Discussion on the Levels and Stages of Life

Kain Ramsay
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Lecture description

In this video, Kain and Gerry discuss their thoughts on the levels and stages of life, identifying that there is actually a fifth stage of life: the season of transition. As we move through transitions, we can either see challenge as a negative or as an opportunity to grow - this is what keeps life exciting. As helpers, understanding this better prepares us to help others move through their transitions.

The Fundamentals of Skilled Helping, with Gerard Egan

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  • Understand the motivation behind patterns of human behaviour.
  • Learn from your past to make rational and intelligent decisions.
  • Increase your potential to self-reflect accurately and usefully.
  • Solve problems and identify areas in your life for improvement.
  • Help people solve problems and recognize new opportunities.
  • Develop active listening skills to connect meaningfully with people.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that evoke healthy discussion.
  • Enable other people to make significant and challenging decisions.
  • Help people to evaluate their perspective, from various viewpoints.
  • Inspire people to develop and take responsibility for themselves.
  • Challenge views that differ from yours in an accommodating way.
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