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  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to save, protect and make much more so that their net worth is significantly higher in the long run. You will be a personal finance expert by the end of this course!
  • How to profit from the INCREDIBLE Power of Compound Interest
  • 100+ Ways to Save More…Including the following ways:
  • 14 Ways to Save More on Taxes
  • 16 Ways to Save More on Shopping Expenses
  • 13 Ways to Save More on Car/Transportation Expenses
  • 10 Ways to Save More on Housing Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Vacation Expenses
  • 4 Ways to Save More on Gifts & Donation Expenses
  • 6 Ways to Save More on Phone/Computer Expenses
  • 13 Ways to Save More on Food & Drinks Expenses
  • 7 Ways to Save More on Debt Expenses
  • 4 Ways to Save More on Education Expenses
  • 7 Ways to Save More on Entertainment Expenses
  • 6 Ways to Save More on Fees Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Child/Child Care Expenses
  • 4 Ways to Save More on Health Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Personal Care Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Pet Related Expenses
  • How to Change Your Perception of Money
  • How to Teach Your Children About Saving
  • How to Protect Your Money by Understanding Your Net Worth (Creating and Understanding Your Balance Sheet….Meaning “What You Own and What You Owe”)
  • Understand if You Should Hire a Financial Advisor to Help Protect Your Money
  • Understand Why Hiring an Accountant Might be the Best Investment You Might Ever Make
  • How Taxes + Retirement Accounts Work & Why We Need to Minimize How Much Tax We Pay
  • How Much You Need to Retire
  • Understand and Taking Advantage of Tax Incentives, which Help You Save BIG TIME for Education/School Expenses
  • How Much You Need for Education Expenses (for You or Your Kids)
  • How to Create Your NEW & IMPROVED Income Statement (Meaning Understanding Money In and Money Out)
  • Understand Your Company Sponsored Tax Savings Plans (if Applicable)
  • Use a Simple & Effective Money, Taxes, Receipts and Statements Filing System
  • Understand What are the Best Websites & Apps to Help You Track and Manage Your Spending
  • Use Quicken on a PC to Manage Your Money
  • Use Quicken on a Mac to Manage Your Money
  • Protect Your Money by Making a Monthly Budget
  • Avoid Getting Ripped off on Fees
  • Understanding Wills and Trusts
  • View, Understand and Fix Your Credit Score/Rating (So You Can Get a Loan or Mortgage)
  • Understand Life Insurance
  • Understand Auto Insurance
  • How to Pay Less Tax Strategies
  • Understand Home and Property Insurance
  • Understand Health Insurance
  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Understand Credit Cards
  • Understand Loans
  • Understand Leases
  • What Are the Qualities of Billionaires (5 Characteristics of Billionaires I Have Worked For)
  • Understand the Damage that High Investment Fees Can do to Our Net Worth!
  • Make More by Learning How to Avoid Paying High Investment Fees
  • Understand Why and How to Pick Investments from Index Funds
  • Manage Your Investments with Your Investment Portfolio Management System (Included in the Course)
  • Populate Your Investment Portfolio Management System (meaning Your Portfolio)
  • How to Invest in Stocks and 4 CRUCIAL Stock Investing Rules
  • Investment Data Basics
  • Understand Risk Management
  • Understand What Makes Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Real Estate Investments Go Up or Down
  • How to Do Your Own Investment Research (and Never Rely on the “Pros”)
  • Understand Mutual Funds
  • Know What Warren Buffett’s Favorite Types of Investments Are
  • Understand Interest Rates, Bonds and “The Bigger Picture”
  • Know How Global Economics Works and Why this Matters to Personal Investors
  • How & Why Do Interest Rates Change & Why this is Important for Investors to Understand?
  • Understand Foreign Exchange Currency Movements
  • How Bonds Work and How Can Governments Stimulate the Economy?
  • Understand Real Bonds - No Theory! (With Real Corporate and International Government Bond Investment Examples)
  • How to Invest in Bonds
  • Add Bond Investments to Your Portfolio
  • How to Invest in Commodities
  • Add Commodity Investments to Your Portfolio
  • Introduction to Your Most Important Personal Investment & How Much Should to Spend on a House
  • How Mortgages Work & How to Calculate Payments (Fixed Rates Versus Interest Only Rates & More)
  • How to Calculate Mortgage Payments and Know What Happens When Rates Change
  • What You Need to Know if Considering Investment Properties
  • How Much to Spend on an Investment Property
  • Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Adding Real Estate Investment Trust Investments to Your Portfolio
  • Investment Types to Consider Avoiding Given Liquidity Risks
  • Diversification Strategies and Your Diversified “Model Portfolio”
  • Should You Start Your Own Business & Have >1 Income Stream? 100% YES!
  • Customize Your Own Complete Personal Finance Excel Dashboard (I Will Teach You How to Customize and Create Your Own Version of the Excel Dashboard Document Used for ALL 25 Exercises in this Course)
English -: It doesn't matter how old or how young you are. We were not meant to work for other people for our entire lives, and so the point of this final side note lecture is to try to inspire you or convince you to always be looking to make money on the side until it becomes your full time self employed job or self employed passion, I should say. And if you haven't found your professional passion yet, then please keep looking, because I promise you that you will find it if you look hard enough, and when you do, you'll never be the same. And everybody that's ever started a company and has been unbelievable successful has failed more times than you and I have put together, OK? But we don't know about their failures. So please experiment, and keep experimenting on the side. And everybody has something that they can teach, and please take my free course that I give every year here on Udemy. I provide a free course that shows you all the mistakes I've made in the past year, and it basically teaches you how to create an online course. So I called it 40 mistakes that I've made teaching online, and I made another one called another 40 mistakes or 40 lessons for teaching online. Anyway, you can get the course here online for free, OK? And I think that it's incredibly liberating to be able to work for ourselves, and that's why I really want to inspire you to do so. And this whole sharing economy thing has opened up so many doors for us. If you aren't happy doing what you're doing, then please find a way to make money on the side online. Maybe you can use, that's five, F-I-V-E-R-R dot com, or other ways to leverage your passionate strengths and share what you already know with over seven billion people in the world. And there's really no limits except for the ones we set for ourselves. Now, if you work for somebody that treats you poorly, which has happened to me several times, and if this person makes you work long, pointless, face time hours, which happened to me much earlier in my career, then what I want you to do is this. I want you to buy one of these screens made by 3M, ticker MMM, which is Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. I want you to get one of these screen protector things and put it on your laptop if you have to work long hours during your lunch break or during your dinner break that is. And you put this on your laptop, and I'll show you. Now you see me, now you don't. So nobody can really see what you're doing if they come up to the side of you. Sometimes executives use this on the airplane. Sounds like thunder, my kids would say. But I recommend doing that, and just always be looking to start a company on the side. And what I would do is when I would do that at companies that I had worked at in the past, and not the most recent company, but a while back, I would actually put my cellphone on, or I would get a personal MiFi it was called at the time, hotspot, so they wouldn't go on my corporate network. So do this during your lunch break if you can if you have a lunch break or whatever, and don't worry if you're frustrated at work, because frustration leads to breakthrough. It leads to reinvention. Find the reason that you were put on this earth. And it doesn't matter how old or young you are, you can start a company. The average age of somebody starting a company in the United States now is over 50. So keep searching for your purpose, your passion, your raison d'etre. And when you find it, you'll look back at everything you've done in the past, and you'll kind of see everything you've done as leading you down a certain path so you can start your own company. And I'm so excited for you in the next chapter of your life when you do find your passion, and you will if you look hard enough, OK? Starting your own business is not about money. It's about freedom. Freedom to live life on your terms so that you never ever ever have to play corporate politics, which really sucks the life and creativity and inner genius out of you. Working for yourself is not about money, it's about freedom to be you. And if I can humbly help you make that transition, please let me know, as I am always here to offer my humble feedback. Thank you.