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I explain the dropshipping model, and how you can start & create your next profitable online store!

I'll be sharing some CR% (conversion rate) and AOV (average order value) techniques too that will BOOST your sales instantly!

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English [Auto] Hello everyone. And this video I'm going to talk about how you can create your next profitable dropship an online store. And I will show you some high level exclusive hacks that will boost your sales and conversion rate. And before we start I would like to explain you the model that I highly recommend you to start with. If you don't have a product or an inventory so you can you can start even if you don't have that. So that's why I really prefer starting with dropship and model. So you will build your store your store is here. And what we do here is we will pick products from other Express and we will list them in our store. OK. And we will add the profit margin to every product listed on our store. So and after that we do ads to get customers. Once we get an order from a customer for example let's say a customer back from us for 80 dollars and it will purchase the product from our store for a few dollars and we will pick the customer address and his name his address everything the information of customer and we'll go to all the Express give that information to our supplier or are the seller in on the Express and we will ship that product to our customer. And we will pay the the for example or pay the supplier just 30 dollars. So we have a 50 dollar profit margin on that product. On this transaction. Okay. So that's how it works. You don't need to have inventory are a product ready to sell. You only need to build your store list of products and add a price to the normal one on our all the Express. So you can have a profit margin and then we start driving customers to our store. So we get them and convinced them to buy and we will get that profit margin from each customer. OK. So why job ship and model. So there is there is a couple of reasons why I prefer starting with dropship and molder and why jumped ship and made e-commerce easy to start. OK. Because it's a low risk. You don't need to buy inventory and you can easily just products without buying stock. And also it's very very easy to get started. So you can start without having a big capital without. And you don't need to buy quantity of product to sell. You just need to list your products on your store. And once you get a customer it's it's it's very easy. Don't don't don't see that as a complicated process because when I first started I was saying that convincing a customer is going to be very hard. But no you will just need to get customers. Once these customers will buy from you you will pick their information and you will go to all the express or any Chinese websites. I mostly use all the Express. Then you will use their information to ship the product to their addresses. Then at the all the Express supplier will give you a tracking number you will send that to your customer so he can track his order and yeah your or your customer will be happy receiving his products and you will be happy. Also getting a profit from that sale. OK. And you can work on your business from anywhere. That's that's what I really love all my business. It gives you the read Freedom and you can scale our build your business from anywhere in the planet. OK. You just need a computer and connection. So when starting e-commerce you'll have the choice to choose between starting with the one products store means you'll only be focused on one products. It's a good for Brandon or starting with a neat store means you will build a store only focused on one audience for example and make up a store that you also only make up products and anything related to that. Or maybe efficient niche you will you will just build a store for efficient products and you can't just any other products other than efficient products. Or there is a general store where you can sell any product that you will find using private research. And I highly recommend you to start with a general store. Here's why. So when starting with a general store you will have the freedom to test any product you find. So in my product research strategy that I explained in the last video I was talking about multiple techniques that you can use to find your next winning products. And and and starting with a general store you will have the freedom to test any product that you can find and you will have limited niches to work on. So I don't want you to limit yourself from the beginning and start when it with a niche or one products or that that's a big big mistake that that can waste your time. OK. So always starts with the general store. And also one of the reasons why I like to start with a general store is you will not waste time create new stores or change in niches. OK. So that was a mistake that I did in my first year is doing e-commerce. I was building a new store for for example efficient and where new products work for me on that need. I had to close that store and create a new store to test other products. So that's why you should start with a general store and focus on the most two important things which is finding the winning products and the winning ad that's the most two important things in your e-commerce journey. And to do to have success with e-commerce finding the winning product and the winning at. So what you should know before creating your own line store. First of all you need to gain visitor trust so they can buy from you. It's it's almost impossible to buy from from on an online store without be having a trust on that website or on that store. So you need to get to gain your visitors trust and make your store look trustworthy. And I will show you how you can do that on the next slide. OK. Also make your store look like a million dollar brand so visitors are going to skeptical these days because there is a lot of tons of stores getting opened daily. So you should stand out of competition and make your store unique. And don't wait for sellers. If your store look very basic that's not gonna work. And you can get inspiration from top Shopify stores. Here it is in this link you'll find multiple million dollar stores here for example. Let's take this example so yeah very simple. And uh you can check these stores on three. Here you can have an idea of what what good stores look like. OK. You can visit their products pages for example and see what I look different here and you can get an idea of the stores that are at work. OK. First step choosing your store name kept that very simple. It's not that complicated. You just need that general name that can get your customer's attention and don't drive them away because that name is the then the name is the name that well that customers will see before clicking or visiting your store. So make sure that name can grab attention. OK. And make sure the name is available in that account before confirming the store name. We can go to name sheep and check if there's this domain is available. So yeah um we can buy this. It's it's available. For example if we did the it's not available. OK. So avoid any name that can and that I'm not available. OK. So we'll go with our view and we'll get that domain. OK. So I created a quick story in one minute okay Shopify trial you can start your store with a 14 days trial and yet it's completely free. You can just type your email address and some information to open your your store. OK. So yeah make your make sure you have your name you will pick. It's available in dot com and also where we'll need to create a logo for our sort for example if we got hit go here. The logo should should be here. Uh so uh what I do is sometimes when I'm when I when I want my logo to be done very quickly I do it manually. I just go for example Shopify logo maker hmm. For example it's a body on would type the store name here besides would choose for me. For example this logo on the. Is a quick logo for our store. So yeah you can just the law they are there with screenshots and upload it to your store. So yeah. Or sometimes I just get that logo from fiver if I want to if I want something professional. Okay. Here. Um a sort by best selling The uh there's some logo designers that you can contact so they can design a logo for your new store. So step number two as choosing the store theme. Personally I always use Brooklyn for every new store I create. It's a free theme. Keep that part very simple too and you can switch to a new paid theme once you get consistent sales. Because I don't want you to spend your money on something other than ads. Okay. When when you are first starting let's go here and uh um the uh. You can explore free themes from here. Uh here is broccoli and I use I use classic and you can simply add it to your store so yeah I always start with Brooklyn and I recommend you just start with that feature. Step number three 0 ish is installing the app so we add more edits to our store to make it look better and that converts more customers. So the main one is Vito's app. This app contains many many apps in one single app and yeah as you can see those are apps that you can activate and use on your store. Also I use order matrix app as you can see here this app calculate your numbers and you should really know your numbers. Once you you start getting consistent sells because sometimes a revenue doesn't mean that you are profitable. Okay so this app will show you your net profit and your at any any number that you will need on your e-commerce business. Okay. Make sure to install this app only after you reach consistent five hundred dollar per day revenue okay because you won't need that. If you have just small numbers or you are just Justin products. OK. So the other app that I use is estimates bump. This app is is a very very good one. Yeah okay. So this app will send this hummus to every customer that didn't complete the purchase. They will get a coupon called were in that infamous and this app is very solid to be honest the air war is insane and this app I will jump to another session and I will show you on my air why with this app OK. And the last app that I wanna talk about as a Chinese app being shown me that will link your store with your with your supplier app agent and once you will receive new orders your supplier will get a notification and that will make your fulfillment task automated 100 percent. So once you get a new order your seller will be your seller will have the customer address and the shipping information so you can send and ship the order instantly. OK. And you don't need to send them each order separated always to time. OK so that's why I love this app and don't use it only after you reach some consistent sales per day. OK so after you open your Shopify store there is some settings that I want to discuss the bar and that you need to to edit. So let's start with Vito's app. As I said I activate all these features in app. OK so also make sure you have these necessary store pages on your store our story or about us page. So you tell your customers your sorry and the reason why you are here like you are here to offer a value for your customers to to give them products with affordable prices and anyways you should be creative on that and I will make sure to give you the link in the description of this example of about us page that you can just copy and pasted on your store and also frequently asked questions page. This page will help you save time save time off your customers. If any of your customers have any questions you can easily go and take that page and get answers for their questions and so they can go easily back and make the Chase now contacting you and waiting for hours for you to respond and that will save you a lot of time. So for frequently asked questions page you will find this document and description this video you can easily copy and paste it on your on your store. And of course you will need to change this with your store name and did this with your customer support email. Also add privacy policy and terms of service pages you can easily go and generate them from here legal pages. OK OK. So you can easily create and generate them from here. Let's take this example. As you can see can easily copy that. And go here create a page okay and click save. For example Pombo rolls but each go year kicks Oh no. Okay. Oh yea. Copy this. Can change its margins. Our store name. Name Okay so uh I would like to prefer it to uh. That's it. So that's about a speech you can see here. Yeah exactly. So yeah. Make sure to add these necessary store pages so your customers won't be confused when they will visit your store. They will fund a story about your store. They will find answers for their questions that they maybe have they will find shipping policy terms of service that you can easily generate from here in Shopify. So yeah that's the guys for necessary store pages. And also what I do is uh turn on the abandon and check our recovery emails. It's a future in Shopify of every customer that didn't complete the purchase or receive an email after some minutes telling them that the cart is waiting for him. And what I like to add as I I add a coupon code here in this email. Let's see it look very simple here. Complete your chase so that the operator will be low and what I add here is I my aunties to email subject and also add this line to before and first one okay mom wins. Oh the second one second uh I add here. Exactly. Okay. It's okay. So yeah I add this uh I see em all code so they can see you again. Uh the e-mail. Well tell them that we have a coupon code that will expire. So that really boost your uh abandon a checkout recovery percentage. So yeah uh. And always click save up and uh it can change the scope and code. We go to discounts. We age and you discount so this cop and car will work for our customers. Um temper sound. Uh. Save that sir. So every customer that didn't complete the purchase you will receive an email telling them that we have a coupon code. Uh so they can uh complete and purchase from us. Okay. So yeah there was the shopify source settings. It's pretty much simple. You can ask payments from here. Uh check out. I chain I change this we select the sign up options so you get customers email. So for shipping let's go here and uh. What I do here is create shipping zone. No. It's already created. Let's delete it and start again. So yeah for shipping I am shipping rage rage ship in zone. The rest of the world. So all means all countries. OK so Rob Reid name this name. Our customers will see it and uh check out. So I would like to make it seem like I would like to make it cool and get customers to complete the purchase. So I do three insured shipping OK. Keep it. OK. So I edit this rates at conditions on the one kilo to 100 for free shipping. Okay so any product between one kilo and 100 kilos will be free shipping. Okay. We click save you can uh add a page shipping method. For example I'd say I'm not sure why I keep this here. Um. It's a good condition for it. So every product way between I will be uh paid shipping. Okay. It's normal settings. Are the product. Uh you can. Okay. Let let me. Let me uh walk you through this dashboard so a very very simple to be honest. Home. Orders you will see your order is here. Products you can create easily. Products from here. Let's take this as a sample. Let me. I mean. Let's pick a product. For example this one. Let's start and create products. Okay so go here okay. Okay. For products. Uh. Images say hey you're here. OK OK OK OK. There is variance there is color variance there is blue OK. Meet OK. OK. Make that orange all the black. Silver black or this surprise Gray k. No. Okay. So uh track and G. Yeah. Okay. So for weight if we want to offer these products with free shipping we just keep it. Uh one kilo. Okay. So uh no need to fill that. Miamians need this color. Okay. So here is the variance here. Um. For quantity. So um Don uh that's how easy you can uh create a uh product. So yeah uh there is the product page. Uh product name price variance. Um. Um the uh. We can add reviews like this store. You can see here there is the reviews of this product. We can add them by going in. We told our viewers. Product reviews. And you can add reviews from here. Okay. It's very very easy. Um um okay. So here is. You can add products from here uh you can create collections from here so you can see analytics from here create discounts up uh from here. The themes and uh we use Brooklyn can create pages from here. So you can link the domain name from here although the I recommend you to buy the domain name from name cheap and it can easily connect to. Okay. Also store preference. Right. The store name Hania and google analytics. You can easily create. Uh Google Analytics account and put your code here so you can track every visitor uh visited your store. Uh also you can add Facebook pixel from here uh remove the uh once you you will pick the plan you can remove your password. Um. Uh um. Okay so uh. That's pretty much it's very easy. Uh I don't need to explain it. Okay.