Account Structure: How To Create A New Ad Group Within Your Campaign

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In this section you're going to learn how to take your new AdWords keyword lists and upload them back into your AdWords dashboard. You will learn how to create a new ad group, pause or remove existing ad groups, and write a new compelling, relevant ad.

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English You Edwards fans and welcome back to this exciting chapter where we're going to talk about adding new adverts and really starting to develop our campaign to something which is representative of a highly professional highly targeted account. So we left off last chapter where we had these key word lists that we created and MEMBER We spoke about the idea thematically related keywords and now that we've created our themes and our lists based on our overall product identifiers such as rolling modern colorful and so on and so forth we now want to get these keywords into our account. So the first thing to do is prepare our current account and clean things up a little bit and get them ready for importing our new keywords are going to jump over into words. And here we have our account and if you remember we had added these keywords from the display plan or from the different ideas we did in our Keywood research stage but now we want to go ahead and pause this ad group and it seems counter-intuitive but we're going to make way for cleaner adverts. If you notice in this data section and above here we're going to talk about these tabs in further detail shortly. But if you notice there's nothing that shows us our AD group tab and that's because we are all we are already in the ad group view as indicated in this left hand menu in order to get back to our AD group view where we could see our address. We need to either click over here which is our campaign name or alternatively we could click appear on all campaigns. I usually like to use the left hand menu. It's just the way I got used to doing it but you could develop however you'd like to navigate throughout the Edwards account. So I'm going to go ahead and click on our campaign name which is pop and you USA furniture. And now I'm still in my keywords tab. I'm showing you all the keywords in this campaign. But I now have the option to navigate back to my ad groups tab by clicking on this button. So here I am in my AD group view and I could see that here my AGABUS desk chairs. Now I want to pause this group to pause and agree you could do one of two things. I could either click on this dropdown menu where the green light indicator which indicates enabled is the status indicator. And I could choose to pause or remove this add group. There's a difference between pausing and removing. We'll talk about that further in more depth a little later. But in general the simple definition the simple difference between pausing or removing is pausing you can always re-enable the Count de camp the ADD group or keyword or campaign later. Whatever you Pozzi you could always re-enable when you remove something it totally deletes it from the account. You could still see it but it's not going to be able to be re-enabled later. And because I have no need to re-enable this add group later I'm actually going to decide to remove it and I can either click on removed over here or I can select the ADD group by clicking the checkbox and going to edit remove. So the two different ways to remove that Agard edit remove or just using this dropdown went up when you're doing multiple When you going to be pausing or removing multiple add groups at once. It's always going to be easier to select them and then you could do a bulk edit and by pausing removing all the ones selected in our case since we just have one group removed and I'm going to go ahead and click on the green light and hit. Removed Googles and asked me Do I want to personally move this group. I'm going to click OK and now it's moot if I get it I get it. I get a notification that your updates have been saved and is dismiss that or it will go away on its own. In order for me to see a view of just my active groups I can either click on all but removed all enabled and they will both show me nothing right now. It's either go ahead and click and all that removed and you see that I have no active AG groups no enabled or pause at groups if I want to go see all my ad groups. Even the ones that have been removed I could change this selector to all. And then my removed group will show up again for the sake of cleanliness. I always choose either all enabled or all but removed and in our case that doesn't make it different so we can go ahead and click on enabled and will see nothing. And now we want to do is create a new add group because we're gonna start getting ready for our group lists and our Cuber lists that we created in Microsoft Excel and to get the name will go down the list . Pickaback to excel. And here we have rolling. So why not make rolling our very first group. So I'm going to go ahead and prepare that go back to Google outwards and I'm going to click this button over here is for creating a new add group whenever you want to create new add group this red button is going to be the button you want to use and make sure to remember you always have to be at the campaign level in order to create new groups. So I'm going to click add add group and I have a very similar view to what we saw initially when we first created effort at group and that's going to make things really easy for us because we recognize this already and I know that my attitude is going to be called rolling now I don't need to signify that this is talking about desk chairs. That's because we structured this campaign really well or this account really well where the campaign we're in now is all about desk chairs so everything under this campaign is going to be desk chairs and I want to identify this group by its action term or it's identifying term or it's modifying term however you want to talk about it. But the primary attribute of this Adword was going to be rolling so I know that all the keywords in this group will will be variations of queries including the word rolling in them. So I'm going to name my hand-grip really. I'm the type of Adam creating over here is going to be a text at will talk about dynamic search ads mobile app engagement's and call only ads and further chapters. But nine times out of 10 what you're gonna be creating and search campaigns are text ads and that's selected by default or just leave that's selected and you'll be fine. And here we have our area where we write our first ad for the Agard. We're going to be able to go ahead and create additional ads later once we save the group but we need to first create at least one ad. So we want to create our headline and it will be great to include rolling somewhere in our headline because remember the whole point of segment in segmenting out our ad groups in this way by identifier is to include personalization and context in the text of our ads. If we talk if somebody goes to Google looking for a rolling desk chair or a rolling computer chair or a rolling office chair and our ad talks to their exact query it'll be much more relevant to the user and we'll get a much higher chance of receiving a click. So we want to talk about rolling chairs. And the headline once again remember is the most important part of the ads. We want to think about do we want to qualify. How do we want to appeal so because we're in a competitive niche. And you know the marketing director at at pop'n told us that we don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend. We're going to go ahead and use price as a qualifier in the raw in the headline of our ad. So let's see what we can we can figure out