Why are 1:1s important?

Shelley Osborne
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The Manager's Guide to Effective One on One Meetings

Frameworks and strategies to hold effective 1:1 meetings to help you grow and develop your employees

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  • Adopt the role of mentor or coach to better support your direct reports with their short-term projects as well as their career development
  • Learn the GLO model for different types of 1:1s and how to set them up to be most effective
  • Access new tools and frameworks that you can use in your 1:1s.
English Hello and thanks for joining me in this mission to explore what an effective one on one conversation is and how we can get there. My name is Shelly Osborne and I'm the head of learning and development a tsunami. We've created this course to help all managers have one on ones they can take their team performance to the next level. But why are one on ones so important in today's day and age. Our role as manager has completely changed. Gone is the time of the authoritative boss someone who tells employees what to do and frankly doesn't care how they feel about it. We've realized that we're much more effective managers if we form positive relationships with our employees and become their coach. Someone who guides them to higher levels of performance and satisfaction. This is the way we get people to do their best work and it's also the way that we're able to achieve our business goals. If you're able to hold effective one on ones you're setting the baseline to be a great coach to your employees and bring out the best in them. Not only will this allow for better communication between managers and employees but it will ensure team alignment and prevent future issues. You'll create a place where employees can share their ideas and expertise where they can speak up when they have a problem or find a path for their career growth and development. You might be thinking how could I do all of this in one simple one on one conversation. Well not all one on ones are the same in this course. You'll learn about three different types of one of ones and tools that you can use in these conversations to make them effective and meaningful. Additionally we'll be hearing from some great Udemy managers throughout the course. They'll be able to share some of their best practices and tools that they use for one on one conversations and tell you some of the stories and experiences that they've had as managers. You'll walk away from this course with a coaching mindset and concrete things you can try in your next one on one. My name is Shannon heroes. My name is Stephanie Stapleton. Hi my name is Claire huff. My name is Frank fishy Onno. I am Phil King. My name is Alex Mozes and instead of WIEDEMANN My name is homeless and that location. I am here to talk about one on wines and how to have an effective one on ones with your team. I am here today because I am a big believer in having impactful one on ones. It's a fantastic way of setting and continually staying on the same track in terms of expectations and hopefully sharing a couple of tips and tricks about what can make them work worthy well and you do not have to figure this all out on your own. So you should be talking with other managers you should be learning from them. Specifically you should be learning from their failures. Don't repeat them. You should be reading voraciously taking you to be courses you should be doing all these different things and constantly investing in being better and better. But just make sure you understand your not in this alone. You dont have to figure it out by yourself.