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English Hang out with fans back today we're going to talk about remarketing remarketing is something which is crucial to the success of your ad which campaigns you might not be familiar with the term remarketing but I am almost 100 percent confident that you are familiar with the concept of remarketing. Have you ever been to a Web site you browser on their products. Maybe it is Amazon maybe was another Web site and you left the Web site you can necessarily buy anything and all of a sudden you start seeing ads for that company. As you continue to browse the web you might be in the Wall Street Journal you might be on another web site maybe on a forum. Sometimes you even see ads for the specific product you were looking for. Pretty creepy right. That's remarketing a lot of people love them. A lot of people hate them but whether you like them or hate them doesn't really matter because remarketing is one of the most effective and popular tools in an advertiser's toolbox. There's a lot of different types remarketing there's a lot of different benefits to marketing. The main purpose of this video in the next video is going to be how to set up remarketing on your site . We're not going to go into detail in developing all the different types of marketing campaigns because this course is focusing on Google search and a lot of marketing is done on Google Desplat but we will talk about the process we will talk about understanding of marketing theory and we're going to talk about and cover all the key components and the key aspects of setting up room marketing campaign so you could understand it and you can go ahead and do it yourself. So like we just said remarketing essentially allows you to show ads specifically to people who have used your website before. That is remarketing at the most basic broadest level could be also for apps if you have an app remarketing for apps could be showing ads specifically to people who viewed your apps before. So those are the that's really what remarketing is. It's not necessarily showing ads that people who are now looking for keywords who are searching Google for queries. It's only advertising to people who have previously interacted with your brand via through an app through the mobile web site or through the actual Web site. So as you could see more as you can imagine how powerful that is because one of the most one of the largest struggles and advertiser has to overcome when advertising is brand recognition getting in front of the consumer multiple times as we're going to talk about. Most people will not buy or or you know convert on their first visit or oftentimes or certain business their second or third visit it's very important especially today with the amount of digital advertising that's happening the amount of different companies and competition that's using AdWords and that's using remarketing. It's extremely important to continue to stay in front of your potential customer remarketing is the way that we can make that happen. We bring them into the website initially through search and we then continue to appeal to them through remarketing showing them ads specifically as they continue to browse the internet or as they continue to search Google for answers to their questions. So let's talk about the different types of marketing campaigns that are available inside Google ads . The first have a campaign we have is a standard marketing campaign. It is the display network and display network apps. What does that mean. Stana remarketing is somebody comes to my site right. Say somebody comes to pop in and they look for office chairs. They're browsing around office chairs page and then leave the site. They maybe they add a chair to their cart but they don't buy and then they leave stand remarketing that allows me to say hey when that person is now browsing the web and they're on Web sites contain in the Google Display network for example the Huffington Post and ESPN or Bloomberg media there's there's two million over two million different Web sites that are included in the Google Display network that will show AdWords display network ads and I'm saying hey when they're on those web sites I want to bid for a click for them to show my add to that person who was who was previously viewing my pop in shares and I could also choose to show those ads on display network mobile apps or web apps. So that's what standard remarketing is. It's the most popular form of marketing. You came to my Web site. Now I want to show you ad on the Google Display network as you continue to browse the web. That is the essence of remarketing it's the most standard most popular form of marketing and it's really going to be the type of remarketing that you're most likely going to use. You also have what's called Dynamic remarketing which is specifically useful for e-commerce. So this is the thing we talked about if you're on Amazon you're viewing a random product you know corduroy rucksacks whatever it may be. I actually have a quarter a rucksack and I like it very much. But even if you're using a very very random you're viewing a very random product dynamic remarketing allows you to then show ads for that specific product as that person continues to browse the web. So for example if I was searching for different quarter rucksacks and then buy any and now I'm reading a blog on BuzzFeed they could show me specific image ads that contain the images of the products and if I click it'll bring it back to that exact product page so dynamic your marketing dynamic at a concert that dynamic is it's there's movement or there's customization based on what products or services I was viewing on a Web site and dynamically marketing allows you to show those specific products and services in your ads to your previous website visitors. So that's very very Partic. It's very it's very particular to e-commerce. You also have remarketing for mobile apps. OK. So people who have viewed your mobile app or viewed your mobile web site I want to you know specifically target them and show them ads on other mobile web sites on other mobile Web sites excuse me or other mobile apps. So that's specifically for the mobile experience. If you use my app of the use my MIL web site then added to a remarketing audience and I'm then going to show you ads as you're on other apps or other mobile Web sites. You also have a very interesting type of marketing which is gaining in popularity called remarketing in search. So people who come to my Web site so if say for example Joe search Google for padded leather office chairs and they saw a search ad for pop'n they click on the ad they view our products. They spend some time on a site then they leave tomorrow they go back to Google they're not on a display network site they're not reading a fee they're back to Google search and they type in once again. You know tufted leather office chairs with padding so it's very similar to my search. I could specifically set separate bids for the previous web site visitors in search that's called remarketing lists in search ads. So for example I might say hey if a person now has seen my website yesterday they've been to the site . They have brand recognition. I can then put a different message in the ad I could say hey come back for a 10 percent coupon. We really want you to get this chair or I might even want to bid more aggressively so I might say hey this person has been to our site. He's. He's educated himself a little bit more he's probably closer now towards the bottom of the buyer funnel . Getting close to that sale stage. Let me bid you know an extra dollar per click on a second time visit. That's what remarketing lists in search ads allows you to do. Another thing it allows you to do is be a little bit more broad with your keywords because somebody has been to your site before they understand what you sell a know what you offer. So we could be a little broader with our keywords without being as nervous of wasting money for bad clicks for people who are not really going to have their needs fulfilled. With our Web site. So there's a few different ways you could strategically use remarketing lists and search ads to your advantage. Keep those things in mind because as you continue to build out your marketing strategy and as you get more advanced remarketing those are going to be some very very powerful and helpful tips. Lastly we have remarketing and Video Video remarketing so we mark with the people who viewed your YouTube video by linking a YouTube channel to your Edwards account. Google will be able to track who viewed your YouTube video as long as they're signed into Google and we can continue to remarket to those people throughout the Google Display network and through our Google search. So certain companies will be publishing videos producing videos that might be user reviews that might be product reviews they might be explainer videos. So if you're promoting those videos in a successful way and people are watching it it's great to be able to remarket to those people there as they continue to use the Internet view other Web sites and go back to Google for search because then there's that brand recognition is there. They interacted with your video. They've already expressed some sort of interest that engage with your brand. So it's a very very powerful way to enhance the effectiveness of your video presence online. That's remarketing with video and we're going to go through the next video we're going to actually go into the Edwards account and I'll show you exactly where all these different videos these remarketing types are. And we're also just very shortly going to talk about the actual remarketing process what you technically need to do to actually have it set up. So let's talk about first the benefits of remarketing and these are to some of the benefits the most basic ones. Number one reach people when they are most likely to buy. And that's a very very powerful thing. Like we talked about we'll get more information on a visitor than more there on our site. So for example if somebody comes to our site and we see they've viewed five pages and then they left . We know that they're going to go and continue to educate themselves. They weren't a bad visit or they didn't come and bounce right away and we could then show that ad specifically on certain Web sites that talk about office chairs or file cabinets or the other things that we sell so we could reasonably assume that we're reaching them during their stage when they're continuing to educate themselves and continuing to shop so that's a very powerful concept in remarketing you're reaching people you have the control you have the ability to set up remarketing where you reach people at that point where they're most likely to buy. The second major major factor in marketing is tailor lists. Remarketing is not just about your previous web site visitors it's specific visitors who have taken specific actions by setting up lists and creating remarketing rules. I could show ads to people who just visited certain pages. I could show people I could show ads specifically to people who abandoned my car or both. So for example I might have I might have one list that is a rule based list that is only populated the audience of this list are only people who have added a product to my cart but then abandoned without without checking out the way you create those lists. I'm going to show you the next video is by rules. So for example let's say my my cart page is pop'n dot com forward slash cart so it would be anybody who in order to be on the card abandoner list you have had to had viewed that you rail cart but you also haven't. You have to have not viewed Pabon not come forward slash order complete which signifies somebody who actually paid for that by combining those two rules. We know that somebody viewed the card which mean they had to have added a product to their cart but they didn't view the order complete pétrus means they didn't pay so that we can label those people cart abandoned hers so we know that they're really good visitors they've made it into the final but something they got busy. Maybe the pricing wasn't right. Maybe they wanted to educate themselves a little more do some comparison shopping whatever it is. So for that audience we could bid very aggressively we could say bid a little bit higher per click show my ads on a broader range of web sites run my ads 24/7 whatever it may be. And what's most important is the messaging in the ad. We could write a or we could design an ad that says come back complete your purchase and here's a five percent off coupon code and we're telling the customer that we know that you have a product in your cart come back. We might have another audience running it in a different remarketing group that's targeting all web site visitors who have visited at least two pages and that's another rule we could set up for those visitors we might want to say. It's a little bit less of an aggressive bid. These are people who are still educating themselves they didn't they didn't indicate to us that they're going to buy from us yet. So they're not as good up or high quality of a visitor or of an audience as the current managers. We might also say anybody who came in just viewed one page or anybody who came and viewed our blog page we don't want to on a remarketing audience at all. And he could do that by creating tailored lists. So that's really the power and the concept of creating these talent but it's really really important and really cool stuff. The Goole this plane has a tremendous reach for most advertisers just advertising a traditional display never campaign to anybody to anybody who is viewing a product or page that's relevant to your Web site . It's too broad. It's very easy to spend a lot of money on the Google Display network and not see any return. It's it's the most wild I would say it's a very it can get very out of control the Google Display network with what you spend and and who you spend it on remarketing allows you to only tailor your previous website visitors but you have the reach the volume of those two million properties on the Google Display network. So it's a brilliant way to control your spending to make sure you're getting very high quality traffic while maintaining a very large potential reach. OK. You also get a lot of detailed reporting on the Google Display network. You could see a tremendous amount of insight into your traffic you could see affinity audiences what types of consumer these people are who are on call on your audience where they're hanging out online where your where your remarketing ads are being placed on which websites are your remarketing ads being placed on you can get a tremendous amount of insight and you can learn a lot about your audience you can learn a lot about consumer base and it could be remarketing can be a very very powerful tool for market research. And fifth and perhaps even most importantly 99 percent of visitors won't buy their first time on your site. OK if you're selling a product or you're trying to get people to sign up for a service or to to take a conversion on average 99 percent of people will not buy in their first time. This shows you how important it is to really set up marketing and to make sure you're continuing to advertise to your customers on an ongoing basis. So remarketing is really really important in that way because in some cases I hate to say it in some cases a Google Adwords campaign with our remarketing marketing could oftentimes be completely ineffective because people are coming to your site and then they're leaving your site and then they're just educate themselves further they're seeing their competition and you are nowhere to be found anymore so remarketing at least remarketing lists and search ads which is this number four over here at least remorselessness search ads is very important. I'm not sure how to set that up in the next campaign. One other thing to realize and will will reiterate this is that in order to even launch a marketing campaign currently google requires that you have 1000 people on the remarketing audience so you're going to have to have your remarketing tagging and website and I know you might be getting overwhelmed when I say the marketing tag but don't worry. In just a couple minutes we're going to go over exactly what the tag is how it works how to find it and kind of seeing the remarketing process from a technical perspective this is all theory this is all just understanding what remarketing is how it works what the benefits are what the different types of marketing campaigns we could run. And it's very important to get a good sense of this and get a firm grip grip grip rather on how this works. So let's now bear with me. We're going to erase this and we're going to talk about exactly how remarketing lists work how we set them up and what the process looks like. We'll be right back. I