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I explain exactly how I do product research and how I was able to find multiple six figures products, you have 0 excuses now!

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English [Auto] Hello everyone. Welcome to this new editorial. This is Mosab. And today I'm going to share with you my ultimate product research strategy that helped me find multiple six figure products. I will make sure to walk you through step by step process so you can do that too. OK. And before I start I'd like you to focus really on that topic because from my experience product research is 80 percent of the work. Once you find a soul it's products everything else will be much much easier. So your success with e-commerce is strongly related with products research. So what's what is are winning products. Let's break down the winning product quality so we get more clear about what is a winning product. OK. So always when I want to test the products I always ask these questions if the product solves a problem or save time or save money or improve confidence or improve convenience or it's impulsive buy or fills a void or improve life quality or it's unique. And lastly if it's cannot be found easily in stores. So if the product at least answers at least three of these questions that means the products have a potential. OK. And that will help you get more clear about your product that you've found and not just in products randomly. OK. So let's start with Technique number one Facebook keyword research. Very simple technique. We use the Facebook search bar and we search using specific keywords. OK. So for example let's pick this keyword search Facebook OK. Then we type keyword. And let's go here. We will find couple of products here. As you can see. OK. Yes the swan. Mm hmm. So we found couple of products here. Your computer mouse has a technology. Oh. OK. So all of these are our pilots. The other AECOM stores are running. OK. Uh that was the picnic number one and we picked the parts with less than six months old and we would get engagement I mean with recent comments. And if there is more than half million views in the video. That's a good sign. OK. And we save the links of the products we found. OK. So technique number two Facebook feed. And in this technique we will use our Facebook feed and we will install this chrome extension called turbo add finder. This chrome extension. Let us see only the ad bars. As you can see on my feed I see only the ads. OK. And that's and that's what we want to to check others and other products. OK. As you can see here uh for example let's take this one. So these are oh friends. It's from KS OK. OK. So we use the Facebook feed plus we engage with ads by liking the pages. See here and like in the past for example uh I can like this page and like the boss too. OK. So I engage with the ad so I can see more and more similar ads. OK for example this one okay here on Coach. Check out. Now Facebook is tracking us. Uh well our in Jakarta and the pixel so I can ask what you are going to get to. They're here as well. Go to council and I'll pick this code. OK well we'll replace this with the pixel. OK. The value is a number of items on the. And we enter. So as you can see here there is a bird chase even that means that Facebook now sees us as like like we bird chased this this product and that means they will start showing us more and more ad since we are buying. OK. That's the trick here. So after using the technique number one and two. Uh those are all Facebook technique. I preselect the products and using the method that I will show you right now. So a big product are 6 months old or twelve months old maximum. OK. So uh. And I pick products with recent comments for example uh let's take steak this product and let's let's go here. OK. And Salt's comments by New West. OK. So the newest comment here is one week old I went to find a product with a new and fresh comment. I will try keyword SCO here. We should we should sort comments. Newest ticket. Okay. So uh here is a three minutes old calendar. So this post is still running. It's fresh. And so that's a good very good sign. Okay. Also I If video views are more than half million views. That's a good sign in this product. We have six I think six million views like this. Let me check. We have five million views and it's two months old and that's a very good sign. Uh I can start running ads for this product seems a winner. OK. So also I ad uh in this case I think we are. OK. We have bitterly link uh once they found a birthday link I add a plus. So I can get a full idea. How many clicks This stores gets. OK. And this will give me an idea about uh the click through rates in the past. And if there is more than five k clicks a day that's a high potential products at the plus here. And as you can see we can have an idea of how much clicks this ad gets. OK. So uh that was the preselection method for Facebook products. Let's jump and continue to technique number three. So technique number three I use youtube I search uh using are seen on TV. TV commercial products products reviews and similar keywords and a dive deeper on research. Go here for example and or we are going to there is product reviews. Um seen on TV for example uh using this keyword you can find different products like this. Many products on YouTube. So for example this Swan may be talking. Okay. So here's the product she's talking about uh we can get uh it's like a product. It's like she's doing product research for us. Um in all this products and um okay. No. Okay. So these are all DEET brochures. Okay. So uh we take this as another example. Okay. S she's doing a review for this product. Okay. Here is another video for one another. Revere this product. Okay. Here is another video all okay. Let's talk about this. Okay. Talking about this product. Um here is the length of the products he talked about in the video. So you can go directly and check them out. Uh I will use another key word. I've seen TV commercials. Okay. So um can you um for example take this one oh go. So yeah uh those are the first products that we can use and we can work on. So this is you to method and what I like to do is subscribe to these channels so I can get a notification once they upload a new video and a new review video. So uh that's the YouTube method. Okay. Okay. There is really core products out there on YouTube that you can uh just um uh use there was a lot of products. So that was the. The technique number three for a YouTube method. We pick the products and we put them on our list. So technique number for research shows in Web sites. Uh in this technique I I browse multiple Web sites. Uh. That do reviews about products about different products on the Internet. So let's take a scene on TV live I've seen on TV live and uh and this website will find uh a couple of products that we can uh use and work on and they can be uh. But also one or what I like to do here is go to a best seller section. Oh um the. Then I check every product here. Uh check the video to okay. Yeah. Okay okay. Um so good. So uh why they're here is I check. I have a list of websites like this one and I like to check them on a daily basis. Okay. Uh that's what I do. I have uh also days is a BuzzFeed uh SLI shopping um. Etsy. New easy for example. This website is scared to easy um okay. You can see we have a couple of products here. Yeah. That's how you can the research using websites. So I have a list of websites that I use to find products. I will make sure to share with you in the description but I will show you also how you can find more Web sites like these so you can find your own fresh products. Okay. So let's pick new easy as example. Okay. We will go to similar Web dot com. Copy the link. Okay I'll try with it as seen on TV. Okay. Go. We go to two competitors and similar sites you can see here. Um I think I should. Okay good. So as you can see here there is a couple of similar Web sites here that we can uh use to find products ideas. Okay. Let's take this example Swan to the Swan too. Okay ok. What is OK. For example this site you'll find a lot of product ideas here. Lot of them OK. It's more ideas here too. So you can find more Web sites to get to get inspired from using this using similar Web dot com. OK. And you can make your own list using that. So that was the technique number four. Let's jump to technique number five. So technique number five I use this this Chinese Web sites 1 6 8 that come and I researched using keywords like interest and bar first I make sure to translate them. Like let's take an interest in or translate to Chinese. OK. Copy this and go here and we search. So as you can see here there is a couple of ideas. There's many Actually there's many ideas that we can get inspired from. And we saw to buy orders by clicking here. Yeah. You'll find a couple of ideas here. Make sure to use our keywords like a good tool similar to interested and those the ones they showed you. Right now it's technique number six feet. So we did technique. Uh you can get a notification once your competitors are any other solidarity. Try can upload a new product so you can simply great karma feed account. It's a completely free. And we click SUBSCRIBE. Let's pick this store as example. We slash collections slice all that out. OK. So here is the link we add slash collections slash all the item. Then we will have the sauna in here. Then we click save. Done every time the store will launch the new products we'll get a modification. I use this method too. To be able to keep track in the trends. And once a store launch a new product I get a notification and I check if the product is trend and if the products meets my winning product yes then I can decide if I should launch it too or no. So that's the method. They will do product research for you. They will find ideas and you will get notifications. Here is our common feed account. So yeah that was the technique. Number six. Let's jump to technique number seven. So it's a unique number seven spy tools spy tools are tools that let you spy on other Facebook ads. And most of them are almost all of them are paid. But recently I found out a free tool called Big Spider Tom is a free solution uh to search on on Facebook at bus but I don't find it professional enough and I mean I Spy is currently by far my best spy tool but I don't suggest buying that when you are first starting please because I don't want you to spend your money on anything rather than ads. Okay so your money should be spent on ads only when you are first starting. Then after that you can invest on a spiral. So because while the outcome is a free tool by it's not a very very good one. Honestly I use these filters to to find to find products ads. Let's try to sort them by lines. Okay. Example example this on. Okay so let's for example this product doesn't seem good. This one. So uh this by tool can can give you an idea about products. Uh about uh the Facebook ad boss. But I've told you you don't you all need that when you are first sorting and the other techniques are really really enough to find your next uh. Multiple six figure products. Okay. So uh that was the last technique and the technique number seven. Uh let's jump to pre-selection system for these 10 hour product that we found using these last techniques. So I use uh Unicode smasher extension. It's a no zone on uh extension. Let's check this one. Let's go back to this. Let's go back to this last row. So that we found this this take this product as example. So we'll take the product name. Search on Amazon for its products. And what I like to do is go to this. This is the extension Unicode Smasher. I go to estimate it sells. OK. So this is the product that we found. Uh as you can see um. Now I check how much per chase on that product. It's more than 500 which is what I aim for. So if there is more than 500 sellers on Amazon that means the product is working. Okay. And um I would like to check more here you can find another ideas here to uh. So there is a couple of sellers selling this same product that we found. And they are. They have good amount of sellers which means the uh. Which means this product is selling. Okay. So I use all the Express to check if the product is saturated or no let's uh just let's check this product on. Um I'm trying to find the English version to pop off home say it please. Okay we'll check by come by. Uh orders. And uh. For example here as you can see uh the seller have 16 order sixteen thousand orders um two hundred orders. So yeah uh this this product can be sold and uh it's not a very very competitive yet. Uh if we found more than three sellers with uh ten a hundred orders that mean the product is saturated and that we should better avoid. Okay. So uh that's my my Ali express method to know if product is saturated or no.