Why Develop Android and iOS Apps Using Flutter?

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The Complete Flutter App Development Course for Android, iOS

A Complete Guide to the Flutter Framework for building native iOS and Android apps with single code base

04:20:24 of on-demand video • Updated November 2018

  • Start developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS with single code base
English [Auto] Hi welcome to the course before we proceed with the course. Let us know check out via flicker vine or other frameworks for developing the mobile applications. Well to be frank there are three major ways to create mobile applications. The first one can be developing applications using native frameworks. Next we have hybrid applications and then we have will have more applications using their frameworks. Now in case of native application we use the native tools such as developing android apps using Android studio and using the language of Java our portal in developing iOS application using scored and using language such as Swift or Objective-C. The user experience in both the keys is quite wonderful and also they are backed by major giants such as Google and Apple. So they get updated with new features in regular intervals but they have some disadvantage as well. When you develop native application you have to create a separate application for both platforms which means you have to maintain two separate Colbys for each platform. Very dark requires a lot of time and resources and also cost a lot of money. Now coming to next we have varied applications. Well if you are a very developer and know it's TMLC essays and javascript then I guess it is best for you. You can develop Movil applications by using your own experience and knowledge but unfortunately in many of the case the performance of these applications are not so Native your user might feel that it is just and Web site that has been transformed into a mobile application resulting in poor user experience. Now moving on to next we have hybrid applications well in case of hybrid application we can develop it by using the one single Gordy's you can develop applications for board and board and you as well. These are the frameworks that can be used to develop hybrid applications such as Zambri in Cordova irony and re-act native and I'm pretty sure you have heard about these frameworks. But again when it comes to advanced native features these hybrid applications lag behind. Now the question arises where do flirter stands. Well flirter falls under the category of hybrid application. Now you might say since flirter falls under hybrid application so should we go for it or not. Well trust me flirter is different. It has a lot of features and is lacking in these frameworks. It. So Hoffler that is different well firstly flirter uses dot as a language. So basically that love letter application using diked very dark is strongly object oriented language. They heard by Google. I strongly typed language. I mean to say it is statically typed language. Now d'arte has very fast development cycle because it supports Jewed. That is just in time compilation. Well it is a kind of compilation which results in faster the completion of the code during application development. That is whenever you make any changes to your code you can reload your application in your device very fast in no time. It is also known as Hawtry Lord of the application. Now when the application is ready to launch in the market dark supports a deconvolution That is ahead of time completion. In this type of compilation we're running the application on their device. It is much much faster. So far the end user simply provides seamless user experience. So we can say that for developers just that is just incompletion deserves in fast application development. Now vendor development is over for the end users. It provides faster application execution in their own time so it's a win win situation for both developers and application users. Now in case if you want to know more about it just in time compilation and also a heard of compilation then simply check the link in their description below the VDU. Now moving on. Since Flury uses darte search simply makes flirter different from other hybrid frameworks so due to dark to can't see that we have fostered application development in Florida and also fostered execution time due to git and A.R.T. respectively. Well that's one of the main reason why flirter is different flirt and provides very similar user experience compared to native applications like Android and I use and again maintaining code using flirter is very very easy just because we have a single code base for both Android and iOS. So now we have got N.F. reasons why you should go for flagger. Now this comes with a few prerequisites. Since flagger uses darte for application development. So you should know how to write code in darte language. Now in case if you don't know d'arte then you must know one of the object oriented programming language such as Java Sea shot or Cartland and you must have a laptop with Windows or Mac OS or Linux operating system. It's totally your choice and if you have an Android device or Iowas device then you are good to go. In case you don't have these then you have to install emulator in your system. Well for discours I will be using an art studio and during the course we will have a lot of demo videos so anybody you find our game will video then you will find a link to the source code in their description below that particular video. So make sure you always check the description of the video so as to get their desired resources related to the video. So in the next video let us reflected on Windows or Mac or Linux. See you all in the next video. Thank you.