that contains that workflow is not going to show the next one down we have phrase match. OK we know a phrase mash looks like it's the negative with parenthesis with quotation marks because we it's the same function as a positive phrase meant key word applies to negative phrase much to it so you have the quotation marks. So for example let's say we have a negative keyword brushed metal negative word in phrase brushed metal so that in order for ads not to show that entire phrase in that order has to be in the query. Very similar to how frames matched composite key words work. So for example our ads will not show if somebody types in by brushed metal cabinets. OK because brushed metal in the right order is contained in the clear. Yes there is. There are words before and after you buy in cabinets. But brush metal as a phrase is in the query and my hands will not show. However my ads can't show for metal file cabinets. OK metal file cabinets could show because my entire queery my entire negative keyboard is not contained in the query. So that's how phrase match with negative key rematch type works. And then lastly we have exact match which is the strictest type of negative Q would match type and it only meant exact the exact match negatives only stop an ad from showing if that exact match phrase is the query. Not if there is words after or before. So for example if my negative exact match is big and tall and it's in brackets because we know we do brackets for negative exact match my ads will not show. Only for this query. Toll. So if somebody types in big and tall my ads will not show because I have an exact match but this is very important because if you want to knock out big and tall for all we really should use phrase match or bra match. Because if somebody types in big and tall chairs my ads will show because big and tall chairs was not my exact match negative keyword. Just big and tall was my exact match negative cuarto. So we had Brument for his match an exact match. It's interesting broad match is in this broad match with negative keywords is the opposite function a little bit. Think about it as opposite as positive. It brought much knocks out the most amount. It's kind of the strictest sort of speak so to speak. It knocks out the most amount and adds a broad Ammash negative keyword will knock out the most amount of queries from triggering your ads. So for example if I had if I had a negative match wheels. OK let's say I just had negative wheels in my eyes at a campaign level on my file cabinets. Let's say we for example we don't sell real file cabinets OK. We don't sell any wheeled file cabinets. As an example. Just imagine we don't sell any wheeled file cabinets so I go ahead and I add a negative broad match wheels. Ok someone comes to Google and they type in by wheeled office chairs on line from pop'n will my ads show