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The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Pass the AWS certification exam by mastering the most important AWS services: IAM, EC2, Route 53 (DNS), VPC, and RDS.

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  • Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification -- on your first try!
  • Implement and manage the really tricky AWS services -- VPC, IAM, Route 53 (DNS), and RDS
  • Operate the most important AWS services correctly
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  • Build a real-word, scalable and resilient AWS application
  • Did I mention: pass your AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification the first time you take it?
English [Auto] Hello and welcome this lecture on your certifications in this lesson I want to talk to you about what the certifications are what they consist of and why they're so valuable why it's important why you should think about having a certification or obtaining certification. Here's a picture from the end of your site discussing certifications and you'll notice that it's got three categories. Over here on the left architecting developing operations and that's the way it looks at and breaks down its certifications and each of these tracks has two levels an associate level and a professional level the associate level is a capable professional who obtain certification then the professional is a more advanced certification. That really represents a deep dive into the services that are called upon for that sort of occasion. So there's three and then there's a specialty certification that Atrios is building out and we've got a couple listed here. Network in specialty and a big danaë specialty. And I expect there'll be more specialties coming forward. But this is the current set up and we'll see about where this goes in the future. But certainly this reflects the sheer vocation world as it stands at this moment. And you'll notice on the architecting side we're now discussing the of your certified solutions architect associate sort of location. That's what this course focuses on solutions architect associate they describe as this exam tests your technical expertise in designing and deploying scalable highly visible and fault tolerant systems. To us this is for anyone with one or more years of hands on experience designing distributed applications and systems on the database platform so they sort of look at this as somebody who has a year or so experience each of us and is experienced technical peripheral has some level of expertise around technology. And the focus is about designing deploying the applications. The systems aren't any of us. It's not per say about how to do application development but more about how do you assure that applications that run into us take advantage of the services that you understand what the services offer and that you can build resilience and fault tolerant systems. That's what the solutions architect associate certification books. What about the value of certifications and how much is this particular certification the certified solutions architect associate certificate certification work worth. What does it mean in the marketplace. Well here's an article from CIO which is a long established very reputable outlet I.T. outlet says the most viable cloud computing certifications today. This is an article that came out mid-2000 17 top class Sergei's you'll notice that the very first one listed to be a certified solutions architect. And this reflects its capability. It's demand. Forbes read an article. And by Louis Colombus who is a fellow that I know very well respected well regarded as an analyst in the space and he did analysis an organization had done a study of sort of Acacia's the 15 top paying I.T. certifications in 2016 there to be a certified architect leads at 125 K the most valuable I.T. serve occasion skills. This from his article involve creating apps that need to be us and managing costs. Certified solution architects are required to have expertise in cost analysis demonstrating the ability to orchestrate a Sabbats cost management and control features. Also covers ingress and egress of data to and from each of us just emphasize this survey looked over all the -- occasionally in the story and identified the top paying I.T. certifications and the number one top paying syndication was the certified solutions architect. So you're in the right place if you're interested in making a good salary from a certification what's in the current certification. Well this is as it stands and I want to ask you where they are now have a beta test out. I'll be talking about that in just a couple of minutes. But the current test as it stands is multiple choice and multiple answer questions really it's they pose questions and they provide multiple answers you have to choose from. There's 80 minutes to complete the exam. It's available in a large number of languages. There's a practical exam that you can take that cost $20 and the registration for the certification exam is 150. There's no prerequisites. You don't have to get a different sort of vacation to be able to go through this one. But they recommend these workshops that you can take these courses. There's full details an exam blueprint which we talk about just a moment and they'll provide you several questions. Well here is a blueprint for the current certification test and you just got for what they called domain's which are basically topic areas that the suffocation exam looks at. Number one Dhami is designing highly variable cost efficient fault tolerant scalable systems which emphasizes the discussion that we saw from that slide a couple of minutes ago that talked about the survey and what those what the sort of patient covered while this is the documentation on it. It does cover those things and that accounts for 60 percent of the examination. So out of that number of questions 60 percent of them will focus on this topic implementation and deployment 10 percent security 20 percent of troubleshooting is 10 percent. Of course adding up 200 percent and you can find a very full description of this of this server cation blueprint at this location where I've got right down here where you can do a search for it and it'll come up. However they do have a beta that they're coming out with and I want to talk about what it covers because it's somewhat different. It uses the same domain terminology but you can see that it's actually not as heavily weighted in any one direction so it's got five domains design Rezulin architectures which is probably analogous to the number one domain for the previous one but it's still 60 percent. This is just over a third 34 percent. Divine design. Sorry define performant architectures. 24 percent. Nearly a quarter is about. How do you make up architectures that perform well spec specify secure applications architectures. About a quarter 26 percent. Design cost optimize architectures by 10 percent and then operationally excellent architectures 6 percent again adding up to 100 percent. And here is the blueprint of the Bayda suffocation that you can go to to locate or you can do a search for it. So it's a somewhat different certification bit broader range and bit less heavily skewed toward any one particular topic. Let's compare that to where they stand. So the current test you get 80 minutes for the beta test you get 150 minutes for. And by the way the beta is now available you can go and take it today so 80 minutes for 15 minutes and it's not really clear why you would need so much more time but they do provide it. And my speculation is it's not that the two questions are so much harder. There are so many more questions. It's more that they want to make sure that people have enough time to go through it so that they can improve on the quality of the data. Part of what they're doing now is evaluating it. I mean sure that it's really a very valuable sort of Kishan test to provide more time the past level the current passively a little bit strange in that they don't have a spare set number of questions you have to be able to answer correctly or pretty well heavily. The the IT FOR EVERY version of the test every little tweak on the test. But it's around 65 to 70 percent if you score at that level you'll probably pass and certainly if you get to 70 percent or above you'll pass the new beta test is much more structured. 70 percent on a point scale may go from 100 to 1000 if you get 70 percent. So 700 you'll pass the number of questions current 60 60 and 80 minutes the beta it's 80 in 100 50 minutes what big changes. The current test you take the test you get their results immediately the next day whereas the beta test can take up to three months and again my speculation is they're looking at the kinds of answers they get. Mapping them against the questions and the way they think they ask the questions to evaluate whether they're sort of cation and the exam is comprehensible not ambiguous questions so forth. So so can take up to three months for you to get your results back. What one advantage is the cost. Currently it's $150 for the current one but only 75 for the beta. So you might consider that a better deal you can take it. And when you pass that certification it is considered. But you've got a certification for these certified solutions architect associate level. So in other words it's not a beta like it doesn't count. It counts if you pass it you'll get your certification. So you can decide which one you want to take. The only caveat is if you take the beta you won't be certified for up to three months. If you've got a Kurd certification of that same sort of that same sort of question you're already a certified slushes architect associate you've got your current one they will carry over that three months. But if you're brand new you can dig up to three months to get that certification. And obvious question is does this course suffice for both the current and the beta version of the certification and the answer is yes this course will prepare you for either certification either certification test. So you should rest easy you'll be able to pass either one of them after you take this course. In summary the certified solutions architect associate documents to your skills. So if you pass it it says that you have all of these skills. It use a structure to be knowledge and that's whether you use the current one or the beta. It is the highest Manser sort of kit in the world in the industry and it's the best paid service that so that you can take advantage of it in terms of your career and 881 is really an investment in future career. Many companies when they're recruiting will either explicitly ask for this or consider it a strength of a candidate if they have the certification. So something to consider as you make it and work out of your future. Over your career and decide you know whether you should go ahead and take the certification I would highly recommend it. It's clearly a way to demonstrate your skills and it's cool. It can help differentiate you from other candidates. With that we've reached the end of this lesson. When you're ready please go onto the next one.