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English [Auto] Welcome to our next mini lecture this is where we're going to read our prompts for what do they want which is the prompt for goal or desire. So we got assigned a random character in a random goal right. And then we had to write a scene of them acting upon the crime. So what did you get assigned. Well I got to find the ninety nine year old woman who wants to find her missing mother. OK. See what you did with that. I guess the problem is when you're 99 years old everyone pretty much thinks you're crazy. Well maybe not crazy but just senile. You tell someone you lost your keys and they look at you with that look that long to look and start shooting and you questions. What's the president's name. What year are we in sweetie. Don't even get me started on why when you hit 90 everyone starts calling you sweetie again just like they did when you were five. But I digress. People regularly think I'm going crazy senile losing my marbles. Showing the first sign of dementia. Whenever you like to call it so you can imagine what they said when I told them I was going to look for my missing mother. My son was the worst. Sit down mom he instructed me when I told him. Are you feeling dizzy. Can I get you a glass of water. I kind of did want a glass of water so I let him fetch me one. When he handed me the glass he said who's the president. If they even stop for a single second with the questions about the president they might actually hear what I was going to say next. Of course my momma is long gone. I'm not really going in search of her. I haven't lost those models. Not yet at least that she did go missing when I was eight and you know what the really crazy thing is. Not once in my 91 years since. Did I ask why or where why did my sweet little mama just leave. That's what I want to find out. Look at that. I like how you did a little twist at the end Greg. She's not actually looking for the person it sounds to me for the song. Right right right. And I was thinking you know it was it sort of felt to easy to have a being senile and crazy and that kind of gave me the idea to go with that. Yeah I like that you get a little twist on there. So she's really has got her Mobbles and it's great. What about you. Which to go. Did you get. So I get assigned an assistant to a rich businessman who wants to eat lobster which I think we can all relate to. I always like lobsters at OK Wendell. Here are 11. Oh sorry. OK Wendell. So you're 130 was pushed to two o'clock to make room for your one o'clock to go over and I've just received an e-mail from your 04:00 asked to be moved to 5 o'clock to 5:00 is Don't think about it. I committed myself as I continue to brief my boss on this day. Just don't think about it it's easy. Just focus on your job. I clear my throat and tapping my phone. 5 o'clock is with the mayor so I don't think we should put that. However the mayor is notoriously late so deep breaths. You can do this. The craving will pass. It has to. Except it hasn't passed. Has it ever since I walked by that lobster roll shack on the way to work. I can't stop thinking about lobster. Warm and fresh from the shell smothered in smooth creamy melted butter maybe with a side of coleslaw and stop it. DINA. My boss says bringing you back to the room. The Office. His schedule morning briefing right. Focus. Sorry. I shake my head. My mind was on lobster. No. I scream into my head. At least I thought it was in my head but I quickly realized I I've actually said it aloud when I glanced up to see Wendell's staring at me with an amused expression. Are you right. Of course. I say quickly why wouldn't I be all right. My boss tilts his head and studies me for a long time as though he's seeing right through me reading my thoughts. X-raying my mind. Then he gives a low chuckle and asks Did you pass that lobster shack on the way to work to get it today. I get hurt again. Yeah he's just a mess. I ended up feeling like you passed some way on the way to work and you're like it must have been thinking about a whole day and actually thinking about tacos right now. I'm kind of thinking about ice cream. So we just you know we can relate and we can relate. So how did your character of night owls get on we hope you had as much fun as we get.