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English It you didn't come from an hour's campaign. The conversion from Edwards doesn't fire it just lays low it stays still stays dormant. OK. So conversion takes place on the individual page that signifies a conversion. If you have your conversion tag installed on multiple pages every time one of those pages loads you're going to fire conversion and you're going to be miscounting your conversions and that's going to ruin your calculations when it comes to tracking are why. So for example you purchase your sale page that goes on an order confirmation page and your check out Karch process. If it's a sign up form when whenever somebody signs up for your newsletter in order to really track adverts conversions this way you need to be redirecting the visitor to a thank you page after submitting the former after submitting your email address they have to go to a thank you page and that page will be the page that contains the conversion tracking tag. It's always on the page that the person lands on after taking the action. For example if you have a sales form on your Web site somebody comes to your Web site they fill out their name or e-mail there if they need a message a phone number and address whatever may be whatever required fields and they hit submit after they hit submit. You need to set up your website that it redirects and it could be that you have this set up already . If you don't sometimes there is something called an online message. Sometimes forms will just display. Thank you very much for submitting your form that that type of setup will not be possible to track out which conversions in the way that we're going to be setting them up which is the easiest most straightforward most reliable way. You need to configure what your forms to redirect to a separate page. I think you would. And it has to be a page that a person could only get to from submitting a form. So for example you don't want to redirect them back to the home page because if you have a conversion tracking terror in your home page then every single time somebody comes to your home page your conversion tracking tag is going to fire and you're not going to be just tracking people who submitted forms will be tracking everybody who has been to your home page as a conversion and obviously you don't want to do that. So you want to have a separate page that could only be navigated to by clicking submit on a given form and you want to make sure that the commercial tracking tag is installed it's it's a script you want to make sure that stalled installed on the body of the page on that specific page. Keep in mind like I mentioned you could track multiple conversions so if you have five key pages with five different types of sales forms you create 5 separate conversions. And I recommend you do that because most likely those forms are all for different types of services that have different pricing tiers they represent different types of clients and they represent different opportunities to your company. In that case you might be willing to pay more for a conversion for certain forms of mission but less for eight other others have a the mission on your Web site so you'd want to have multiple separate conversions with which I will show you how to set up and you'll have separate Thank-You pages every form will have their own dedicated thank you page and that is going to be how you keep track of the separate conversions . As as long as those conversions have somewhat separate values if errors in the form submission is equally equally important to you then by all means you could really just use one. Thank you page and have one conversion. And if you'd like to see which forms they're coming from you can always use Google Analytics for that . But I would recommend nine times out of 10 setting up different pages for different forms submissions . OK. When that page loads when the page with your conversion tag loads a conversion is recorded and afterwards tracking back tracing back or tracking back to the keyword Agric campaign that triggered the conversion . OK. Now for those of you who are thinking ahead you might have a certain question you might say hey let's say on Monday somebody clicked my ad for the keyword desk chairs and they came to my website but they didn't convert. Then on Tuesday they came back and they clicked. They did a google search for file cabinets. They saw another pop and had another key in our account triggered an ad and they could in the file cabinet and then they went and they bought file cabinets and gestures. They converted. After clicking on the keyboard file cabinets which key word gets the credit for the conversion. On one hand you have people saying well that desk chair is Keywood was the first time you were introduced to pop in so that key works should get the credit on this hand that people are saying well the desk chairs key word in the desk his landing page can drive a conversion. It was the file cabinet search the next day that drove the conversions. Who gets the credit. We're going to talk about all that. That's called attrib. modeling. It's very advanced off. We're not going to cover all different types of attribution modeling in Edwards words but by default Agard is going to credit the last ad words click. So in our scenario file cabinets would record the conversion and not the office. Here's keyword. The officers key word would would record zero conversions why. While the file cabinets keyword what would record one conversion. OK. And there's other ways to see there's assistive conversions going. They're going to be other conversion columns of data that we'll be able to look at like a click a set of conversions and clicks that you know came before they clicked that convert it so we'll be able to see that data which keywords lead to additional searches which keywords triggered additional clicks after it that led to a conversion we'll be able to see all that but to keep things simple. Forget about all that. You don't need it for now. Most likely you won't need it at all to keep it simple. The last click before the conversion is the keyword aggregate time of day campaign that gets credit for the conversion. And we're not talking about conversion windows. We'll talk about a little bit more about attribution and a little bit. OK. So that's how formed commissions work. Now let's talk about. And of course in the next video we are going to act quickly and not quickly but we're going to do it slowly like we've been doing everything we're going to go through the steps to generate your commission tracking tag to install it on your Web site and to test and most importantly to test to make sure it's working. Now take a look at the other type of forms of upconversion tracking which is phone call conversions . Not all businesses run on form missions so lots and lots of businesses get lots and lots of phone calls and you want to track those phone calls if somebody comes to your website and makes a phone call to you and they came to your website after clicking on an ad you paid for them. You want to know if they called you want to know which key would lead to somebody to let someone call you and there's a few different ways we can do this with at once. And I'm going to show you in more detail the next venue at the computer. I was at a Convergence but there's a few different types. First off we have calls from Anthony steps. Remember we saw those phone number extensions Google to track if somebody sees you're at your limit . You don't charge for it. Somebody sees you're out of the puter before you have a phone number or an extension somebody picks up their cell phone and dials what they see on the screen. We could track that and how was that done with a Google forwarding number. Well she had set that up we talked about that already. Talk about setting extensions. You need to google for the number. You guys remember what that is. It's a separate number that gives you that displays on the screen that allows Google to track which he were the clip came from. And when somebody does that they see it gets forwarded to your main office number which you have or whatever name you choose. And in order to track these calls perhaps you have to have either call extensions an e-mail or a call only campaign run. There's two different ways we can have a call from data being tracked that is if you have a call extension or call in campaign. I mean if you wondering and say there's a third way what if I put my phone number in the text. So two answers one this year as your phone calls were phone number that is no way for Google to track . Second of all in most cases it will disapprove you putting the number in the text and all of that. So there's two ways you have either authenticate or whole only happy and that will allow you to track phone calls from ads not from your Web site. Phone calls appended to ads that cause damage. OK. The more complex there but often more valuable form of tracking polls are called a phone number on your site. What if somebody comes to your site and in your head or there's your phone number and Sony picks up the phone and dials. Many many businesses operate that way. All local businesses brick and mortar stores stores that have hours people call the number they see on the website right now. So he came to your website from and had his way to actually track it and that's done by adding a tech to your site. There's two pieces of code I need to add a little piece of javascript into the HD M-L of your web page . And I was getting look at music. We're not going to go through this set up. We'll do it in a bonus course that's going to be appended to this entire course. It's going to be afterwards it won't be on the test it's done. But I want to just tell you how to dumb dumb and he's javascript and adding the separate tabs and have them fourteeners in Hague. So essentially what this is this is quality and dynamic number insertion. If somebody comes to your website after clicking on Google after your website they say they'll actually see a different number than if somebody had come around to Google to swap out the number that you have with a new number of the Google for a number that you have enabled. And if somebody picked up the phone calls that number your phone will ring and Google will know that this person came to your site from a certain and click. Some people don't like this because people have 800 numbers. People have branded numbers like 100 flowers at home. They don't want to use Google's 40 numbers because it's bad from brand identity and brand awareness for those companies. People use more advanced code tracking software called Real Moms metrics by phone and those are plans as well. But DNI from Google is free it's easy to set up. It's very effective and it does the job for most of us. OK so that's how you travel to your site. A third way of tracking phone calls and this you don't need all you don't need as much complicated integration is clicks on your number on your mobile phone because if somebody is on a mobile site linking to your website or going at on your side scrolling down scrolling down your iPhone and it's your number if they click for number of the iPhone or the Samsung or whatever your smartphone is will call. It will open a dialogue says Should you call this number. So Google will actually track that as click just by adding a certain have a conversion a phone conversion tracking to your site. And if your number gets clicked it's not a forwarding number if your number is clicked and you choose to call that number. Google will type conversion. This was a call from a mobile web site they click on a number of them a website. It's not as common as the first two calls from has. And we will say the two most common forms and most important forms of phone call conversion is to track . And just because we focus very heavily informs missions that a lot of businesses run those missions you should not ignore phone calls. If you don't get phone calls or it you know if below 50 percent of your leave has come into the phone you can forget about phone calls and are tracking for an hour because you have more important things to spend your time. But if above 20 25 30 percent of your business comes through the phone you should be tracking that because the same thing we spoke about the beginning. You won't know which keywords which and which campaigns what time of day what geographic locations what cities what match types what display or else what Aztec's are leading the business because that's how you optimize your campaign. You treat the fact that we suspend by identifying the parts you can that are working by identifying parts of the campaigns that are not working. You cut the ones that are working out and you enhance and build upon the ones that are working. What do I mean by working converting tracking Triton Convergys is the way that I know what parts of my council working conversions are the evil actions visitors are taking on my site and I want to know which parts of my account what key words that I've paid for leading people to take those actions. That's an emergent fact. It's just a title that together that's why it's important to be both weary of phone calls and Web site for submissions Web site conversions where you keep page you sign up for yourselves. Couple more things. OK. Remember to always get your version tracting tech for you. Once you can piece OK you want to make sure that the that you're actually tracking conversions oftentimes if you implement the tag the wrong way it wouldn't work. Once again just like we solve your marketing and your show you super super easy ways to go there and make sure that your conversion tracking is work and just something we just wrap it all up without affecting conversions all your optimizations are guess what. OK. Just to repeat that the beginning common to start off. Oftentimes we'll look at it and then count our commercial tracking and mophie that is doing really well because the key words that have breaking through rates and low cost Burlet but those which are really wasting money because they're not we're not sending good traffic while he was there. William Wace that's a much higher cost wirklich much lower click through rates are really the key words that are the ones that are driving the business. If I'm not tracking conversions so maybe the most perfect theory out I'll knock out the key words that are getting a little 3 0 optimized for cost per click or mark up the keywords that are too expensive . Well we're really doing is not not the key words that are generating the most business. If I only knew that because I don't have converged tracked and working if I happened to recognize that I don't know that and I would have optimized for business was optimized for revenue on optimize for profit and that's only possible with conversion tracking. So make sure there is some sort of viable action there is to take and is being tracked back and we're back to that. MP We will see you in a couple minutes. I will soon into the computer room and talk about setting up the conversion track and going through all the technical steps to implement the tax for them on your website. Just to make sure that working and we're going to talk about converged windows and we're going to talk about difference between conversions and converted picks. Stay tuned guys. Thanks so much Roxy. Cheers for now. I'll see you in a couple minutes