Guided relaxation and meditation - The Heartfulness way

Kamlesh D. Patel
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In this class, Daaji will take you through a guided relaxation and meditation. This is a practical session that will help you experience the effects of meditating with Transmission. Keep a journal handy to make notes and observations of your experience.

Tip: Please set aside 35 minutes for this session. Also stay away from phones and other distractions during this class. 

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Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness with Daaji

Guided heartfulness meditation for beginners |Learn to meditate for happiness, improved well being and reducing stress

06:47:28 of on-demand video • Updated October 2017

  • FOUR key practices: Relaxation, Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer
  • GUIDED learn to meditate sessions with in depth tips and techniques
  • RHYTHM and daily routine that is aligned with the biological clock
  • BREATHING Techniques for anger and anxiety
  • RELAXATION to help with physical posture and comfort
  • MEDITATION aided by yogic transmission for focus and effectiveness
  • CLEANING to detox the system and create purity and simplicity
  • PRAYER for introspection and continuous improvement
  • SELF-OBSERVATION to check the improvements in the behavior and overall approach
English I would like to demonstrate to you practically, especially to those who have meditated for years, days or months – or you may be totally new – but I would like you all to experiment with this. Suppose you are a first-timer in meditation, I would like you [first] to meditate without this element of Yogic Transmission or pranahuti. Pranahuti can be defined as the essence of prana that is being given or transmitted. It is something that enriches our soul. It is a matter of experience. You need not believe at all in this aspect of pranahuti or Yogic Transmission, but I would like you to experiment with this entity called ‘xyz’ – call it what you may. Meditate without this ‘xyz’ for some time – maybe ten minutes, fifteen minutes or half an hour – and then take up this meditation along with this principle called pranahuti or Yogic Transmission. Compare and see the results. You be the scientist, you be the judge. Let your heart be the laboratory, and the results will speak for themselves. So to start with this meditation, I would like to walk you through first a process of relaxation. Immediately after relaxation we will take up meditation. So if you are all comfortable – sit in comfortable posture as you like. RELAXATION: Please gently close your eyes. Now wiggle your toes if you can, and pay attention to your feet. Feel the energy arising from Mother Earth and entering your system through your feet. Imagine that it is entering and helping you relax your feet, your ankles, your lower legs, calf muscles and your knees. Let this energy move upward so that your thighs are relaxed … your hips. Let this energy move upwards to your lower back; let this area be relaxed. Let it travel upward all the way to your shoulders – let the entire back be relaxed. Now imagine that energy entering and helping you relax the abdominal area … your chest area. Feel how the shoulders are melting away. Let this energy descend to your upper arms, your elbows, lower arms, palms and your fingertips. Feel the body from your neck down to your feet is relaxed now. Let this energy move to your neck muscles. See how they are relaxing now. Let this energy move upward further to your facial muscles. Your eyelids are completely relaxed, your eyebrows, your forehead, nose, your lips, your earlobes, and the crown of your head. See now, the whole energy is invigorating the whole system, from top to toe. Now, gently focus your attention towards the heart, and imagine that the light – the source of divine light – is already present in your heart, which is pulling your attraction inward. While you have this idea in your mind, please don’t exert yourself so much. Be very gentle. If thoughts do arise, simply remind yourself that you are meditating on the presence of this source of divine light, which is already present in the heart. I will be transmitting to you this pranahuti. Most of you will be able to feel its presence and you will be able to appreciate the outcome of this session. Please continue with your meditation for half an hour. When it is over, I will announce, “That’s all.” That’s all. Great. Please make a note of how you felt. Let’s write our observations.