An Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation

Kamlesh D. Patel
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"As our perspective changes so do our aspirations", says Daaji. In this short ten minute introductory module, Daaji lays the ground work for an experiential and practical approach to meditation. 

The introduction ends with a video on "Why do you meditate?". This is a great starter module to kick off this course for beginners as well as the experienced practitioners. 

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Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness with Daaji

Guided heartfulness meditation for beginners |Learn to meditate for happiness, improved well being and reducing stress

06:47:28 of on-demand video • Updated October 2017

  • FOUR key practices: Relaxation, Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer
  • GUIDED learn to meditate sessions with in depth tips and techniques
  • RHYTHM and daily routine that is aligned with the biological clock
  • BREATHING Techniques for anger and anxiety
  • RELAXATION to help with physical posture and comfort
  • MEDITATION aided by yogic transmission for focus and effectiveness
  • CLEANING to detox the system and create purity and simplicity
  • PRAYER for introspection and continuous improvement
  • SELF-OBSERVATION to check the improvements in the behavior and overall approach
English Hello everyone! I am glad to be here with you. This course will be very practical and experiential. We will be learning the basics of meditation and some other techniques as well. These techniques help us to achieve an approach to life that we like to refer to as Heartfulness. In the field of spirituality, especially, theories and dogmas do very little good to us. Personal experience is the name of the game here. There is an old saying: “Worms ate up thousands of books but did not receive any certificate of erudition.” I am sure that there is no need for me to explain the insignificance of such a sort of education, especially when it comes to the spiritual side of our existence. Knowledge is good, knowledge is valuable, but knowledge on its own cannot transform or even change me. It is unable to move us towards perfection on its own. It’s a great beginning, but it must not end there. For instance, everybody knows that patience is a virtue. Everyone knows that honesty is good. Does this mean that patience and honesty are prevalent in today’s world? We require something beyond knowledge. We meditate because we seek change at some level. We may define that change in various ways as per our individual needs and goals. Some people meditate for stress-reduction. Others say, “I want to merge with God.” Everyone’s reasons will be different. But one of the beautiful things about meditation is that it continuously opens our eyes to newer levels of aspiration. The reason that you start meditation is rarely the same reason that you continue to meditate later on. As our perspective changes, so do our aspirations. When our aspirations are higher, greater possibilities open up to us. At this juncture, I would like to clarify that aspiration is different from ambition. Ambition is to get something. It is to gain status or goods. Aspiration is something else entirely. In one sense, we can say that aspiration is to become something, but even that is a little too acquisitive. True aspiration is when the heart cries out, longing for purity and simplicity. And there are infinite levels of purity and simplicity. So we can regard this spiritual journey as an infinite one, where every level of achievement ennobles us and opens our eyes to new possibilities. There are very few pursuits in life that can offer infinite growth. You may work out at the gym every single day and drink all sorts of protein drinks and milkshakes, but eventually the growth of the body will be finally controlled by your genetic predisposition. A person who is predisposed to grow 5 foot 5 inches will grow to be 5 foot 5 inches. He may exercise and try his best, and he might grow to be 5 foot 6.5 inches perhaps, but he can certainly not become a six-footer. So we have limitations at the physical level. It is largely controlled by our genetic predisposition, but there is some level of flexibility. At the mental level we have greater flexibility. A son of a farmer has a great potential or possibility of graduating, doing post-graduation and becoming a PhD. Isn’t it? At the mental level you have greater flexibility. But though we have the flexibility to become a PhD or double PhD, still there is a difference. Can we compare ourselves then with great souls like Einstein? No way! So there is also some sort of a mental barrier beyond which we cannot cross. The next one is spiritual potential. It is infinite. At the physical level we have limited possibility of growth. At a mental level, such flexibilities open up to a greater extent. And at a spiritual level, there is infinite possibility. At a physical level again, if you see, we nourish ourselves with so many things. At a mental level also there is a greater way of enriching – there are various ways of enriching our mental realm, for which we interact, we attend such courses. For spiritual fulfillment, nourishment of the soul, what sort of nutrition do we require? This is where this meditation called Heartfulness makes all the difference. I meditate because I was deeply unhappy for a few years despite having everything that anyone would ever say that you needed. I had a happy family, I had a very good husband, a good work life, but there was something missing within me that I felt I hadn’t found. I decided that the best way forward was to try to find some means to access something within myself, and I was fortunate enough to find meditation, which has been wonderful. I meditate because it makes me happier, and also it’s like a direct connection to who I really am without any blunt behaviors or patterns. I would miss it if I wouldn’t have it. Meditation on the heart taught me to feel the heart more than anything else and surrender to the reality inside. Instead of getting caught in the creation of humanity, it’s a blessing to be able to feel your own reality, which is the heart. It’s a pull from inside to meditate and connect to myself and know myself better. I started off by looking at the mirror at one age, and I said to myself, “There has to be something else than this – what I see outside.” Always I wanted to see, who am I – that is, what is there in myself. So who am I and what is there in myself: so I thought that meditation is the tool which I can use. Well, I started meditation because I wanted to find peace in me. I knew there is something to help me with it. I love the way you have to do it every day, and I like it because I like to be organized. I try and move away from the mind way of thinking and try and perceive things with my heart. I meditate because it calms me down, it brings me alive to myself. I can introspect myself, know myself better, and I feel myself at peace. I like it when meditation happens, because the way I am – I am in a much more profound way than I am usually.