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English [Auto] Why do same kind of thing as our follow ups. The only difference is between the structure of these two loops. So why do we divide our initial value our condition and our environment at different lines. So first we have to define the initial value outside the parentheses of our Y low. So if I define here one new variable of B as our initial value and I'm going to give it value of 1 and if I have to call r y. So inside the while loop prentices I just have to mention X condition not increment nor the initial value just condition. So I can say F word while loop variable B. Is less than or equal to 15 then you should call one statement and that statement is Jah's from dot com and after echoing it I just have to put in command so that we can have just about Kim Dotcom on our screen for 15 times. So this is the structure of why. So let's save this one out. Back to Google Chrome local Horst and in our local host we have this new file law for why laws start to be seen and we have just broken Broadcom. So let's be our back here. Refreshing the page again. Know we have Josip Arcanum dot com for 15 times in our browser. So the only difference is between the structure of follow up and why. Because in the for loop we have initial value our condition and our in command are the same line while in the loop we have these three things at different places. Our initial condition is outside of my loop. Our condition is in the practices of why low while our increment at the end of our statement means our echo statement. So this is while.