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The Complete Finance Manager Course 2021

Financial Management, ERP systems, Accounting, Capital budgeting, Presentation design, Management, and Negotiation

12:50:06 of on-demand video • Updated January 2021

  • Understand how companies measure financial performance
  • Determine why ERP systems facilitate business process
  • Employ best practices when working on the implementation of an ERP system
  • Learn basic accounting principles
  • Specialize in advanced accounting topics (revenue recognition, invoicing mechanics, cost flow methods, capitalized costs, fair value accounting, revaluation, etc.)
  • Secure financing and understand debt covenants
  • Perform leasing calculations
  • Perform pension liabilities calculations
  • Know how to optimize a company's working capital
  • Perform inventory, trade receivables, and trade payables management
  • Recognize when a company is inefficient in its working capital management
  • Understand the time value of money
  • Be able to calculate cost of debt, cost of equity, and WACC
  • Forecast future cash flows
  • Discount future cash flows to obtain their present value
  • Know how to raise equity
  • Understand the treatment of dividend payments, share repurchases, and stock splits
  • Perform financial statement analysis
  • Assess investment opportunities
  • Apply capital budgeting techniques such as: NPV, IRR, and ROI
  • Build capital budgeting financial models from scratch
  • Perform sensitivity analysis
  • Create interactive Excel dashboards
  • Use Excel slicers for financial reporting
  • Create professional and attractive corporate presentations - in line with ones prepared by top tier investment banks
  • Study the ten key principles of presentation creation
  • Learn how to create company profile, key financials, share price, group structure, waterfall, geographical presence, and other types of slides used in finance
  • Calculate a company's net cash flow
  • Be able to create a company valuation model from scratch
  • Calculate a firm's enterprise and equity value using DCF
  • Learn how to become an effective and respected manager
  • Be able to recruit, select, onboard, train, develop, and retain talented employees
  • Provide employee feedback
  • Organize performance review meetings
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Apply negotiation tactics that will ensure your success in the long run
English [Auto] Hi my name is Valentino and I will be taking you through the management and negotiation modules of the finance manager course I have 17 years of experience in the business world. I started my career in the sales department of a large telecommunications company and then gradually moved up the ladder becoming Deputy Head of Sales head of sales marketing and sales director and CEO. I am excited. This program allows me to share the lessons I've learned throughout the years. Why did I make these series of course is simple. I love teaching and I'm very happy to coach you in my expertise. The topics we will cover in this course are some of my favorites and are essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the business world. So are you excited. I hope you are management in human resources management are important for both entrepreneurs and corporate executives as you must be able to recruit develop manage organize and retain talented employees to be successful in this part of the course. We will talk about what makes for a good manager. Why managers are needed in an organization. What are the various managerial functions and roles and how to work with employees starting from their selection all the way to their promotion and long term motivation. Sounds awesome right. This is an amazing adventure.