Installing Python on Mac

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Learn how to install Python on Mac. It's very straightforward.

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English Hi welcome back in the video we're going to be installing Python in order to install Python. The only thing we have to do is come to this Web site. Python dot org and then hover over the download button and download Python 3.5 point 1. If the version you see here is slightly higher than that everything is OK. Don't worry about it. You can download 3.5 point two or three point six and everything should be OK. So the other thing we have to do is press download and then install it like any other normal program and that's it. If you are wanting to install Python on Windows Please see the windows video. That is something extra that you have to do something small but nevertheless quite important if the platform that Spuyten the org suggests here is not the right platform ID if it suggests Macalester and you're using Windows than simply hover. Simply click on the windows tab here or the other platforms. If you're using Linux and download it for that. OK. So this was how to install Python on Mac. Now in the next world you will going to install it on Windows. And as I said if you are using Windows please do watch that video because it does contain important information. OK I'll see you in the next video.