Understanding Keyword Match Types

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In this lecture you will learn about the details of broad match. I will teach you the pros and cons of using broad match in your campaigns, and I will walk you through examples of broad match use-cases.

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English [Auto] How do you glads fans and welcome back. Let's talk about keyword match types. We alluded to keyword match types a number of times throughout the previous few lectures and now we're to go into each one in much more detail. But first I want to give you an overview of all the different types. At a very top level. First of all it's important have a basic understanding of what key math types are matched types tell Google how much freedom they have and when. When I say I need Google when pairing your keywords with search queries if you recall search queries search terms queries are different than keywords. Key words are the phrases and words that you put in your ad groups. Search terms are what people search Google for and depending on how strict or loose you define your keywords by using match types it will seriously influence which search terms will trigger any given keyword and to get a sense an understanding of that. I have a chart here that will try to hopefully have this all make sense. There are five primary math types as broad matched broad match modified phrase matched exact match and negative match. OK negative match as it sounds is excluding keywords. Broaden that broad match modify phrase and exact match are different ways of letting Google know how they should treat search terms in relation to those keywords. Let's take a look at each one of these math types one by one and just before we do that this is really important. It's not just like a little tool or trick in your account. Your count will perform significantly different if it's a broad magic key word or phrase match or exact match keyword or by match modify your quit the race will be different. Your cost will be different. The actual searches are song up or will be drastically different. So this stuff matters. The strategy with match types matter and understanding the math type understanding how how the math types work and how they relate to search terms and how they influence which actual searches you're going to be bidding for an impression on is really worthwhile. Getting this clear. I'll say one more thing every accounts can operate different. Again this is the sort of thing that a lot lot lot like a lot of what we're teaching here is there's no specific rule that's going to work for every account. I've seen accounts where brought match campaigns performed terribly and I've seen accounts where broad match campaigns performed really really well. Usually a good rule of thumb is for there to be a mixture of all keywords especially in the beginning and we'll talk about the pros and cons of each individual match type as we get it each match type in more detail. So let's talk about broad match match. First the symbol being used for a broad imagine every single matter has a symbol and that's how you identify what that mass type is in the account. There's different ways to select it. I'll show you in a minute how these different math types look at an actual account. For Broadmeadows there's no simple so it's just your keyword with nothing else attached. Broad math means you're giving Google the most freedom possible when it comes to determining if a search term should trigger your keyword to trigger an ad. So let's take a look at an example and take a look at an example or each one. So we have this keyword leather office chair. OK that's the key we load into the account. There's no simple. Our ads might be eligible to show if somebody searches for synonyms of that keyword variants of the keyword related terms different phrases altogether different words altogether even different concepts. For example an example search term maybe office accessories depending on Google and depending on how Google's feeling that day are as might show up for office accessories and I say depending on how Google's feeling is because they're always tweaking their broad matte algorithm free office chairs desk chair rentals right. Just because we put leather in our broad matched keyword doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to show ads when somebody uses the word leather or office or chairs or any of those three. Maybe people will look again. Free desk accessories right. That's I don't have that on my list but free desk accessories that might be a search term that would trigger a few other officers and I'm not trying to scare you away from using Brugmansia I'm just telling you that there is going to be a seriously strong need for negative keywords and good negative to wait lists and we'll talk about that of course in great detail. That's our match and it's important for an account that have brought match keywords and we're talking about why that is in the next lecture when we talk about I mentioned more detail. Let's take a look at broad match modify bromance modified is my favorite keyword type. I find that it's the best way of having control over what search terms actually treat her as while also being lucid enough to find new ideas to reach or to experiment to be a little bit aggressive. The symbol for a bra match modified is having a plus sign in front of the queue or in your account and that modifies that term. So for example if I wanted to have us to have a q word where I only want to triggered I only want to trigger a search terms that that had share desks and leather in it I would have leather desk chair with a plus sign in front of each word as will be withdrawn much modified I can modify one of the terms of my key word or multiple terms my key word or all the terms of my key word it would be considered by much modified. The key word itself would be considered a modified keyword. If there was at least one plus sign in front of any of the keywords or any of the individual words in my entire keyword adds control which contains the modified terms plus any other terms in any order. The defining characteristic of broad match modified it's a comparative phrase matter really is order all you're doing with the plus sign to saying that that individual word has to show up somewhere in the search term not necessarily in the order of my key word for example example are terms that might trigger your ad is free leather desk chairs chairs and desks made of leather so you could have additional words and phrases appended or prepended to my keyword but the modified terms the terms that have that plus sign in front of it have to show up in the search term. In order for that search term to be eligible to trigger a keyword in my hand-grip that will then in turn trigger an ad impression. Let's take a look at the next match type down phrase match phrase match. You start getting a bit more control over the search from that might for your ads and that is done with quotation marks right. You have a keyword in your account enclosed in quotation marks on both sides. So for example we have this example where we would put this in our account office chairs for sale and say again quotation marks and can show when the enclosed phrase with a pendant or prepended or without words and phrases are in the searcher. For example office chairs for sale near me. Right. We have that entire phrase that I have in my Cunard office chairs for sale right. Office chairs for sale near me is not in my key word but it's ok. You can have words and phrases appended to them in order. And your ad must be still eligible to show. The main thing is that the key word has to show up in the same order. The entire phrase has to be enclosed in quotation marks and that quoted phrase which is why the phrase match can't be read. Google won't reshuffle that order if it's office chairs for sale as will not show if sale on office chairs or something like that where the key words even if all the words are in the search term if they have to be in that order. That's pretty much. And there are pros and cons to phrase and I will talk about that in more detail as well. Exact match which tends to be people's favorite although it's certainly not my favorite. Gives you the most control over your search terms over your keywords and that symbol for exact match is brackets not the squiggly brackets the regular brackets enclosed your key word in those brackets so for example if you have a key word leather office chair enclosed in brackets that's what it would look like when I load it into my ADD and I can show when the exact term or phrase enclosed in brackets is what the search term is now a few years ago when life was simpler and we were all happier. Exact match meant just that exact match was exact match. If I misspelled a word it had to be exact in order for a search term to trigger an exact match worth the search from Had to mirror image the exact match Kure that was in brackets. Then Google said OK listen if it's misspellings or very close variants we're going to still show that word even if it's exact match. If somebody misspells a word they misspelled leather will and it's a little bit different in how you wrote leather properly as your key word will still show an ad for that exact match to work it still trigger it ad or if it's a slight variation like plurals like leather office chairs Google will show an ad for that. And then there's. Now recently Google made a few more changes to exact maps that sometimes they call it semantically similar intent. And I'll give you some exact examples of that from Google themselves in the lecturer in a couple of years. Now when we talk about exact match specifically but just know that exact match still does give you the most control letter officer would be the example search that an exact match that you were so up for negative keyword match which is the most important key word match to really understand well because no good Google ads account could ever be as good as it can be or even close to as good as it can be without understanding negative cures and negative words really well. And of course we're going to have a separate lecture dedicated to that but just quickly the symbol for negative keywords is that minus sign. So for example I have three potential examples I might have negative leather negative free negative chare exact math. And we're talking about how three different matched types effect negative Kulish negative which can be added using the positive match types. And we'll talk about that how that will make sense. And a couple years from now search terms without the negative turn that's what negative match type is doing. So if I have a negative leather that no search term that includes leather will ever trigger my ADD if my negative cures apply to an angry campaign or negative Cubitt list. So for example desk chairs online would actually trigger my search. You might be wondering But hey didn't you just say that chair which is an exact match negative Google will treat that with plurals and misspellings. Yes. But here's another case where Google wants to make more money. Google will treat exact match as exact match. When you add it as a negative. So if the search term includes chairs then if you don't have a negative exact machine or chairs your ad will still be eligible to show. But there's a second reason. This exact match negative is exact match with that means. And we'll talk about this in more detail. Is that only if I'm only trying to exclude this specifically sort of chair or chairs shows up in a search term. I still want that entire system to be eligible to show. So free which is a Braam have negative I don't want any surge from that contains free to show. But I do want searches that contain chair like leather gestures or art or orange colored gestures or whatever it may be because I have leather gloves and there was a desk chairs on mine. Is it an example of a surgeon that could show under negative match depending on how the negative match works. Now if this is all a little bit confusing to you and if this is a little bit of an overload of information. I totally understand and it makes a lot of sense which is why in the following lectures we're going to break down each man type talk about it in more detail situations when you would use them. Pros and cons to using them and sort of getting a better understanding of how that all works so that is a an overview of Maff types. Very very important to really know them well you should memorize these math types really clearly you should be able to answer in your sleep how each of them works what the symbols are for each of them because your accounts are going to be built out using every single one of these math types. That's how good Google Ads accounts are built. All of them together they work in conjunction with each other. It's incredible tools we're collecting data they're incredible tools brought metaphor much modified her incredible tools for getting to serve to my ideas and I'm going to show you how to do all that. So without any further delay let's go into the next lecture and talk about broad match keyword match type. I'll see you guys in a couple seconds on the other side.