Understanding options in autocomplete Part-1.

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome again infants. So now friends after watching the first leg. I'm sure that you are understanding and enjoying the artwork on big mattered. Now in the last lecture we have was no parameter to the auto complete program and we have just performed a simple art to complete our vision but now from this lecture we are going to learn the implementation of many more different options in order to be better. So starting with the of August but now we are starting the autofocus method in order to complete it but so what does the or defocus method do. So many times you have observed that whenever you are asserting anything that you have Daivd ABC or so is there anything so that finished third part which comes in. Don't say that is so an automatic colored part on the first option is a beer. So how this part is appearing so this is the part of or defocus which means it automatically foregoes the first option of that filtered list. So in this way we are going to perform a simple program based on the last option so that we can use the or Dogan or defocus matter. The art of August method has its default value as follows. So we have routines. It's really good too. So now we are moving on to what really were software to perform a simple programming code to understand the art defocus matter in a better way. So no offense here in front of us is a simple code written in front of you and I am sure that you understood it because the last program we have performed the same task so is starting with a body part. I have declared a day of class visit which I have done in the last lecture do so that part is declared here. Here I have taken a label which is basically using in forms for eggs and I have given a message that it is tags and the ID I have decreased eggs so I have told you that the label part and the input part should be same so the burden understandability of the program is maintained. Now starting here we have declared a script in which Dola function and we have taken a variable a variable tags so we can use the variable name any type as the variable is declared directly. So it's a direct way of declaring the method in Dallas. Now we have taken some names of the courses which are there in the libraries. So now what the functionality we have to perform like if I'm saving it and going for the output. Then you'll observe that the etched part is the well the box is visible but we don't tape anything and if retype anything no part of that is coming. So we have to perform our functionality for this. So starting with dollar and they will use the ID. So what we have to deal with every day. The ideas input ID tags so the ID will be deg here and here hash tags in the sweep and we will broidered with the autocomplete functionality. So autocomplete and we will use the open bar and open brace for it. Now firstly we have to define the source the source part or the source option is that optional or to complete matter which is used everywhere in this auto complete part. So no program can be used without the source part in this method. So first define a source for it and as you all know that the source is the part in which all these things are declared. So the source of this is the variable available tags. So I'm just copying it and I'm basing it here. So it really is him and I have a predicament to add more tags. Now we have to use the autofocus method. So starting with this are to focus and I will put the value of this is true because the default value of whatever gets better is false. So I have wondered am I reducing the spaces and closing the required bigots and saving it and going for the outward so no offense you can observe the same thing which I have shown you before starting the script but now I writing. Let's see a so action script so you can observe that just on writing a first leader who is filtered and the Auto Action Script part is directly or focus which means the yellow light is already there on the action but VIDOT moving the mouse part. So this basically saying the clicks and we directly use the keyboard to operate this. So in this way you can select this you can shoot it again you can observe it again like this. I have removed the most from here. And let's see. So actually this step is already there with a yellow light. Now let's say that I remove the X autofocus part to false. So I'm sending the properties. I'm saving it and I'm going for the output. Now let's say I was 8. The functionality will be fun but the action part is not auto focused. Now we have to focus it using our mouse. So in this way we can use our defocus functionality in our complete method. So friends I I'm sure that you understood that how we can use the or whether it's just a simple example only we have routines that are defocus part. True true and false so the is the default value and that Drew is available which we get into. So friends will soon read in the next lecture with some new concept. Thank you for watching the.