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In this lecture students will learn about tightening up their underdrawing.

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English [Auto] All right. So I ended up working on the drive just a little bit more to get it exactly where I want it before we move on to the next layer so or make a new layer where we can go ahead. We're getting this one that we made before and lower the opacity so we can almost barely see it. So it's at about 25 percent. And this new layer I'm going to set this one to multiply and we're going to keep the same press. We're just going to lower the brush size a bit to about 9 percent. It looks like is that size. Yeah that's about good. So we're going to lower the breast size and we're going to start to go in and get a little bit tighter with some of these details. OK. So for example is head we're going to actually set to work in where the shapes of things are going to be his shoulders. We can actually start to add some muscle group being raised. So we're keeping it pretty loose. But we are going to start working some of this in. So that being said I'm sitting over here on his arm. Working on these muscle groups now you don't know where these muscles are that's going to just take practice some studying of anatomy. Took me a long time to really work out and learn about all the stuff that goes on our body but that's ok. Takes practice. We can use that selection tool as well to kind of adjust things around. OK. So just cleaning up some of the stuff over here is arms or is this they're his arm over here. All right. Still keeping things nice is pretty scribbly we don't have to get super committed to any of these yet. Full Belly here eggs is on his toes I guess. Kind of as he said makes of fingers and toes. But whatever they are ready goes in now so trying to work on getting some of these muscle groupings in here. Here comes the little first leg. What we can do is head now. So for his head want to have or want to be somewhat like a gorilla. But we're going to change things up for ours just a little bit. So I me it came a sort of reptilian and it was a little offals there. You wanted to have ears you can have ears. And then I won I think I want to try throwing some ones on here and see what looks good though. So if you haven't come out like this it actually looks pretty cool. You just have to make sure we get that angle right. So we do that so that's one option. I like that one in this one of sort of cool. Both think it looks better having them come out to do it and lose Oh I think it's going to look the coolest having them come forward. I want to come face the front of his head or still to get the right angle can be kind of tricky getting these horns to really wind up in perspective the right way. It just takes practice and skip drawing and gets right that's where you want it. I'd say that looks good. This one though I am going to erase it just a bit go and do we want to see who else has had like maybe spine's or anything like that think that looks good to us. Anyways all right now we just looking at your arm spikes like that different things that you might be wearing. OK. So like for a see I want to have them wearing kind of like a little other sort of few things that are on his feet. Yes. I to have like sort of like a bandolier was he's carrying his little pellets where he keeps his sort of Medicine his apothecary type stuff. Have little piles on it. So it is easy to see these people. And this hand will have him be carrying this big push in some sort. Some splashin. We couldn't. Plus it's not that we need to ensure their hands here down here to see if we could clean this up with a razor blade and make sure we get the right thing to do. So I'm going to add a little bowl ring in his nose. This looks cool and let's do maybe he has like some sort of like a backpack or something on there. He is carrying like a lot of medical supplies and it's kind of up here back now. I like that. Breaks up the horns. We really want to make sure those horns come through but we can probably get away with maybe throwing some sort of arm or wrist here and this section is going to go up in size a little bit a little bit easier. The same thing over here one is bigger. Keep working. It's a rough beginning. Super tight yet. Keep it nice and loose. OK. Getting tight then you're probably doing it wrong. Take a step back and try again. All right. I think that looks pretty good. Looking over really quick everything see if there's any spots Mr.. We want to redo that. So we got some nice muscle work here. Awesome. All right so I think that looks good for you for this layer where you can go ahead and do. Is it worth the next leg where will your foul line are and really surgery find things so let's look for you guys in the next one.